Deebot Not Charging? Causes and Fixes

deebot not charging

You might have heard of Roomba, Deebot, and many other appliances you can use to clean the house. If you have the experience of using Deebot, you might know how helpful it is since it will reduce the burden on your shoulder by making cleaning easy.

Many people who use Deebot encounter issues like Deebot not charging. When you take Roomba and Deebot, many resources mention that Roomba will perform less than Depot, especially on the carpet and hard floors. Although this attracts customers to purchase Deebot, you must also know that this device will encounter issues like device not charging, battery losing charge often, the issue with automatic schedule time, etc.

After prolonged usage, it is expected that you might encounter such an issue. Hence if your Deebot is not charging properly, you don’t have to worry. Through this blog, you will know how to troubleshoot the problem. By learning how to fix it, you will be able to sort out the issue.

What is Deebot?

For some people, Deebot will be a new device hence let’s understand what it is. Imagine that you got to clean the house daily and mop the floor. Isn’t that burning out? Hence, there are various devices to make cleaning easier. Thanks to science and technology! Among them, Deebot is also one popular vacuum cleaner.

This device is capable of vacuuming the floor and also wet mopping. The manufacturers have installed sensors and used smart motion technology when producing Deebot. The anti-collision and anti-drop sensor in the Deebot will help it travel safely when cleaning the floor. The main reason why many people purchase this product is that it will not require human assistance.

Hence without any effort, you can keep the floor and carpet clean. This robotic vacuum will perform well, and when compared to various other products, the cost is also reasonable. Using Deebot correctly without messing will clean a larger area at once. Since the battery will also be in good condition, you might encounter some common issues after using the device for a prolonged period. Suppose your Deebot not charging, then this blog is for you.

What is Self-Charging Docking Station Means?

Those who have already used Deebot might know how this device operates and how it gets charged. Suppose you are a newbie, then let’s discuss it briefly. Along with the Deebot device, you will also get a docking station for charging it. You must plug this docking station into the household electricity supply.

The Deebot will charge itself by reaching the station when required. If the floor is dirty, then the Deebot will start cleaning the place, and then once done, it will return to the docking station. This way, the device gets charged.

Hence it is important to ensure that you place the docking station in an accessible area. Else, it will be difficult for the device to reach. Until the charge gets low, the Deebot will continue to clean the floor, and once it requires recharging, the device will return to the docking station.

Sometimes you might observe that the device will go in the wrong direction but finally reach the location. If it is too hard to get to the docking station, then it will be best if you place it in a free area. Suppose your Deebot is not charging. This might be due to certain causes hence in the next section, let’s look at the cause and how you can sort out the issue.

What Causes for Deebot Not Charging?

If the Deebot is not charging, a battery or the dock will probably be faulty. Although this would be a common cause, there are other reasons why you might encounter this issue. If the charging dock pins are clogged with dirt, this might prevent the device from making contact with the docking station hence, Deebot will not charge.

Plugging the docking station into an electricity source is mandatory. Sometimes, you might have kept it unplugged. If the Deebot needs to get charged, it is necessary to switch on the device. Some people switch off the Deebot and expect it to charge, which will not happen.

If the battery in your Deebot is discharged completely, then there will be no power in it. This might also be a cause for this issue. Hence you will have to check on the possible causes and after detecting the issue so, you can step into the solving process.

Here are Some Solutions for Deebot Not Charging.

Switching on Deebot

If the Deebot is off, you can solve the issue simply by switching on the device and connecting it to the docking stations. If you still encounter the same issue, check for other possible causes.

Plugin the Dock

Suppose you don’t plugin dock or switch off the power supply. Then by switching on and plugging the dock, you can help the device to receive power. Often this happens when you forget to check on the plug hence simply, you can fix it.

Cleaning the Pins

As already mentioned, if the issue is due to clogged pins in the docking station, you will have to clean it and remove the dirt. After cleaning, try connecting the device to the dock hopefully, this will fix the issue.

If the device is not touching the docking station, then the disconnection is why the device not charging. Once you remove the dirt, the barrier will not be there. Hence you can properly connect the Deebot to the docking station.

Reactivating the Deebot

If the issue is due to discharged battery, you will have to reactivate it since it will be difficult to charge. A discharged battery will not have any charged hence charging the empty battery is quite hard.

When reactivating, you must place the unit in the docking station for about three minutes, remove it and after a few minutes, place it back for three minutes. You need to repeat this three times, then connect it, and allow the device to charge as usual. Hopefully, this will help to charge the Deebot.

Replacing Faulty Dock or Battery

If you have a faulty dock or battery, then by replacing it, you can fix the issue. If you are planning to place the faulty component, it is better to get the help of a professional.

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