Can You Boil Water On a Griddle? Complete Guide

can you boil water on a griddle

When you have a celebration at your home and need to prepare a pile of burgers for the invitees, your griddle becomes a guardian angel, making a dozen of patties at once. What if you wanted to add a little more authentic sense to the party by serving them hot black tea? Can you boil water on a griddle? This should be your next probable question. 

Griddles have captured the attention of the gallery with the comfort it offers by a specious flat cooking surface. You will not need to use several pots and pans in a single meal prep; thus, the cleaning is also simple. A griddle is one of the must-owns if you are a fan of bulk cooking. The mobility makes them join any picnic of your family, adding a wide variety of flavors to your meal outside. The distribution of heat is even at any point of the griddles, making it easier to cook many with the same texture and flavor. 

Can you Boil Water on a Griddle?

Water boils at 212°F. A griddle usually can heat up to 560 °F, which means once the griddle is turned on, it evenly spreads heat, and every inch of it presents the ability to provide a high degree of temperature that is enough to boil water. An electric griddle can also be heated up to nearly 400 °F and therefore present the ability to boil water.

A griddle will boil water taking a lesser time than a normal stove when it is turned on and is over 500 °F. When the container of water is closed with a lid, a griddle will make it boil in around 10 minutes. When you are in the middle of cooking, and at the same time, if you keep on a kettle of water to boil, it will take even lesser time. But turning on the griddle after you place the water pot on the cooking surface will consume more time. This is because a griddle takes about 15 minutes to heat up.  

But you cannot use any kind of container to boil water from a griddle. The container must be made up of a substance with high heat bearing. 

Can you Put Pots and Pans on a Griddle?

You can keep pots and pans on a griddle. But make sure the material can hold up to high temperatures of over 500 °F. Cast iron is the preferred material to withstand high heat. The same result could be seen in the enameled cast iron containers. A cast iron pot has the ability to bear up to nearly 1500 Fahrenheit. 

Other than cast iron-made utensils, you can choose pots, pans, or kettles that are made up of stainless steel or carbon steel. A stainless-steel container would withstand the heat of around 500°F-600°F. Temperatures up to 1000 °F could be withstood by carbon steel cooking ware.

How to Use a Griddle to Boil Water?

  • Ensure the pot you use is made out of a material that can survive high temperatures. You can follow the guide we have given in a previous paragraph when selecting a suitable pot for your boiling task.
  • Adjust the high heat of the griddle and wait about 15 minutes until it heats up.
  • Place the pot on the cooking surface, but do not drag the pot on it. If you drag, the surface will get damaged.
  • Then you will have to wait near the griddle until it reaches boiling point. Do not move away for another work when boiling water because sometimes water will tend to spill around. If you use either side of the griddle in preparing some other food at the same time, water will ruin the cooking. If you have used oil there on those foods, water spills even may cause explosions.  
  • Turn off the griddle and carefully remove the vessel. Again, make sure that you do not drag. 

Can you Boil Noodles on a Blackstone?

You can use a Blackstone griddle to boil noodles and cook the dish. You will have to heat the griddle and keep a water pot on the surface to boil. Add noodles or pasta into the boiling water and keep the required time. Then you can take out, drain the water, and cook the dish by adding your favorite flavors on the same cooking surface. A Blackstone griddle is a cooking-made easy device that makes you do a lot within a few minutes. 

Can you Make Coffee on a Griddle?

Yes, making a coffee can be done with a griddle. You can try the usual way by boiling water, or either way, you can prepare a cowboy coffee by adding the coffee granules to the boiling pot itself. 

Can you Boil Water on an Electric Skillet?

A skillet can be heated up to 400 °F. Water needs a heat of 212°F to boil. As an electric skillet is capable of supplying the required energy, we can boil water from it. But do not keep the boiling water for a long time inside a skillet. Because if there is a coating, there is a possibility of damaging such layers due to high-temperature exposure. 

What is the Difference Between a Hot Plate and a Griddle?

A griddle can be named a larger-sized hot plate. The specialty of a griddle is the material from which it is made. A high-quality steel type is used in griddle surfaces to distribute an even temperature to every point of the surface. There are both gas griddles and electrical griddles. 

Can I Use My Griddle as a Hot Plate?

The griddle can be used as a hot plate. You can keep pots or directly use the surface for cooking or heating any food from a griddle. Some electric griddles present a space below the cooking surface for warming.


Can you boil water on a griddle? If this is a question you often think about, you will find the solution as you read this article. Here, we also have provided you with some common issues and answers for your easy usage of a griddle.

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