Eavestrough vs Gutter – Everything to Know 

eavestrough vs gutter

Eavestroughs and gutters are crucial for safe upkeep and maintenance in every home. However, it often confuses people what these words pertain to since both components have the same purpose and functions. Eavestrough vs. gutter – what are they, and what are the differences? (desperate for the answer, aren’t you?) 

We’ll teach you all about it in this detailed article. So let your sigh out and stick to the disclosure until the end to grasp the holistic comprehension. 

Let’s dive into the deets. 

What is an Eavestrough? 

An eavestrough is a gutter-like water collection channel that runs around the roof edges of your house. So you get it now? 

Well, know what it does? The eavestrough will collect rainwater, snow, and other forms of precipitation, trying to slide down the roof and safely pass it down to the connected down-pipe. 

The downpipe will discard these drainage materials into the particular drainage system, and you know the rest. 

Want an even better picture of an eavestrough? We got you! 

Let’s tackle the components that make up an eavestrough. It will help you get the bigger picture. 

Here’s the list of five of the components that make up an eavestrough system in a home; 

  • Eavestrough 

As explained above, an eavestrough is a gutter-like channel that runs around roof edges to collect water and other materials from precipitation. 

  • Downspouts 

These pipes connect the eavestrough to the ground for the transportation of drainage materials from top to bottom. 

  • Soffit 

It refers to the underlying area of the eavestrough 

  • Fascia 

It is the area in the eavestrough where the gutters are attached to. 

  • Gutter Guards 

These are small attachments found in the gutter to prevent clogging, which can lead to malfunctions in the system. 

Together, these components make up eavestrough. 

You have many options of eavestrough designs and types in the market for you to choose from. 

Regardless of the outlook, a good eavestrough aids efficient water drainage and provides a peaceful home experience. 

What is the Difference Between Eavestrough vs Gutter? 

Both gutter and eavestrough are efficient water drainage systems. However, they are often confused and misunderstood. 

Let’s clarify the misconceptions and break down their difference.

Eavestrough serves a single home while gutter serves multiple homes, to cut to the chase.

Need more elaboration? Let’s go deeper. 

A gutter is a water drainage system employed in several homes and is connected in a way that they drain into a single, same channel. 

On the other hand, eavestrough is employed in only one home ( a loner). 

Are there any other differences between the two? Not at all. 

The structure can differ by small means between the two, but the functions and purposes are the same. 

Sometimes people get muddled up by the way people mess up the names. Well, it is common and nothing to be confused about. 

In some places, people refer to the water drainage system as “gutter,” whereas in some other areas, people refer to it as “eavestrough,” regardless of their actual name. It might pretty well drive you reserved and confused. 

Now that you know how people handle the names, you should not be. 

What Does Eaves Gutter Mean? 

It is the regular gutter. “eaves gutter” is the fancy name people give to standard gutters. 

Further, into the details, the eaves gutter is the water-draining structure attached to the fascia (you must be familiar with the term since we already have explained it above) in the roof. 

Apart from collecting water and other precipitation, the eaves gutter also filters debris to keep the roof clean and clear. 

There is another type of gutter other than the eaves gutter, which we call the “box gutter.” 

Now, what is a box gutter, you may ask. 

Box gutters and eaves gutters have the same purpose and the same function. Their primary line of difference is visibility. 

Eaves gutters are visible to people outside the building since they are affixed to the roof system. 

Box gutters are, on the contrary. They are not visible when viewed from the outside of the building. 

Box gutters are planted within the building structure. 

It is not commonly seen in traditional houses but in industrial buildings. 

But some residential buildings these days include a box gutter to enhance outlook and architecture. 

Are Eavestroughs Expensive? 

Well, it depends. Let’s discuss it. 

The cost of installing an eavestrough will depend on a couple of factors. 

Let us take a look at the factors that will influence the pricing. 

  • Material Base 

Eavestroughs are available in several material bases, such as aluminum, copper, steel, vinyl, etc. The pricing is different for each eavestrough. Vinyl eavestrough remains the cheapest, while aluminum is the most costly option. 

  • Labor 

If you have the skills and the tools at your disposal and decide to do it yourself, you will save the cost of finding and employing a professional. The labor cost will differ depending on the size of the building and the workload. 

Depending on the above explained two factors, the pricing will vary for the installment of eavestroughs. 

What are the Two Types of Eaves? 

Eaves are an essential part of every home for better upkeeping and zero threats from drainage materials. 

A few types of eaves are available in different designs, although they perform the same functions and share the same purpose. 

Among the few types, eaves are primarily classified into two main types. 

Let’s take a look at what they are. 

  • Closed Eave 

Closed eaves have hidden rafters. The rafters that hang down the walls are hidden to give a neat outlook. Closed eaves are seen in many modern homes since it helps elevate the aesthetics. 

  • Opened Eaves 

Opened eaves are the opposite of closed eaves. In opened eaves, the rafters are visible and not hidden. Many old houses have this type of eaves. However, some people still prefer this type of eaves as they are also aesthetically pleasing. 


Eavestrough and gutter are water drainage systems with the same purposes and functions. Eavestrough is installed in a single home for operation while gutters connect several homes’ drainage pathways and drain down into a single channel. 

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