Do Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams and How to Prevent It?

Do gutter guards cause ice dams

So, do gutter guards cause ice dams? Do you need an explanation for this question? Keep reading!! Ice dams are a significant problem for house owners, especially those living in cold environments. Most of them will have to spend a lot of money to repair the damages caused by the ice dams. So in this article, you will see what causes ice dams and how to protect your home from any of the damages caused by ice dams. 

What are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are used to preventing any waste from entering your rain gutters. Gutters control the flow of water when the water leaves the roof. And if the drain is full of debris, it will block the water from the gutter and has nowhere to go. You are so having gutter guards prevent debris from entering your gutter, and also, you will have to spend less time and money cleaning and repairing the gutter.

So in everyday words, gutter guards go over the gutter to catch any waste coming down the roof, especially after rain. There are two types of gutter guards: gutter guards screens and gutter helmets.

Pros and Cons of Gutter Guards

Before we inspect whether gutter guards cause ice dams, let’s take a moment and see both sides of the coin by reading about the benefits and drawbacks you get with gutter guards. 

Advantages of Guard Gutters

The first and most crucial advantage of gutter guards is that it is easy to maintain your gutters. This doesn’t mean that the gutters need no cleaning, but it is a lot easier to clean as there will be a few wastes you will have to clean as you have gutter guards preventing any debris from entering the gutters.

The next advantage is that it will avoid clogged downspouts. It will help to minimize any damages caused by clogging. These clogs often lead to water leaks or other water damage, which will help you spend less on repairs.

Disadvantages of Guard Gutters

The main disadvantage of guard gutters is that they will slow the flow of water from the gutters. There is no perfect system of gutter guards. If you have poorly designed roofs, then having gutter guards will not be able to handle them. So before having gutter guards, it is better to consider the design of your roof.

Do Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams and How?

Have you ever wondered whether the gutter guards cause ice dams? Yes, unfortunately, gutter guards can be one of the reasons for ice dams.

Now let’s look at how the gutter guards cause forming ice dams. Typically gutter guards are installed to collect the debris on the roof without entering the gutter and to help the water flow through the gutters without any blockage. When ice builds up in gutter guards, they may collapse into the gutter system forming ice dams. This will lead to expensive damages to your gutter system, and you will have to repair them after winter.

And also, in the winter, most of the homes have a heating system installed on their premises. When heat escapes from the roof and melts the snow, and after the melted snow runs down and reaches the edge of the top, the melted water will freeze again due to the cold. More and more ice dams will form because of this process and damage your home. And also, this will lead to water leaks inside your house.

You should keep in mind to install the correct type of gutter guards that matches the design of your roof to prevent forming ice dams in the winter.

How do you Prevent Gutter Ice Dams?

Here are some tips to fix the problem of having ice dams in your gutters.

It would help if you cleaned the gutters to lessen the process of forming ice dams. Also, a blocked guard gutter will damage your house, like landscape problems, cracks in the foundation due to the heaviness, etc. You can hire a professional company to clean and maintain your gutter system so that you know that it is in order.

It would help if you also had an adequately insulated attic, as a poorly insulated attic can cause melting. It will prevent forming of ice dams, and you will save more money without spending them on unnecessary repairs caused by the ice dams.

So make sure you follow these tips and tricks to avoid any ice dams forming in your home. Don’t hesitate to have gutter guards in your system, as they prevent waste from entering and making any blockages.

Should I Remove Gutter Guards in Winter?

You don’t have to worry about removing the gutter guards in winter. You can always clean the gutter guards and the gutter system properly in the fall. So you will not have a clogged gutter system in the winter. And also, you can use heat tape to defrost in the winter. Removing the gutter guards will probably not solve the issue of forming ice dams in the winter.

Best Gutter Guards to Prevent Ice Dams

There are several gutter guards in the market that you can use for snow and ice. Here are five better gutter guards you can use to prevent ice dams; Leaf filter gutter guards, Homecraft gutter protection, leaf guard, Master shield gutter guards, and raptor gutter guards.

Leaf gutter guards

The leaf gutter guards have become one of the best due to their strength and durability. It consists of a stainless steel micro mesh that will hold in any weather condition.

Homecraft gutter protection

The Homecraft gutter protection consists of a durable 275-micron steel mesh, and the patented system will help the water flow. It has a unique design, unlike others.

Master shield gutter guards

Master shield gutter guards are specially designed to push off the waste collected and help prevent blockages in the downspouts.

Raptor gutter guards

Lastly, Raptor gutter guards are made of stainless steel material, and you can install them without any help from professionals.

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