Hickory vs Oak Firewood – [Uses, Flame, Heat , Wood Texture]

hickory vs oak firewood

Finding firewood that can match your need could be challenging because there are different types of firewood used for various purposes. It will take a lot of research to select what you need. Thus, the different kinds of firewood should be compared and filtered to choose the one that matches your requirement. When going through the different firewood, you will come across Hickory and Oak firewood, which are two prominent types used for almost the same purpose. In consequence, many tend to compare the differences between Hickory vs Oak firewood.

Firewood is used to light a campfire, for cooking, or to lit the fireplace in your home. Each firewood has its properties it can be used for, but as previously stated, the Hickory firewood and Oak firewood have close properties used for almost the same purposes. If you need clarification on what are the differences between the two types of firewood and which firewood can match your requirements, it is essential to compare Hickory vs Oak firewood.

What is the Hickory Firewood Used For?

Hickory is top-quality firewood that is best for burning for long hours and maintaining heat. The hickory wood is a tough and dense type that cannot be split easily but also has a little moisture inside that helps the burning. The Hickory firewood is most of the time used for cooking as it can maintain the heat and is completely safe, as it does emit any harmful smoke.

Hickory firewood is also great for campfires, bonfires, and to use in your fireplace. During the winter, hickory firewood is used because of the long-lasting heat, as it soothes the room with warmth, giving a welcoming aroma. When Hickory firewood is used in campfires and bonfires, it comes with a crackling noise that is a very refreshing and soothing rhythm to the background. The bright, lit fire at night, with minimal smoke, creates a cheerful party vibe, attracting the campers.

What is the Oak Firewood Used For?

Oak wood is also a top choice for people looking for firewood that can maintain the heat for a long time. The oak wood is also dense and very heavy but less tough than the Hickory wood, which makes it a little easier to split them for firewood.

When the Oakwood is burnt, it maintains a slow and steady flame with the necessary amount of heat to the environment. However, Oakwood is not recommended for indoor purposes except for cooking but is considered an excellent choice to burn in your backyard with bright and steady flames.

What is the Difference Between Hickory Firewood and Oak Firewood?

When comparing the two types of firewood, we do not recommend which firewood is better than the other because your choice only depends on your needs. Thus, we will briefly outline the differences between Hickory firewood and Oak firewood to give you a better idea of what best matches your requirement.

The Hickory firewood, as previously stated, is dense and tough firewood, which is hard to split but has little moisture, which can burn very quickly; However, Oak firewood is also tough and heavy. But is less tough to split than the Hickory firewood. Both Oak and hickory firewood is great at maintaining heat thus, are ideal for cooking, but hickory firewood can hold a more extended period and is also brighter than oak firewood.

Oakwood, when burnt, can ignite the needed brightness for the outdoors, maintaining the flames. The Hickory firewood gives a very cheering vibe, while the oak firewood gives a very soothing and calm vibe. Thus, firewood is great to be used for campfires at two different times, hickory firewood will match the energy when everyone is around, attracting the crowd, and oak firewood is great for maintaining the light when everyone is asleep. 

Hickory vs Oak Firewood?

Considering the differences and close similarities of the hickory and oak firewood used, we have further explained the two types of firewood by contemplating the different factors so that it will be helpful for the readers. Thus, keep reading the article until the end to find out more about hickory vs oak firewood.

  1. Uses

Firewood is primarily used for cooking and campfires because they maintain the heat for a long time. But, the hickory firewood is also used indoors to light the fireplace as it burns bright for a long time, providing warmth to the room in extreme winter seasons. Though the oak wood is not commonly used indoors, it does an excellent job of maintaining the slow flames to give a welcoming vibe in the backyard.

  1. Flame

Since the hickory firewood burns hotter than the oak firewood, it emits bright light with a cracking noise, while the oak firewood, maintains a slow bright flame.

  1. Heat

Oak firewood is excellent for maintaining heat, as it only provides substantial heat. Still, in comparison, hickory firewood can retain heat for a long time and burn for hours more than oak firewood. Thus, in the extreme winter season, selecting hickory firewood wood by more ideal, and oak firewood would be excellent for a welcoming bonfire party.

  1. Wood Texture

As previously discussed, both firewood is dense and tough, but the hickory firewood is more rigid than the oak firewood and more challenging to split than the oak firewood. Because both the firewood are dense and has enough moisture content, it is also easier to burn, emitting minimal smoke, with increased safety and less harmful emission.


Firewood is used for different purposes when cooking, lighting the fireplace, campfires, etc. Two of the most prominent types of firewood are Oak and hickory, which are almost used for the same purpose and have similar properties. Because of this reason, most people tend to confuse and find out the differences between the two firewood and choose what matches their needs.

Thus, we have compared hickory vs oak firewood in the article by including different topics like the uses of hickory and oak firewood and contemplating the differences.

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