Does Laundry Detergent Go Bad in Heat? – [Truth Revealed]

does laundry detergent go bad in heat

Does laundry detergent go bad in heat? Let’s Find Out. Have you ever thought about whether detergent has a date of expiry? Though the expiry date is printed on the packet, is it always bad to use it after it expires? If you are a diligent and thrifty housewife, very well concerned about the family economy, these might be some worrying problems for you. You may be busy cooking up delicious food and cleaning the house daily. In the meantime, your household chores will consist of washing a large amount of laundry daily. So, as a good housewife, you will ensure that a good amount of laundry detergent is in stock in your house. You may be curious to find out how long laundry detergent last and how to store it properly.

Most homemakers have the habit of piling up large stocks of laundry detergents at their houses because they need them daily. But these housewives need to clearly understand whether they can use the remaining detergent after it expires. Whether laundry detergent is tricky because some believe these detergents stay active. This claim means that we can use them even after they get expired. Please read the rest of the article to know whether stocking up on excess detergent is worth it. We will also answer the question about does laundry detergent go bad when exposed to heat for a prolonged period.

How to Know If Your Detergent has Expired?

So, do you know how to identify whether your laundry detergent is good for use? If you don’t know, we’ve got you covered. Follow these simple steps before throwing your excess laundry detergent away in the trash can. First, check on the cover of the packet for the expiration date; if there are no damages on the cover, do a small sniff test. Detergents smell like ammonia if they exceed their expiration date. Eventually, observe the nature of the water while you are washing. If the suds are bubbling vigorously, the detergent is good for use. If it seems so far so good, add about half the recommended dose to your wash load. If you notice the suds is smaller than usual, it indicates that the detergent could be better quality than usual.

How Long Do Various Types of Detergent Last?

So, does laundry detergent expire? Let’s first read the opinion of an expert in this field. Dr. Mark A, Benvenuto, is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Detroit Mercy. Moreover, Dr.s Scott Lecklegdeg is the CEO of Aiptek. According to most laundry detergents do expire.

They say that detergents expire after a specific period. But that does not increase their toxicity but only reduces their rate of efficiency. They also claim that some detergent types s as baking soda and vinegar, do not expire. Let’s explore the different types of detergent now.

Liquid Formula Laundry Detergents

Some liquid laundry detergents come with an expiration date printed on the bottle. After this date, usually, the manufacturer does not guarantee that the detergent will release its ingredients and give out its best results. The ingredients of the laundry detergent will not separate efficiently if the detergent bottle is exposed to excessive heat or freezing temperature. But you need not worry as you can still use this as it’s not harmful.

The detergent may feel lumpy so give it a good shake before using it. If the product does not come with an expiration date, its best use is within a year after buying. Opened cans of liquid detergents are best used within six months to yield the best results.

Powdered Formula Laundry Detergents

We can use most powdered formula liquid detergents even after the expiry date if they are not exposed to dampness. They remain effective unless they get. You may observe clumps while opening the expired package, but here is how to get rid of them.

Rub the detergent through a sieve and move the powder to another container. Expired powder detergent does not dissolve in the washing machine as usual. So you may observe residues of detergent falling on your clothes. It is best to avoid using the detergent if it feels hard. Whenever possible, buy bigger boxes and move the powder to a sealed container before checking whether it is good to use.

Single-dose Laundry Detergents

Single-dosed detergents are enclosed in a polyvinyl film that makes the detergent dissolve quickly. Sadly because of this property, the detergent will turn into lumps if wet hands touch it. So remember to keep these detergents in air-tight containers and never touch them with wet hands. Most brands of single-dose laundry detergents come with a shelf life of about six months. However, this type of detergent will only go well if properly stored even before the expiry date.

Does Laundry Detergent Go Bad in Heat?

Now we are going to answer a very common question of many homemakers. Does laundry detergent go bad in heat? Yes, detergents can go bad when exposed to excessive heat. The extremely high temperature activates the active ingredients in the formula of detergents. Therefore, washing clothes using such detergents will yield a different result. Detergents exposed to excessive heat will not effectively remove clothes’ stains.

How to Store Laundry Detergents?

Now you got the answer to the question: does laundry detergent go bad in heat? Then it’s time to know how to store your detergent properly. Most laundry detergents stay in good condition when stored in the laundry room. But remember that keeping them in high temperatures is not good. It can reduce the effectiveness of the detergent. Similarly, storing them in freezing temperatures is not wise, as the detergent will clump together.


If you want a trouble-free laundry experience, you must know the expiration date of the detergents you frequently use. This article will help you make good use of your excessive laundry detergents.

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