Is Your Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes? [SOLVED]

Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes

Is Your Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes? We are here to help you. When the drain begins to clog, this is always a chore to do the laundry. Overflows like this are especially dangerous in basement laundry rooms because they boost the moisture level in the basement.

You wouldn’t want that to occur if you do have wood constructions nearby, and it’s also a pain when the basement drain backs up when you’re washing clothes.

The good news is that this is a common occurrence in sewers. You cannot address the issue unless you understand why it exists. Also, if the causes are recognized, prevention will be easy. So, let’s look at the reasons and solutions for basement drain backing up when washing clothing.

What Causes Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes?

Some of the causes of basement drain backing up when washing clothes are as follows:

  • Pipe Blockage

A pipe obstruction might cause the basement drain to overflow when operating the washing machine. The amount of water that leaks vary depending on the washer’s version.

While flowing the water through the hose, leaking water exerts tremendous pressure. Nevertheless, compression from the washer is the primary cause of pipe blockage.

A blocked drainpipe is another cause of pipe blockage. Perhaps the most typical reason here is a small drainpipe. The pipeline becomes readily blocked if a user does not utilize a clear hose.

As a result, the increased pressure and resistance are mostly to blame for pipe obstruction. The basement drain then overflows due to the pipe obstruction.

  • Volume of water

Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes is possible if there is a lot of water in the basement. The flow of water is proportional to its volume. A washing machine typically uses roughly 40 gallons of water per wash.

As a result, plumbing cannot handle the enormous surge of water. The basement drain overflows due to the large volume of water overloaded.

There is a strong link between the pipes and a large amount of water. The high volume of water cannot get passed via the old and sluggish-shaped pipe. A thin pipe also creates a barrier to a large amount of water.

However, when a large amount of water gets passed via the basement drain, these factors cause an overflowing issue.

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  • Plumbing Vent Pipe Obstruction

The plumbing vent line is confusing because it gets frequently located at the top of the roof. As a result, homeowners seldom consider it an obstructive issue. Because it gets located near the ceiling, most people are unaware of its great expanse.

On the other hand, a blocked plumbing vent pipe may be a major cause of basement drain backup.

You should be aware that the plumbing vent line is essential for a house plumbing system. As a result, any form of clog might cause the drain to overflow. Obstacles such as trash, micro plants, and dried leaves can become lodged inside them.

As a consequence, the water is unable to carry out its function. In this case, the basement drain backs up, resulting in an embarrassing predicament.

  • Unexpected Water Leakage

As previously said, washing machine water leaking creates pipe obstruction problems. As a result, it causes a basement drain to back up. However, it would be best to move your machine away from the wall to ascertain the specific reason. First and foremost, examine the water hose that connects to the washer, and examine the drainpipe.

If the water hose is fine, the issue would be with the sewer line. A drain line is typically well-built, yet it is susceptible to damage. Significant damage to the drain line might restrict regular water flow.

It is also necessary to inspect the water faucets. Water leaking can occur when water taps get turned on. As a result, the basement drain might overflow.

  • Floor Drain Cap Clogging

If your investigation reveals that the washer leaking problem is not occurring, go to the floor drain cap. A wholly or partly clogged floor drain cap is a common cause of basement drain backup. Through the way, the floor drainage gets directly connected to the main drain. The floor will become contaminated with unclean water if a specific volume of water does not travel through it.

However, several types of debris might cause the floor drain cap to clog. You can utilize your basement for more than just bathing. As a result, residues such as mini packets of cleansers, hair products, and so on might be an annoyance. As a consequence, the floor drain cap might become clogged.

How To Handle Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes?

Whenever a Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes, there are several precautions you should take. The basement laundry area gets linked to an electrical circuit. There are softwood constructions and furnishings that must be maintained or relocated.

When backflow occurs in the basement drain, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Turn off all appliances and the main fuse to prevent electrocution in the flooded area.
  • If you’re not sure what’s producing the basement drain to back up, you may also turn off the main water line.
  • If your basement has a washer and dryer and a bathroom. It is recommended not to use the sink or bathroom while the water is backing up since your water consumption will increase the load on the sewer.
  • If a sewage odor emanates from the basement drain while backing up, use gloves and masks before attempting de-clogging.

Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes – Final Thought

Basement backup may appear to be innocuous at first. Still, you never know when a minor leak can escalate to a massive overflow. When you see a clog in the water that passes even by the drain, you should begin by investigating the basement to determine the cause of the obstruction.

If you do not have enough appropriate concepts, you may engage specialists who will get subjected to a thorough inspection. So, we are confident now you know how to deal with when Basement Drain Backing Up When Washing Clothes.

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