How Heavy Is A Hot Tub? [Weight Of Different Types of Hot Tubs]

how heavy is a hot tub

Hot tubs are excellent locations to unwind and relax after a hard day at work and provide hydrotherapy for pain treatment and healing at home. They’re also available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They may get placed almost anyplace you have the space. “how heavy is a hot tub?” is a frequently requested question. It’s a reasonable query. Most folks want to know whether their deck could hold it if that’s where they’re placing it.

And that they want to learn whether they can relocate it without having to hire some muscle. We can, however, knock them down in sizes and provide you with a more understandable response.

Why Does The Weight Of The Hot Tub Matter?

Whenever it comes to deck, cement, or ground installation. You’ll need to consider the usual weight of the spa to ensure that your location can support it—knowing and understanding the weight limitations before moving or installing your tub. It will safeguard your safety, the spa, or the property.

How Heavy Is A Hot Tub? – Depending Upon The Size

Let’s look at How Heavy Is A Hot Tub when we factor out the size

How Heavy Is A Two-Person Hot Tub?

Small hot tubs for just a handful of people are typically the lightest. It might weigh 300-600 lbs without water but up to 3,000 lbs when filled, based on the material it’s composed of. But first, let’s look at the many types of hot tubs.

So, there are portable hot tub tubs in each category that weigh next to nothing. Without water, the smallest classic hot tubs, typically built of fiberglass, weigh around 400 and 600 pounds.

This tub would be about 5′ x 7′ in size. However, once you’ve added water, you’ll need to add roughly 8.33 pounds per gallon. To put that in context, a modest 2-3-person spa will weigh around 2,500 pounds once filled with water.

How Heavy Is A Four-Person Hot Tub?

The four-person hot tub is considered a medium-sized hot tub. When empty, it weighs roughly 750-800 pounds, but when complete, it may weigh up to 3,700 pounds. A 4-person hot tub is typically 7′ by 7′ in size.

However, the size might vary based on the design. They can contain roughly 300 gallons of fresh water and weigh about 2,500 pounds. So, if your tub is 800 pounds empty, it will be approximately 3,300 pounds full.

How Heavy Is A Six To Eight-Person Hot Tub?

Most six-to-eight-person hot tubs weigh roughly 800 pounds and carry a little more than 400 gallons of water. When fully loaded, they may weigh up to 4,000 pounds.

With this size hot tub, remember that they frequently include additional features and heavier materials, causing the weight range to vary significantly.

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How Heavy Is A Ten-person hot tub?

Any hot tub with more than 6-8 persons capacity is approaching colossal proportions. You won’t see them frequently because they are enormous and demand so much water.

A 10-person spa could be 8′ x 12′ in size and contain 750 gallons of water. And, like the more oversized 8-person spas, they tend to be heavier because of the extra features. A hot tub of such a size, for example, could need more than a pump and a lot of additional jets.

Can You Move A Hot Tub By Yourself?

It, too, is dependent on the size of the hot tub. As well as the equipment and people accessible to you. Anything is doable with the correct personnel and equipment.

Still, it’s always better to employ professionals to transport, deliver, and install the spa. Most tubs get relocated using a trolley or slide sheet. However, a crane may be necessary to hoist the spa to its ultimate location.

When relocating a spa, never put the weight on the equipment door or front panel. Furthermore, we recommend verifying your spa’s warranty to ensure that transporting it yourself would not breach a still-valid guarantee. Follow these instructions to relocate a hot tub on yourself:

  • Turn off the hot tub’s electricity.
  • Remove the lid and place it in a safe place.
  • Thoroughly drain the hot tub.
  • Set the hot tub carefully on its side with the help of two or more people and a hand truck.
  • Slide the hot tub over the lawn to the moving vehicle’s destination using furniture sliders.
  • Use a flatbed truck to transport the hot tub and gently set it back down.

How To Determine The Weight Of A Hot Tub?

After How Heavy Is The Hot Tub, let’s discuss how you can measure it. You may achieve this in a few different ways. Reading your owner’s handbook or looking it up online is the simplest and quickest approach to determine how much the hot tub weights.

You should contact the company directly if you still can’t find it. They must also be able to estimate how much water they can hold. The hot tub’s vacant weight may get calculated by multiplying that figure by 8.33 lbs (the water weight per gallon).

Then divide the total number of persons in your spa by the average weight. If you’re planning on entertaining visitors, it’s better to predict higher than lower.

Final Thought

Hot tubs come in a variety of forms and sizes. The weight of each hot tub varies depending on the material used, the amount of water supplied, the weight of the passengers, and the unit’s volume. Once you’ve decided on the size of hot tub you desire, you may consider whether it can get installed.

As you’ve seen, there are many things to think about. It’s when deciding to choose whether or not to install a hot tub. It can be devastating for those who buy a hot tub before even evaluating its size and weight. It is essential to have a competent installation assess the area where you wish to put a hot tub. It will save you effort and money over the long term.

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