Bissell Little Green vs Proheat – [Complete Guide]

bissell little green vs proheat

We are aware that cleaning the carpets can be difficult, especially if there is a tough stain. Purchasing a carpet cleaner could be a wise decision to address this problem. Some items are advertised everywhere, even on Instagram and in subway advertisements, but do such products live up to the hype? This article will compare two of the most well-liked and reasonably priced models: the Bissell Little Green vs Proheat. And which one is worth the hype? You could also discover a conclusion at the end of the piece where you can choose the best of this comparison.

What is Bissell Little Green?

As we have said, the series’ first installment is called Bissell Little Green. It, therefore, lacks the same cutting-edge technologies that the other two variants. Nevertheless, the cleaner’s pricing is far more alluring, given how effectively it works.

Two water tanks, the case, and a hose attached to the court’s rear make up the Little Green. A little handle gets also located at the top of the casing, which significantly increases portability.  

For routine cleaning or sometimes eliminating stains, a 3 amp motor should be sufficient. However, we advise using one of the additional two cleansers if you want a somewhat more potent cleaning instrument. For simpler filling and emptying, the tank may get readily removed. A unique cap is also present to stop leaks. Additionally, the tank contains unique markings that indicate just how much water and formula to use for the optimum cleaning results. This carpet cleaner’s portable design makes it simple to clean surfaces other than traditional carpets. The manufacturer advises using this product to clean various surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, stairs, area rugs, and automobile interiors.

Whenever you want a carpet to soak up the solution before cleaning, you can use a particular spray trigger on the cleaning handle. The cleaning should get completed much more quickly and easily with this method. It’s also worth noting that you may get this carpet cleaner directly from the manufacturer, complete with the original cleaning method. A set with a machine method and the unique “cleaning bundle” is available on Amazon.

What is Bissel Little Proheat?

The Bissell Little Green Proheat is an enhanced version of the original Little Green. However, it gets no longer manufactured. As a result, it could be difficult for you to obtain brand-new, unused models. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic carpet cleaner that operates without a hitch.

In contrast to the previous model, this carpet cleaner has Heatwave Technology. Cleaning is considerably more convenient because of this feature because the water within the tank stays warm for longer. People with large areas to clean or several carpets might benefit the most from it. This carpet cleaner’s design is quite close to the typical Little Green. The main casing, two water tanks, and a hose attached to the back of the case make up the device. This product is significantly more portable thanks to a little grip at the base of the case.

The Little Green’s sole button switches the gadget on and off. The heating may get turned on and off using an extra button on the casing. The similar design of both products makes it difficult to tell them apart. The levels for water and formula get indicated on the tank, much like the normal Little Green. A unique plug gets used to stop any leaks from occurring when removing either of the tanks. This product is within reasonable limits with a tank capacity of 48 oz.

Cleaning carpets, stairs, area rugs, or automobile interiors won’t be laborious because of the portable design. The button for spraying an extremely unclean area is also part of an ergonomic grip. Before cleaning, this aids in soaking up and loosening up the filth. By doing this, you can be confident that the carpet has gotten thoroughly cleaned of any particles. This gadget also has a 9 amp motor, which results in significantly higher suction. Even the toughest stains won’t be an issue for this carpet cleaner.

Bissell Little Green vs Proheat – What is Difference?

We should note that all of the products included in this comparison of Bissell Little Green vs Proheat are top-notch carpet cleaners. It implies that the majority of buyers should be satisfied by each model. But before you make your final choice, you need to be aware of a few significant variances.

  • Less money may get spent on the SpotClean Proheat.
  • Additionally, the Little Green Proheat contains a 3-in-1 stair tool.
  • Furthermore, Bissell Proheat has Heatwave technology built in, but The Little Green does not. Heatwave technology works by heating the water to remove debris in carpets.
  • The Proheat version of Little Green includes two buttons, compared to the original’s single button. The more sophisticated version contains a heating switch and the regular on and off button.

Bissell Little Green vs Proheat – What are the Similarities?

These two products are also more comparable than you may imagine. For example, both of them have;

  • hose storage on board
  • 37-ounce tanks
  • 15-foot power cables 
  • The identical formulas
  • HeatWave Technology

Final Thought

All newcomers to carpet cleaning should consider the regular Bissell Little Green primarily because of its reasonable pricing and great performance. Our cleaner employs a 3 amp motor, which is less powerful than the other cleaners in this comparison, making its suction less effective. However, it ought to be adequate for the majority of individuals.

Due to the more effective suction and Heatwave innovation, which helps to keep the water heated, Bissell’s Proheat version of the Little Green is a superior option. It’s the ideal answer for everyone who needs a cleaner with a bit extra oomph. The only drawback is that this gadget is difficult to locate because it is no longer manufactured.

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