Do Firewood Drill Bits Work? Let’s Find Out

do firewood drill bits work

Firewood is essential in colder months. Still, 2.5 million houses in the US use firewood in their daily heating and household work. Splitting and storing the wood is quite challenging as it needs more labor. You might also have spent hours splitting the clogs using an axe. Do firewood drill bits work? This question is a must-read area if you depend on wood a lot. You will save a lot of labor and expenses if it can be done. We are going to describe the fact in this article. 

Is there a Drill Bit for Splitting Wood?

We use drills and drill bits to make holes for an easy fixture. We must have used drill bits to make holes in various materials like concrete, stone, wood, brick, and plastic. There are many metallic surfaces we can use drill bits, namely, aluminum, iron, steel, and copper. Drill bits come in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase the drill bits separately for your drill. 

Now wood splitting is not an hourly task that you need to spend days. Because there are specially designed drill bits for wood splitting. If you know the right technique to use, you will minimize the manhours needed for your firewood collecting project. 

Do Firewood Drill Bits Work?

Firewood drill bits have become a game changer since their introduction. You can drill and spit many wood types like walnut, oak, pecan, and hickory. These are capable of making pieces from any kind of wood as per their strength. Often the firewood drill bits are made from High Carbon Steel.

This type of drill bit can withstand wearing and are free of any impact. Using a firewood drill bit will decrease the complexity of your project and will lead to ending the task in a more efficient way. All you have to do is to keep the drill bit on the wooden clogs and drill inside. Then using a shaft or any preferable tool, you can easily make the wood apart. Another advantage is the safety of using sharp axes and tools.  

If you use a firewood drill to cut your wooden trunks, you must wear safety gear first. It is crucial to wear a pair of gloves and goggles to protect your eyes from the splashing dust and debris. Before starting the task, make sure the area is free of any other obstacles like large rocks because it will cause an accident if there are obstacles in your way. We recommend you wear a face mask if you have an illness in the respiratory tract. It will prevent entering wood dust via breathing. But overall, the task could be completed with less mess.

The technique used in firewood drilling is a hydraulic system. It applies pressure on the wooden clogs and makes them apart. Wooden drill bits are made to last long, and you can use those for a lifetime once purchased. You can buy a wooden drill bit for a price of about $15 – $45. It is so much worthier than the money you spend. 

What type of Drill is Best for Wood?

We could see a common use of HSS (High-Speed Steel) drill bits in drilling wood. Alternatively, you can use black oxide-coated drill bits, and the specialty in these is their durability. The oxide coating prevents the drill bits from rusting even when exposed to moisture. 

HSS can also be used to drill metals, fiberglass, and PVC, for instance, and the drill bits with an oxide coating are widely used in both hardwood and softwood. You can also drill a hole in PVC and Steel by using an oxide-covered drill bit.  

What Size Drill do you Need for a Wood Splitting Drill Bit?

A rotary hammer drill is the best fit for firewood drill bits. But if you do not have such, you can use the regular drill you use. There is no risk. When it comes to the size of the drill bit to be used in your wood-cutting project, you will need a drill bit with an 80 mm diameter. 

There are many things that you need to concern about when using drill bits to split wood. First, you have to cut the wood into small pieces using a chainsaw. Then you can start drilling those small pieces. It would be better if you start drilling near the corner. 1 inch or 2 inches away from the edge lines would be suitable because as you go towards the center, there is a risk for the drill bit to get stuck.

While drilling the wood clog, you will have to hold it so as not to spin. If it is loosely held, it will spin, and you could even face an emergency. It is also important to wear enough protection when handling wood drilling. 

What is the Difference Between a Wood and Metal Drill Bit? 

Wood drill bits can be used in surfaces like hardwood, softwood, lumber, and some soft metallic surfaces. Metal drill bits are used in making holes in metallic surfaces and hardwood. 

Wood (brad-point) and metal (twist) drill bits present different shapes. In wooden drill bits, you could see a spur in the middle. This is the secret of wood drill bits that crave into the wood without vibrations. In a metal drill bit, there is a twisted conical tip. Both these types come in different sizes and brands. In wooden drills, there is a space for a pilot drill similar to the appearance of the center tip. This feature cannot be seen in twisted drill bits.

You can also differentiate the two types using the drill test. Take a piece of wood and drill it using one. If it goes in without lagging and vibrations, it is a wood drill bit, and vice versa. 


Firewood drill bits are an innovative step in the drilling techniques as it allows you to perform a massive amount of work within less time without being overly fed up. Please refer to the article to get some tips and ways of identifying the brad point bits from the other types. 

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