Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine? Yes, Here Is The Process

Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine

The crocs you use will get dirty, and you have to clean them so they will look like a new pair. But are you wondering how to clean your crocs? If you think about whether can you put crocs in the washing machine, then you must read this article to find the answer.

When you’re going out for quick shopping or to pick up an item you ordered, you can slip into the crocs as they will be very comfortable footwear. Crocs are affordable, so you will find most people using them, and it is also charming. Footwears are prone to dirt and debris as you wear them outside on the roads, so you must clean them to improve their durability.

When you are going on trips, crocs will be the best option. If you love wearing crocs, you might often use them as casual wear. When going on muddy roads, your crocs will become dirty and require a proper clean. Sometimes you might feel hard to wash it manually, so can you put crocs in the washing machine? Read this article to find out whether you can wash your crocs in the machine.

What Are Crocs?

Before finding an answer to the question, can you put crocs in the washing machine? You must know about crocs. Crocs are casual footwear, and the raw material is croslite.

Some people believe that the manufacturers use rubber to make crocs, but they use high-quality croslite. Hence crocs will be a bit more expensive than traditional casual footwear, and also, it is very durable.

You can wear a pair of crocs to beaches as they will not get damaged. So, this footwear is the best option to use on land and water. The durability of the crocs is one of the most exciting facts that impress most of the customers as some of them use crocs for hiking purposes.

The comfort and reliability in high-quality crocs attract the customers as they don’t have to fear because the footwear will last long. The maintenance of crocs is also easy as you can clean them. But how to clean the crocs? Can you put crocs in the washing machine? Continue reading the article to find about learn about crocs cleaning procedures.  

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Can You Put Crocs in the Washing Machine?

Most people try to make their chores simple using the quick and easy method. If you want to know, can you put crocs in the washing machine, or do you think washing crocs in the machine will damage your device and your croc?

Then it would be best if you learned more. The interesting fact is that you can wash your crocs in the washing machine without fear, and neither the crocs nor the device will get any damage.

The croslite in the crocs will make your footwear float in water during the washing process. Hence you will be able to clean your crocs easily by putting them in the washing machine.

Yes, you can wash your crocs in the washing machine but be patient and read along the article to learn how you do it. Knowing how to put crocs in the washing machine to clean them is essential so that you will not mess up the process.

Although mostly croslite crocs are available, you will also find some crocs made from leather, canvas, and suede. The next section of the article will teach you how to wash the crocs in the washing machine, which will be helpful if you don’t have any experience or proper knowledge.

The Process of Washing Crocs in the Washing Machine

The vital thing you must ensure when washing your crocs in the washing machine is the temperature, as the croslite polymer present in your crocs will perform negatively when you wash at a high temperature.

So always place the temperature at 30oC or below. Apart from the temperature to retain the original shape of your crocs after washing, you might ensure that you insert the crocs in the bag before putting them in the washing machine.

Check whether your crocs are from leather or canvas. If so, you will not be able to wash them in the machine at any temperatures. If you have a croslite croc, then without any fear, you can wash it.

  • First, place your dirty crocs inside the protective bag. You can also use a pillowcase if you don’t have a suitable bag.
  • Then you must set the water to the proper temperature by selecting the gentle cycle. The gentle cycle option will set the water temperature to 15- 30oC. Since you are not washing at a high temperature, the process will not damage your crocs, and the color will not fade. The washing machine will also consume lower energy compared to hot water. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about washing only a pair of crocs in the machine.
  • Before starting the washing process, make sure to turn off the dry spin option present in the device. You must turn off this option as the heat and force during the spin may deform the shape of your crocs. Some washing machines will have the steam dry option. Make sure you turn off that too.
  • By using any non-aggressive detergent, you can start washing the crocs in your machine. This process will make the tasks simple, easy, and efficient.

Machine Wash Or Manual Cleaning; Which is Better for Crocs?

Although the washing machine will make it easy for you to wash the crocs, it will not be the best option compared to manual cleaning. Because when you clean the crocs by yourself, you will scrub it well and using a tiny brush you can clean all the debris present in the whole which the washing machine will not do.

And if you have a stinky croc, then better to clean them manually using baking soda and white vinegar. The mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, and water will help eliminate the unpleasant smell, and this will not damage your croslite crocs. If you use a white croc, you can also use bleach and water solution when cleaning.

Regular cleaning of your crocs will improve the durability, and also, it will look stunning.

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