Can a Handyman Install a Water Heater? [ANSWERED]

can a handyman install a water heater

A handy person is skilled with only his experience without any proven academic or professional qualification. As the name suggests, they are handy and smart in repairs and maintenance, especially in your household. Handyman are skilled with a wide range of work, both interior, and exterior, in your home. Since handyman are skilled in many fields, including plumbing, carpentry, electrical, painting, excavation, etc., can a handyman install a water heater because it is one of the basic plumber’s jobs. The answer to your question can only be found if you keep reading the article till the end.

Plumbing is the fittings of tanks or pipes in your home that requires water, and it should be done with good knowledge because one mistake could ruin the whole system and cause chaos if the water system is not systematically installed. Because handyman work with only mere experience and skill, with no proven license, you might need to be completely sure can a handyman install a water heater. But don’t worry because these are the only common thoughts everyone would have before you trust someone to do a project at home.

What Does a Handyman Do?

As we have previously discussed, handyman are experts and skilled in a wide range of work around your home, including interior and exterior work. They are well known for repairs, maintenance, and installation work in plumbing, carpentry, excavation, gardening, painting, electrical wiring, yard cleanup, etc.

Apart from these main fields, they do much more with their skills and experience. A handyman always does a good job, even without any proven license. Below we have listed more about what a handyman does, so it will be useful and give you a better idea about their work.

  1. They can help you with electrical repairs, like fixing a fuse or installing a new switch.
  2. Ensure the electrical appliances work accordingly and can fix them for you.
  3. Repair and maintain the interior of your home, like installing a fan and fixing holes and cracks in floors, walls, and ceiling.
  4. I install floors, windows, and doors, paint walls, and refurbish furniture.
  5. Gardening includes trimming grass and bushes, cleaning the yard, landscaping, and mowing.

When Will You Need a Handyman to Install a Water Heater?

Because of their expertise in a wide range of fields, you might need to contact them too often, but to know when you need them to install a water heater, is discussed below.

  1. You must contact a handyman if your water does not heat up.
  2. Random and unusual noises are coming from the water heater.
  3. If the old water heater is not working, you need to contact a handyman to install a new one.

Can a Handyman Install a Water Heater for Your Home?

Many people question a handyman’s ability because there is no proven professional qualification or license for people to trust before they hand over the project. Because to do plumbing, you should need knowledge and skill, as one mistake can cause chaos in the entire system.

Hence, can a handyman install a water heater for your home is a common question asked before they call a handyman. But as previously stated, handyman are always handy with their work; they are also skilled and experienced. Most people hire handyman because they charge you less and more reasonably than a professional plumber.

What Information Does the Handyman Require Before Installing a Water Heater?

When you hire a handyman to install your water heater, you need to discuss a few things with him and provide him with the necessary information. It helps the handyman understand your requirements and what is wrong with your water heater. Thus, below we have listed what information the handyman requires before installing a water heater.

  1. Inform the handyman, the manufacturer, and the model of the water heater, so it will be easier for him to prepare before installing.
  2. Explain the faults, what needs to be fixed, and how many water heaters must be fixed if you have more than one bathroom.
  3. Keep yourself updated on the cost of the installation.
  4. If the handyman requests you to buy any parts that need to be replaced and installed, buy quality materials that suit the model and brand of your water heater. If the parts bought are cheap and do not match your water heater, it will worsen the water heater.

How Much does a Handyman Charge to Install a Water Heater?

The charges to install a water heater varies for each handyman, but it costs less than a professional. The charges depend on factors like the model of the water heater, the size, and the type of water.

The cost to install a water heater is $150 to $1,500 and can increase to $5000. Installing a gas water heater will cost the lowest and start from only $150, and the charges to install an electric one will start from $350 and increase to $5000. A handyman will charge the most to install a solar panel water heater, starting from $1500, and will increase up to $6,500. If the handyman is in demand to hire, the charges might increase.


A handyman is a skilled and experienced individual who repairs and does maintenance, working in various fields. Handyman mostly work in plumbing, carpentry, painting, landscaping, etc. But because they do have a proven license or professional qualification, people often doubt their skills. Hence one of the questions asked by many is, can a handyman install the water heater?

Hence, in the article, we have discussed can a handyman install a water heater by exploring different topics like what a handyman does and when you will need a handyman to install a water heater. We have also included what information a handyman require before installing a water heater by discussing and how much a handyman charge to install a water heater, to make the article more insightful and useful.     

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