Can You Cook Frozen Ground Turkey? – What You Should Know

Can You Cook Frozen Ground Turkey

Ground turkey is present in stores that come in a packet, and they are made using the extra drumsticks and the thighs so that you can get them at affordable prices. The breast of turkey is expensive, so manufacturers do not use this when making ground turkey. In this article, you will get to know whether can you cook frozen ground turkey.

This will be something new if you have never tried cooking ground turkey. You can make exceptionally delicious meals using whole turkey meat and minced turkey. If you are wondering how can you cook frozen ground turkey, then by reading this article, you will be able to know the method of cooking ground turkey.

You can easily get a ground turkey in the stores, similar to other meats. Hence you can also use ground turkey on your pasta, noodles, and other meals. When considering the whole turkey, buying ground turkey will be more affordable. Usually, in the store, you will find frozen ground turkey. Many people often ask how can you cook frozen ground turkey.

If you are also searching for a way to cook frozen ground turkey, then you are in the right place, as this article will help you to learn the cooking process of frozen ground turkey. It is expected that many people will freeze the meat to keep it for a longer time, and when necessary, you can thaw and cook it.

Similarly, you can also cook frozen ground turkey. You can use ground turkey as an alternative for low-fat meat, and the cooking process is very simple. Cooking frozen ground turkey will require more attention than cooking fresh turkey, so better to know how can you cook frozen ground turkey before stepping into the cooking process.

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What Is Frozen Ground Turkey

When the manufacturers make the ground turkey, they also add some visible fat by using dark and light turkeys and the extra skin. In almost all the grocery stores, the ground turkey will be frozen. Still, you will also be able to get fresh ground turkey in some stores. If you can get fresh ground turkey, you don’t have to thaw the meat before cooking, making the cooking process even faster. If you know how to make ground turkey, you make and freeze them so you can use them when necessary. Knowing frozen ground turkey’s cooking process will help you make a delicious meal. If you are interested in knowing how can you cook frozen ground turkey, this article will help you.

How Can You Cook Frozen Ground Turkey

Sometimes you might crave turkey meat, then cook it well. It is so tempting, but if you have frozen whole turkey meat, then thawing it and cooking will be challenging, so to make the process quick, you can use the frozen ground turkey.

Defrosting Frozen Turkey

When using any meat, you place it in the freezer, and you might place it outside, or by using the alternative methods, you can thaw it. Now let’s look at some ways you can use to thaw the frozen ground turkey you cook.

  • One method of thawing the turkey is using cold water. Fill a container with cold water and submerge the packet of ground turkey into it. After some time, you may change the water to cold water, and once the ground meat is fully thawed, you can use it for cooking.
  • You can also place the frozen ground turkey in the microwave by choosing the defrost option. When keeping the turkey in the microwave, make sure you use a microwave-safe dish, and in between, you must rotate the dish so that the process takes place evenly. It will take about 2 minutes to defrost a medium-sized ground turkey.
  • If you are heating water on the stove, then you can place the ground turkey in a container and place it on top of it for the heat of simmering water. You can thaw the ground turkey.

You can also cook the ground meat directly from the freezer, which may consume 50% more time to complete the cooking process while the taste will be different from thawing. It is better to thaw the meat for cooking if you want it to be tastier.

How To Cook The Frozen Ground Turkey In The Pan

Now let’s discuss the cooking process of the frozen ground turkey in the pan.

  • If you are directly cooking the turkey, you must wait a bit longer until the meat defrosts. If you have thawed the frozen ground turkey using any of the above methods, place it pan, add a small quantity of water, and heat it, this will help to cook the raw meat.
  • Using a spoon, you can remove the ground turkey’s exterior cover and repeat this process about 3 to 5 times until the outside of the meat turns brown.
  • After the turkey becomes softened, you can add the spices and the onion, carrot, etc.

How To Cook The Frozen Ground Turkey In The Air Fryer

If you have an air fryer in your place, you can also cook the frozen ground turkey.

  • Preheat the air fryer to 200oC
  • Thawing the meat when cooking the frozen turkey in the air fryer is not mandatory. You can directly put the turkey in the air fryer and add a little oil.
  • Often shake the meat during the cooking process. This process will only take about nine minutes to cook the frozen ground turkey. In the end, you can put the meat into a bowl and add some seasoning, making the meat delicious.

How To Cook The Frozen Ground Turkey In A Ninja Foodi

  • Put the frozen ground meat in the ninja foodi, then add the seasoning on the meat and add half a cup of water.
  • Now close the lid properly. If you are cooking 1-pound frozen ground turkey, you must set the time for 15 minutes, whereas the 2 pounds will take about 20 minutes.
  • Then release the pressure and remove the lid carefully. Now you will see the softened ground turkey. You must cook for some time while stirring. Cook until you get the brown color. The complete cooking process in the ninja foodi will take more than 40 minutes.

We hope this article on can you cook frozen ground turkey was helpful.

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