Can Popsicles Expire and How Long Do They Last?

Can Popsicles Expire

When you think of a summer treat, A popsicle is one of the greatest options that will pop into your mind. During hot weather, having a popsicle will be so good. Since they package it in a single serving, You can consume it quickly. If you have stored popsicles for a quite long period and suddenly remember about it, Which makes you think, Can popsicles expire? You can make popsicles at home by using fresh fruit juices. Most of the popsicles sold in the store will contain artificial colors. This attracts kids and adults too.

Different flavored popsicles are tempting. Mostly when you purchase packed food, Apart from the cost, You will also look at the expiry date. If you forgot to check the expiry date on your popsicle package and later you will find that the expiry date has passed, Then this would make you panic. Hence let’s find out whether it is safe to consume an expired popsicle and whether this product will go bad.

How to Make Popsicles at Home?

As already mentioned in the article, You can make popsicles at home. The process is very simple and will be useful. You must know that the homemade popsicle does not contain any food preservative. Hence you will not be able to store them for a long period. If you are searching for a recipe to make your popsicle at home, follow the instructions given below.

Ingredients to make popsicle

  • Select one cup of fruit according to the flavor (for example, mango, watermelon, kiwi, or mixed fruits etc)
  • Sugar – two tbsp.
  • One cup water
  • Sliced strawberry and grapes
  • Popsicle mold and sticks

How to Make Popsicle?

Initially, You must blend one cup of fruit with sugar and water. If you are using watermelon, You don’t want to use additional water. When it turns into smooth juice, You can place the sliced strawberry and grapes in the popsicle mold and pour the fruit juice. Now you can place the stick in the middle, Cover it properly and place it in the freezer. Once it is frozen well, You can unmold it and taste the popsicle.

Shelf Life of Popsicle

Before considering whether can popsicles expire, Let’s discuss about their shelf life. You might know that the shelf life will be estimated during which specific food item will be in a safe state for consumption.

Popsicles also have a shelf life. As already mentioned, The shelf life of a homemade popsicle will be different from that of store-bought products. If you keep your homemade popsicle wrapped well and store them at the appropriate temperature, You can consume them within three to four weeks. After this period, You will observe that the popsicle will gradually lose its flavor.

On other hand, If you take the shelf life of a popsicle bought from the store, You will be able to consume it within six to eight months. If you keep it freezing at 0 degrees, Then you might observe the shelf life of these products more and more. Hence in such a situation, You can expect the shelf life to be around eight months to one year.

Can Popsicles Expire?

Knowing about the popsicle’s shelf life might raise confusion about whether it will expire. This is one of the most frequently asked question by many people. If you are searching whether this product will expire, Then to be frank, Yes, they will. Now you might ask how to find whether the popsicles are expired and whether it is unsafe to consume such products.

As already mentioned in the article, The average life span of a popsicle is six months, But you can extend it by storing it at 0 degrees. After this period, Usually, You will notice that the popsicle will not have freshness. So, it is better not to consume such products. The initial symptom of an expired popsicle is that it will not look fresh and You will not obtain the original taste.

How to Identify Whether Popsicles Are Expired?

Sometimes you might notice that the best before date on your popsicle packing is near, Which will make you think whether the product is safe to consume. You can tell if a popsicle has gone bad through certain factors. Some of them are below.

Flavor and Taste Drops

Deteriorating smell and flavor. Gradually the fresh smell in the popsicle will fade and the taste will now be so tempting instead. This is a major indication that your popsicle has reached the shelf life and now it is not in a suitable condition to consume. So, it is better to discard in such a situation.

Changes in the Texture

Although you store the popsicle in the freezer, You will observe that it will have a messy texture and will not get frozen properly once it has gone bad.

Formation of Ice Crystals

When you store the popsicle in the freezer for a long time, You will witness ice crystals forming on the top, Indicating that it has gone bad.

Storing Popsicles

If you buy popsicles from the store, You don’t want to worry about storage. Since you can put the unopened packaging in the freezer, In contrast, When storing homemade popsicle, You must ensure that you store them properly so that it does not go bad sooner. You must also ensure that you wrap the popsicle using resealable plastic bags.

Then place them in an air-tight container before keeping them in the freezer. This will help to retain the shape of the popsicles. Properly stored popsicles will last for three to four weeks, Whereas if you don’t store them adequately, You will notice that they will lose their texture and flavor sooner.

Will Freezing Affect the Shelf Life of Popsicle?

You might know that storing the popsicles in the freezer is essential. Some people follow all the instructions and warp properly when storing homemade popsicles. Still, They notice that homemade and store-bought popsicles go bad before the estimated time.

If you are wondering the reason for this, Then it might be because of a malfunctioning freezer. If your freezer doesn’t provide sufficient temperature for storing popsicles, You will encounter such an issue. Hence the freezer must also be in good condition to store the popsicle for a long period.

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