Can You Mount A TV In An Apartment – What Are The Alternates

Can You Mount A TV In An Apartment

Everyone will love to have comfort, an elegant look, and peace inside their home, which is why many people spend a lot on interior design. If you’re residing in an apartment for rent, that will be your home, even if it is temporary. Many people often ask if can you mount a TV in an apartment.

In the apartment, the space of the house will be limited, and if you plan to have a TV, mounting it on the wall will save space. In contrast, since you are renting, will you be able to mount the TV in an apartment as you will have to drill the wall?

When you are moving to a new apartment, one thing is for sure. You will want a TV so you can watch your favorite TV program while you are home. When the apartment is for rent, it is essential to know how to mount your TV.

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Interior design will be one of the crucial aspects you must consider when building your own house. In comparison, when you are in an apartment for rent, interior design will be limited. Hence you will have a confusion whether can you mount a TV in an apartment. You don’t have to worry about it, as this article will help you to figure out the answer.

Almost everyone will want to have a TV in their place as you can enjoy watching the show with your friends and family during a gloomy evening. The house may seem boring without a TV, so before mounting the TV in your apartment, you must know about your landlord’s rules as this will help avoid unhealthy consequences. Continue reading the article to determine whether it is possible to mount a TV in an apartment.

Can You Mount a TV in an Apartment

If you are wondering whether can you mount a TV in an apartment, then the first thing that you must do is to talk to the landlord and ask for permission whether you can mount the TV on the walls. When you are moving into a new apartment, you will have to sign an agreement which may contain some rules like you will not be able to drill the walls. In such cases, you cannot wall mount your TV.

If the landlord allows you to mount the TV on the wall, you can go ahead, but most rental apartments will not allow you to drill or damage the walls. If you do so, you will have to pay penalties, so abiding by the rule will help you have a friendly relationship with the landlord.

People mainly think about utilizing the space when living in an apartment, which is why they prefer mounting TV on the wall. If your landlord does not allow you to mount the TV on the wall, you don’t have to worry about it as you can use the hybrid stand or any other alternative methods to mount your TV, which will also help to save some space in your place.

Sometimes if you have gone to a rental apartment, you might have seen that the TV is on top of the furniture, but this will consume the interior space, so in the next section of the article, let’s see how you can save the space by mounting the TV without drilling the walls. 

How to Mount A TV in the Apartment Without Drilling the Wall

There are a few methods that you can use to mount the TV in your apartment without drilling the wall.

  • Adhesive tape

You will be able to get high-quality adhesive tape in the market which is capable of holding heavy objects. By using this tape, you can mount the TV to the wall. First, decide on the wall where you’re going to mount the TV, then clean the wall well and ensure it is dry. Then according to the TV’s length and width, you must paste the adhesive tape on the wall and gently stick the TV on it.

  • Hybrid Stand

Another alternative method you can use to mount the TV is the hybrid stand. When designing the interior of a rental apartment that you are living in, using a hybrid stand to mount the TV will be a better option as this will help to save space, and you will not damage the walls. You can install the hybrid stand according to the user’s manual instructions and then mount your TV on it.

Since there are different colors of hybrid stands available in the market, you can choose the color that will suit the interior of your apartment. As this stand is movable, you can easily change the TV’s location if needed. Hence this will be a convenient method to fix the TV in an apartment.

  • TV Cabinet or Furniture

If you cannot afford a stand to mount your TV, you can use a table in your house to place the TV on top of it. You may also use a TV cabinet for this purpose as this avoids drilling the walls. In contrast, you will not be able to save space in your apartment, so using this method will be fine if you have enough space.

  • A Rail

You can also use the rail that you will have in your apartment to hang the TV. This method will also help to prevent damage to the wall as you will not be drilling. Another advantage of rail is that you can change the angle of the TV whenever necessary. Since the picture rail is movable, you can conveniently change the location of your TV.

  • Brick Clamps

Brick clamps are another alternative way to mount your TV without drilling the walls. The number of brick clamps you use to mount the TV will depend on the weight of your TV. Since the modern TV is not so heavy, this method will be a good option. It is better to get the help of a professional to check on the brick clamp that will be suitable for you to mount the TV.

These are a few alternative methods you can use if your landlord does not allow you to drill the wall, but if they allow you to use the traditional wall mounting method by drilling, you can go for it.

We hope this article on can you mount a TV in an apartment will be helpful.

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