Does Lysol Kill Black Mold? Complete Guide

Does Lysol Kill Black Mold?

Seeing a black patch of mold that ruins and brings an unpleasant vibe to the bathroom tiles is a freaking scenario for many of us. In the next few seconds, we will be rushing around to find a suitable remover. Does Lysol kill black mold? There is a high chance of you meeting this question when you are a fastidious person who needs to keep your flooring shining. 

Lysol is a brand that has manufactured sanitizing liquids and hand washes since 1889. The products are produced to kill 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, oil, grease, slippery soap scums, etc., present in all non-porous surfaces. Therefore, it cannot be named as just a cleaner as it also acts like a disinfectant. The product is a composition of cresol, hydrogen peroxide, benzalkonium chloride (in most of Lysol’s products, as the active ingredient to fight germs), and saponified (the process of making soap from animal or vegetable fat) vegetable oil. 

Does Lysol Kill Black Mold?

Mold is a colony formed by fungi and the dark color results from the spores produced as a secondary metabolite. Wet surfaces inside the house, papers, windows, decaying organic materials in your garden, windows exposed to moisture, wallpaper, and carpets are some of the places favorable for mold growth. Other than the disgusting view it creates, molds are strong allergy-causing microorganisms. These are a fact that makes asthma worse. Non-allergic irritations in the eyes, respiratory organs, and skin also can be caused due to molds. 

If not treated and destroyed in the first stages of the growth, mold can spread all over your house and start a huge disaster. Decaying your wallpapers, painting, spoiling foods, and ruining your curtains and linen are some of the other harmful effects you will face. The most common pick to kill fungi is a disinfectant or a cleaner. Consequently, you will come across the question, does Lysol kill black mold. We are glad to inform you that your question has got a huge “yes.” If you follow the correct steps, you could completely get rid of this troublesome spoiler. 

It is always recommended to get professional assistance if you do not have enough knowledge to handle this disinfecting liquid. Please make sure you obey the safety measures 100%. We will now describe to you the way to use Lysol in a mold patch in your household. 

  • You have to wear safety goggles and rubber gloves before you start the spraying. This is because Lysol can cause skin irritations when contacted with your naked skin. You also should avoid inhaling fumes of Lysol because it may cause irritations and harm your central nervous system. If you feel a headache, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting, stop the work immediately and go out of the area. Then you must get the necessary medical assistance. 
  • Open nearby windows, transom windows, and doors to make the area properly ventilated. If there are exhaust fans in your house, turn on those too. 
  • Keep away children and pets from the cleaning area where you use Lysol.
  • Pre-cleaning is essential to get more satisfactory results. Use hot water and dish soap to wipe out the surface first.
  • Let the surface for a few minutes to dry.
  • As per the guidelines provided by Lysol on their official website, you should maintain a distance of about 6-8 inches from the affected surface when spraying. Keep the bottle upright and continue the spraying for about 4 seconds to make the surface fully covered with the Lysol. You should also spread the liquid to the neighboring areas. 
  • Keep it the same for about 15 minutes. Then scrub with suitable material and wipe the residuals. 
  • You have to repeat the process two times, spray again; let it rest; scrub, and wipe it out.
  • When you finish the cleaning, put all the wiping cloths, scrubbing items, gloves, goggles, masks, etc., that are in contact with the surface into a garbage bag. Tie the bag tightly and keep it out of the house to avoid spores entering a new place.
  • Wash the clothes you had worn during the cleaning immediately. Do not contact any other surface with those clothes. 
  • Wash your hands well with soap or have a shower just after you finish the process. 

Does Lysol Kill Mold Spores on Air?

Lysol is designed to kill molds on a surface. It cannot withstand destroying mold spores in the air. 

How do you Treat Mold in the Air?

There are no instant methods created to kill mold spores in the air. Using a high-efficiency particulate air filter and regular maintenance of the unit will prevent the inhaling of mold spores.

How Long does It Take to Get Sick from Mold Exposure?

The symptoms may appear according to the immunity of the individuals. Usually, will be shown within 2-9 hours of the contamination. The symptoms may continue for about three days. 

Can You Mix Lysol and Vinegar?

If you are thinking of increasing the power of Lysol by adding vinegar, please never ever try that out! Vinegar is an acidic media that could evolve toxic chlorine gas when introduced to Lysol liquid. These gases have the ability to damage your eyes and lungs when inhaled.  

What Happens If you Mix Bleach and Lysol?

Here also, a reaction happens, emitting poisonous gas. Therefore, it is thoroughly advised not to use bleach and Lysol together. 

Does Lysol Kill Ants?

Although it is an exact solution for the annoying ants who never remain a single sweet in your house, Lysol can be used as an instant killer for ants. When you are spraying Lysol, maintain the appropriate distance from you to avoid contaminations. We have discussed the harms created by Lysol contamination in the above paragraphs. 

Does Lysol Kill Monkeypox?

Monkeypox has a relatively long lifetime due to its outer layer. But it has been recorded that the virus can be destroyed by Lysol effectively. 


If you are hesitating to use Lysol on mold growth in your home, this article will clear all your doubts and guide you to an appropriate cleaning process. 

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