How Hot Does a Blackstone Griddle Get? Comprehensive Guide

how hot does a blackstone griddle get

Using different kinds of cookware in a round of meal prep is quite irritating as it gives a heap of utensils to clean. With these consequences, the Blackstone griddle has become a game changer ever since its introduction. How hot does a Blackstone griddle get? Have you encountered this question when you do a background search to purchase one? We are going to clear your doubts here.

Blackstone introduced their griddle in 2005, and over the years, it has become a pioneer in the field, taking the enormous attention of the public. The large flat top made with solid rolled steel is a unique asset that makes a Blackstone griddle spread heat evenly to each and every corner. This propane-used griddle greatly contributes to energy conservation as it is built to cook many items at once. 

How Hot does a Blackstone Griddle Get?

You must have experienced, on your own, the easiness that a Blackstone griddle gives you when you have a family reunion or gathering at your home. Blackstone griddle can cook various dishes with or without using containers. Boiling water in a pot while the other side is used for frying some bacon or sausages is a usual scene when you are a proud owner of a Blackstone griddle. 

How hot does a Blackstone griddle get? This is a matter you must pay attention to regarding the safety of both the device and yourself! A Blackstone griddle can reach a heat up of around 500 °F-640 °F. 

We know that the water starts boiling at 212 °F. When we compare it with the highest temperature of the griddle, there is a much more difference even than the hotness of boiling water. This thoroughly displays that cooking at a griddle’s high temperature must be handled with care. Keep your children out of reaching the cooking area when you use this to avoid unfortunate burning accidents. 

The substance from which the flat top of the Blackstone griddle is made cannot bear higher temperatures than 640°F and will start bending or changing shape when overheated. This would cause the flat cooking top to end in damage.

What are the Heat Settings on a Blackstone?

Did you know that the Blackstone griddle can handle all types of temperatures? You can adjust the temperature according to the kind of meal you prepare. Below are the heat levels and the food for which those levels are preferable. You can use an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the cooking surface, as it can measure and give readings up to 1022 °F.

  • Level 1 and Level 2– The least temperature zones in a Blackstone griddle are referred to as levels 1 and level 2. This range can be used when you need to boil eggs, make omelets, cook steak, toast bread, buns, etc. Remember to use this heat range in the foods that need to be cooked more time in lower temperatures. Usually, the temperature will lie around 300 °F. 
  • Level 3 and Level 4 – This is the medium range in a Blackstone and consists of temperatures around 350°F or nearer to 375°F. You can use this for meal preps like boiling vegetables, making food that needs steaming or even grilling chicken. 
  • Level 5 and Level 6 – The average heat range between these two levels is around 425°F. For your searing foods, you can use a Blackstone, heated up to level 5 or level 6. 

How Long should You Let Your Blackstone Heat Up?

You can turn on the burners to maximum heat and let it be like that for about 8-10 minutes until it is completely heated. For the seasoning, you can apply a layer of oil and use about 3 coats of oil for better performance. 

Why is My Blackstone not Getting Hot Enough?

A Blackstone griddle can bear up pretty much the heat that is needed for perfect searing. But if you have recently noticed that your griddle is not heating as much as before, go through the issues discussed below. After identifying the situation, you can take the necessary measures to overcome those or else go for the company’s customer support if you can’t handle it on your own. 

Problematic Propane Gas Supply by the Cylinder

A propane gas cylinder powers Blackstone griddles, and it sometimes causes the malfunctioning of a griddle. When purchasing this gas cylinder is in the off position, and you need to turn the valves on before the first use. Check whether your Blackstone griddle fulfills this requirement. 

Faulty valves may also be a reason for the lack of enough heat. When there is a valve leakage, the amount of supply will be decreased. Propane leakage is also a dangerous situation. Make it a practice to do the soap bubbles test before using a gas griddle. This problem has been overcome with electric griddles. 

Wrong Assembling of the Blackstone Griddle

A griddle should be properly assembled before use. If you are not used to doing this, you must always ask for the agent’s help. 

Faults of the Ignition Spark

Blackstone griddles are consisted of a battery to give the spark to fulfill the fire triangle and create the flames. If this battery is out of functioning, there will be heating issues. In the igniter housing, you can see the battery. You must consult a professional if you do not have enough mechanical knowledge of griddles to check this. 

Why is My Blackstone Griddle Flame So Low?

There may be a few reasons in this case. When the gas regulator is tripped, it will give a low flame. The regulator trips when it creates a low-pressure environment inside the tubes due to propane leakage. Sometimes it may be a problem with the air gate. 


In this article, you can find the highest temperature of a Blackstone griddle, together with some explained issues you face when working with a griddle. Do not hesitate to get the precautions and repair the griddle when you find any malfunctioning. 

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