Bissell Crosswave Vs Hoover Floormate: Which Option Is Better?

Bissell crosswave vs hoover floormate

The Hoover and the Bissell Crosswave are pretty solid options when searching for an excellent hardwood floor washer. These are the greatest hardwood offers that perform as well as you would want. You might be unsure whether to choose because these two excellent cleaners are the finest alternative to one another. So you might be googling about which one is better, Bissell crosswave vs hoover floormate? The features will help you make a wise choice. In this article, we compare the characteristics of the Bissell Crosswave with the Hoover Floormate to determine under what conditions they perform best.

Bissell Crosswave Vs Hoover Floormate

Bissell crosswave vs hoover floormate, which one is better? Both are comparable in certain respects, but which is best for you? You can find out which is better by reading our review. Based on variations we detect in the brush, suction, water reservoir, weight, and other factors, we are contrasting the Hoover Floormate with Bissell Crosswave.

  • Design

The Hoover Floormate and the Bissell CrossWave have a similar design, making them appear more like classic stick vacuums than mop-type cleaners. Even their colour scheme, a bright green and grey, is contemporary. The CrossWave is just somewhat broader and larger than the Floormate, and they are similarly sized, with the CrossWave being a few pounds heavier.

They have a similar appearance but feature twin tanks, even if they get placed differently. On the CrossWave, the front tank holds the clean water and washing solution, while the back tank holds all the accumulated filth, debris, and water. The Floormate’s tanks are on the sides; the left holds the clean water, while the right stores the filthy water.

Both of its power buttons get placed on their grips for convenient access regarding controls. Both of their cleaning heads are transparent, making it even simpler for you to view in there without needing to open anything. Both versions also include a tough, washable filter that has to get cleaned after each session.

  • Water tanks

A stick mop vacuuming cleaner’s many water tanks are a boon. Thankfully, they both have this capability. However, the Bissell Crosswave stands out from the setup if you look at them further. The water tanks get positioned independently, one at the back and one at the front. Here, the front tank works well to collect the unclean water while the other section removes the particles.

The Hoover Floormate tanks, however, are situated in the area where the mop portion got located. The tank unit will move to the left when you push it (as a reservoir). The mess will also get stored here on the right side.

  • Cleaning performance

Despite sharing many design characteristics between Bissell crosswave vs hoover floormate, both clean significantly differently. The CrossWave cleans up wet and dry messes using suction force and a multi-surface brush roll, operating more like a vacuum.

In contrast, the revolving scrubbers of the Floormate can complete the task without needing suction power. Because it can take up bigger trash, the CrossWave has a clear advantage regarding cleaning ability. In addition, it has greater versatility than the Floormate, which can only clean hard surfaces; it can also clean area rugs.

Both versions provide cleaning solutions but use them in quite different ways. You receive a trigger with the CrossWave, which lets you decide how much cleaning solution to use and then apply it straight to the brush roll.

The debris that is adhered to the brush roll will spin and fall into the unclean storage tank. In contrast, the Floormate sprays the cleaning agent onto the floor, where the spinning scrubbers will consume it. Nevertheless, the CrossWave approach is a little more effective and less wasteful than the Floormate.

  • Size and cord length

We can tell that the Bissell Crosswave is a larger floor cleaner than the Hoover Floormate after comparing the two cleaners side by side. Because the crosswave, which is 3″ taller and 1/2″ broader, is wider.

On the other side, if it comes down to weight, the Bissell cleaner will also triumph over the Hoover one because it is nearly 2 pounds lighter. The Bissell weighs just 11 pounds while the Hoover weighs 13.8 pounds

Finally, Bissell would be the best choice if you considered the chord length due to its 25-foot cord. However, Hoover’s 20-foot cable length doesn’t matter from our perspective.

  • Brush roll types

We already know that Hoover and Crosswave provide these two vacuums with functions for cleaning hard interior floors. They can therefore clean up utilising cleaning heads for particular sorts of floors. There is a difference between the Bissell Crosswave and Floormate that, aside from the concrete ground, makes picking one over the other worthwhile.

In this comparison, Hoover Floormate loses to the Bissell Crosswave since it only has two brush rolls, except the area rug brush roll.

  • Ease of use

As was already noted, the Hoover Floormate and the Bissell CrossWave feature separate tanks to keep their clean and filthy water. By doing this, you can ensure that you consistently clean your floors with clean water rather than simply scrubbing the dirt around them and creating a bigger mess.

However, cleaning out their filthy water tanks regularly is relatively simple. Because they are removable, all you need to do is open their latch, carry them to the basin, and drain the water.

Final Thought

Your demands and budget should get considered while deciding between the Hoover Floormate and the Bissell CrossWave. The CrossWave is a wise purchase if you require a strong and flexible floor cleaner and thus are ready to spend extra money.

It can clean hard floors and area rugs and remove heavier dirt because of its suction force and multi-surface brush roller. For individuals with a more constrained budget who want a basic floor cleaner, Floormate is the preferable choice. While the Floormate can’t vacuum area rugs, its spinning scrubbers effectively clean hard surfaces.

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