Does Steam Cleaner Kill Fleas? Let’s Find Out

Does steam cleaner kill fleas

A flea infestation is the most annoying situation for homeowners. Numerous households fight these tiny parasites yearly by building their colonies deep inside carpet fibers. In reality, you can spend a lot of time and money attempting to eliminate the flea infestation, but if the infestation in the carpet gets not addressed, it is a lost battle. So you might be thinking about how to get rid of fleas. And does steam cleaner kill fleas? This article will help you in this regard. Continue reading to see how expert carpet cleaning may sometimes eliminate a flea infestation in just one visit.

The Fleas in Your Home

Before locating the best technique to get rid of the insects, you must first determine whether you have an infestation. There is a good possibility that such insects are present if your pet has begun scratching.

Similar to red, itchy bites on the skin are a sign of tenacious and hazardous insects. The patterns may also see them of their bouncing, and in this instance, there are already too many of them.

Does Steam Cleaner Kill Fleas? – Answered 

So, does steam cleaner kill fleas? Fleas may get eliminated immediately after coming into contact with hot steam using the straightforward yet very sophisticated steam cleaning method. Fleas won’t be able to hide when you’re using a steam cleaner.

A high-quality steam cleaner produces vapor that is hot enough to eliminate fleas during all stages of their life cycles. Since fleas cannot survive in temperatures of 95°F (35°C) or higher, it gets demonstrated that the steam’s high temperature is dangerous. Fleas are also prone to drowning readily while being cleaned with steam.

To eliminate fleas at any growth stage, you must steam clean the affected regions two or three times a week. Regular cleaning is crucial since flea eggs hatch in just three days, increasing the likelihood that perhaps the flea infestation in the home will spread quickly. Therefore, a steam cleaner is a better and more beneficial option than using possibly hazardous chemicals and difficult treatments or paying excessive money to a pest exterminator.

What are the Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner?

  • Non-Toxic

Fleas get killed by steam cleaning alone with pure water and heat. Chemicals are not required. Your children and dogs playing together in the same home will make you feel secure because no damage gets predicted.

As a result, the environment and those with allergies can safely use steam cleaners. It is all green.

  • Kills Fleas

Baby fleas, cocoons, eggs, and elderly fleas are all fatal to the high steam temps employed in a steam cleaner. This sets it apart from vacuuming, which cannot eliminate larvae and cocoons. Additionally, steam cleaning may reach places that a vacuum would not be able to.

  • Kills Other Organisms

Insects, viruses, bacteria, and other germs will all get destroyed by a steam cleaner. At 140°F, the majority of bacteria and other harmful microbes frequently perish.

However, almost all steam cleaners typically reach a temperature of 245°F to 325°F. It implies that after a complete steam cleaning procedure, there is no possibility of any bacteria being alive.

  • Long Run

The long-term cost-effectiveness of utilizing a steam cleaner to eliminate fleas is another crucial benefit. Contrary to pesticides and other chemicals, which you must replace whenever they get exhausted, once you invest in the equipment, you need not buy anything more. Additionally, it costs less than hiring a pest control professional.

What are the Disadvantages of Using the Steam Cleaner?

  • Not for Pets

You can always use a steam cleaner to clean the carpet, sofas, upholstery, and other materials, but for obvious ethical reasons, you can’t do the same with your dogs. So, if you have a pet-related flea infestation and wish to utilize a steam cleaner to get rid of the fleas, you must combine it with other techniques.

  • Destroy Materials

Not all surfaces that house fleas can get cleaned with steam. It gets prohibited from being used, among other things, on silk, walls painted with water-based paint, cracked flooring, and unsealed surfaces such as hardwood floors. In such circumstances, you should look for alternatives.

  • Not a Permanent Solver

Even though they are pretty effective in killing fleas in all phases of development, steam cleaners do not have a lasting effect that helps keep these pests distant. That implies that an infestation might return without the use of additional countermeasures.

Even worse, removing all chemical traces neutralizes the residual action of insects that got applied immediately before it.

What are the Precautions to Take?

You might not have known that a flea infestation goes beyond your carpet and animals. Some additional areas and possessions require your care to keep your farmhouse flea-free. The following are significant points that require your attention:

  • Wash your garments with hot water. Wash both animal and human apparel in hot water. The larvae, eggs, or even adult fleas will get killed. The reproductive cycle will get disrupted after a few repetitions, and all fleas will get eliminated.
  • Thoroughly clean the bedding. The beds of your pets, mattress, and pillows are other places where you’re likely to locate bugs. To get rid of the bugs, wash these in hot water.
  • Give your pet care and attention. Fleas rely on their host for their ongoing survival. To increase your chances of eliminating infestations, treat pets routinely. It would be best to use flea-removing dog shampoos since they work well.

Final Thought          

Remaining fleas permanently is not always possible with routine vacuuming and steam cleaning. For does steam cleaner kill fleas, with each female flea producing about 25 eggs every day, you will probably have to cope with a large population in a short amount of time. The best action is to spend money on a top-notch canister steam cleaner and professional pet grooming services.

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