Does Lowes Sell Behr Paint Now? Places Where You Can Buy

Does Lowes sell Behr Paint

Are you considering painting the inside or outside of your home now that the repairs are complete? Lowe’s is a well-known household improvement business with sites all around the US. Everything you require to renovate your property is available at the store. The variety of paints at Lowe’s is enormous. The favorite brand of paint for several homes is Behr. Finding the ideal paints for every job is simple, thanks to the company’s extensive selection of colors and finishes. Does Lowes sell Behr Paint? What is the best place to get paints? This guide will explore the paint accessible at Lowe’s and assist you in making a better-educated selection.

Quick Summary: Since around 2022, Lowe’s has not provided Behr paint. However, Behr paint, which has been a signature product at Depot since 1978, is now the only place where it is available. Lowe’s gives its clients paints in various colors and textures while also selling several brands comparable to Behr paint.

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A retailer of home renovation products, Lowe’s has locations in both the US and Canada. It’s the 2nd biggest hardware retailer in the US, following The Home Depot. Similarly, it is the world’s 2nd biggest hardware retailer. It is probably the second-largest hardware retailing company in the entire globe.

It gets reported that Lowe’s provides all the materials needed for home remodeling at its locations for its patrons. In addition to other building resources, they offer DIY and maintenance expertise, house improvement and repair tools, and materials.

For over 75 years, premium interior and outdoor paints, staining, and aesthetic finishing have been available from Behr paint, a reputable paint company. Finishing the job with paint is a crucial part of a building. They are among the most dependable names in the paint sector. And experts from a variety of industries value their goods. Let’s look at does Lowes sell Behr Paint.

Does Lowes Sell Behr Paint?

No, Behr paint is not available at Lowe’s. Since 1978, Home Depot has used the in-house paint manufacturer Behr. Lowe’s is a significant rival of Home Depot. The two brands’ histories hold the key to the solution.

The likelihood that Lowe’s would ever begin marketing Behr paint is, therefore, low. However, it could discourage customers who like to purchase their paint from Lowe’s. It is important to remember that Lowe’s and Depot provide a selection of different top-notch paint brands.

So now you know Does Lowes sell Behr Paint; you might be thinking about where you can get it. Behr paint is only available from Home Depot. Both in-person and online shopping for this paint is possible at the Home Depot webpage.

Users praise Behr for its sturdiness, simplicity of use, and capability to provide good coverage in only one coating. Additionally, there are many other hues and sheens available at Home Depot. Behr delivers what you need, whether you want a shiny appearance or one that’s more muted. Therefore, the next time you’re looking for fresh paint, look out for the Behr variety at your nearby Home Depot.

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Alternatives to Behr Paint

Both its in-person locations and website have a vast selection of paint manufacturers. Paints comparable to Behr’s indoor and outdoor.


Valspar paint is almost identical to Behr and is available for purchase. The most lasting paint in the marketplace gets regarded as one of the finest. They are more straightforward to apply onto coatings than Behr paints and need less care. Valspar paint has several more paint options than Behr paint and is a little more affordable.

Nevertheless, most professionals concur that the two paints are identical. Valspar is, therefore, your most acceptable option if you’re searching for a Behr substitute at Lowe’s.

Sherwin Williams

Lowe’s is the only major store to carry the Sherwin-Williams line of paint, which gets marketed under that name. Despite being considerably more costly, Sherwin and Behr’s paints are considered comparable in grade and finish.

Both paint manufacturers offer similar color selections, and industrial specialists have given each favorable evaluation. It can come down to individual choice or cost when deciding among the two. The high-quality paints from both manufacturers would give your house a brand-new look.


Kilz is a company you could rely on if you want high-quality priming that would provide excellent protection. Kilz primer is a superior alternative to Behr primer for prepping areas before painting because it offers stronger dark color retention and stain-blocking qualities.

Kilz priming cures rapidly and emits almost any smell to resume painting your task as quickly as possible. Kilz primer is an excellent option that will produce the necessary results. Whether you’re trying to hide darker wall spots or avoid them from appearing in the initial instance.

The paint supplies offered by each of the above businesses are distinctive. Choose the right paint, color, or simple application techniques to achieve this. Concerning painting tasks, chances are that Lowe’s offers the perfect item for you through one of their dependable partner firms. For a reason, the next time you embark on a paint job, no matter how big or small. Be sure to stop by Lowe’s to fulfill your paint requirements.

You might like to consider that when selecting your choice. Because Behr paint gets typically thought to be of better grade than the typical Lowe’s product. Your choices and money will eventually determine whether you choose Lowe’s or Behr paint.

Bottom Line

Due to Home Depot, Lowe’s primary rival, having an official relationship with the paint manufacturer, Behr doesn’t get sold at Lowe’s. Nevertheless, this does not imply that Lowe’s does not provide comparable goods.

They offer various paints from numerous companies in different sizes and colors. Not to add that Lowe’s gets frequently regarded as delivering reasonable pricing for its paint. Considering everything, it would appear like Lowe’s would be a good place for someone searching for the paint to obtain what they require.

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