Cement Board Vs Drywall – What Is The Best For Your House?

Cement Board Vs Drywall

Cement boards and drywall are most commonly used in construction industries, and if you are constructing your house, you will have heard about these two prefabricated boards. When constructing a house or any other building, you can save time using wallboard, cement board, or drywall. In this article, you will learn the similarities and differences between cement board vs drywall which will help you decide which material to use.

When designing and constructing a house, you will look into several factors to prevent leaks, mold formation, cracks, etc. Rather than spending your money on repair, choosing the best material when constructing the house is better. Both drywall and cement board are common in the construction industry, but by knowing the difference between cement board and drywall, you can figure out which will be best for your house.

What is Cement Board

By reinforcing fiber and cement, the industries form cement boards at different thicknesses, which you can use as the tile backing board. There are a lot of advantages that you can obtain by using cement boards. When installing tile, it is better to use cement board as this will improve the strength.

Also, you can use these boards for the interior and exterior design of the house. By knowing the installation method, you will be able to correctly install the cement board or get the help of a professional to install the board for you. Cement board is an alternative that is used instead of drywall. Continue reading the article to know in detail about cement board vs drywall.

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What is Drywall

Drywall is the panel you can use when constructing interior walls and the ceiling of your house. Manufacturers use gypsum, plywood, and wood pulp materials when producing drywall. Hence without using mortar or plaster, you can cover the walls using a drywall sheet. Many types of drywalls are available in the market, and most commonly, you would have heard about gypsum panels.

Hence, cement board and drywall are similar construction methods since there are differences in the quality and raw material, which affects the performance and durability. Therefore, it is better to know the comparison between cement board vs drywall. By reading the article, you will get a clear idea of the factors that will differentiate these two types of construction materials.

Cement Board Vs Drywall

Let’s look at several factors that will help you differentiate between cement board and drywall.

  • Durability

One of the most common aspects that everyone will prefer when constructing a house is durability, so let’s begin with which one between the cement board and drywall will be highly durable. Cement boards are made from fiberglass and cement, whereas drywall is made from gypsum and paper sheets. Hence the cement board’s durability will be higher than that of drywall.

If you have used drywall during construction, you might have noticed mold formation in areas with more moisture, but you will not encounter such issues when you use cement boards. Hence mold formation will also affect the durability of drywall. Suppose there is a gap when sealing the cement board, then this will not significantly affect the wall, but if there is improper sealing in drywall, the gypsum will get exposed to moisture, and you may have to fix damages caused due to this.

  • Waterproof and Water-Resistant

Both drywall and cement board are water resistant; hence they will be able to resist the penetration of water to a certain extent. Since the cement board has a protective coating, that makes it waterproof. This will ensure that the wall has a higher level of protection against damages caused due to water.

In contrast, drywall is only water resistant, so you will witness mildew or mold formation if there are water damages or leaks. Hence you must know that exposing drywall to water for a more extended period will surely damage the walls. In contrast, if it is a cement board, there will have the capability to prevent mold formation and other water damage.

  • Eco-Friendliness

When using certain products, it is also essential to consider eco safety. When you take cement boards, they are made from eco-friendly organic substances, so there will be no or less harm to the environment if you use these boards. In contrast, when considering drywall, the production of these sheets contributes to water eutrophication and land toxicity. Hence, if you plan to use the eco-safety product, the best option among these two will be the cement boards.  

  • Installation

If you plan to do the installation yourself, then the better option will be drywall, as the installation of these sheets will be simple, and you will not need any professional help. Whereas installing a cement board can be technical, you should have adequate knowledge to install it. Hence, it is better to obtain professional help when installing cement boards.

  • Resistance to Weather

Another factor you must know is which construction material will be best suitable for the weather condition in your place. When discussing whether, you must ensure that this material can withstand wind, water, and heat. Cement boards will be a better option for heat as they are made from fiber.

Also, as mentioned previously in the article, this board is waterproof and water-resistance, so you don’t have to worry about damage due to water. Although drywalls are also water-resistance and will withstand bad weather conditions, the best option will be cement boards as they have high weather resistance.

  • Cost

You will not be able to say an exact price for the drywall or cement board as it may differ according to the panel’s quality and thickness. A 3 × 5′ sheet of cement board will cost approximately $10, whereas the price of a 4 × 8′ sheet of drywall is approximately $8 when the thickness of both of them is half inches.

If the thickness of the sheet increases, the price will also increase. If you get a thick sheet, it will help to soundproof your house. When comparing the cost of both cement board vs drywall, you can get drywalls for a cheaper rate. Hence if you are considering affordability, drywall will be a better option.

This cement board vs drywall article will help you know the difference and similarities between these two construction materials. We hope this article was informative.

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