How Hot Is Wasabi – All You need To Know

How Hot Is Wasabi

Wasabi is a type of plant also called Japanese horseradish, and the ground rhizomes of this plant are specially used for sushi. The taste of wasabi is quite similar to mustard, and this plant is very common in Japan and grows mainly near the mountain river valleys. In this article, you will learn how hot is wasabi.

Some people also say that the taste of wasabi is similar to that of chili pepper. If you eat any food with wasabi and wonder how hot is wasabi, then you are in the right place, as this article will help you get the necessary information.

You can use the Scoville scale to measure the ranking of spicy taste, which many people have used since 1912. Wilbur Scoville was the person who found his device, and initially, they used it to measure the spiciness of chili peppers.

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Some people do not like the spiciness of the wasabi and avoid it when cooking, but some others immensely love this and include it in various foods. Sushi, sashimi, salad, sandwiches, soba, soup, and stew are some dishes that will be delicious when you add wasabi.

You might have the experience of taking a scoop of the meal with wasabi knowingly or unknowing and most probably remember the heat sensation. If you are residing in Japan and like the taste of wasabi, you will be using it in various dishes. In contrast, most outside people commonly use this when making sushi or sashimi.

Have you ever wondered how hot is wasabi? Some people burst into tears after eating wasabi, and this is because of the strong spicy taste. For some, this taste will be appealing, while some people feel the taste is intolerable. When you order sushi, you will often get a green paste, which is wasabi. Let’s discuss in detail about wasabi.

How Hot Is Wasabi?

Most of them try to find the Scoville scaling for the spiciness of wasabi but unfortunately, you will not be able to find an accurate reading since this is not a pepper.

Wasabi will sound similar to jalapeno, chili, pepper, and mustard, but still, this is quite different, and when compared to them, wasabi is not something very hot or spicy. However, when eat you some wasabi, you might feel the heat in your mouth, which sounds like a fire alarm to your brain.

Some researchers also say that the Scoville scale of wasabi will be between 2000 to 6000 SHU as it is mildly hot. Chili peppers are more desirable than wasabi, and they fall between 2500 to 8000 SHU. The sensation of heat that you will get when you eat wasabi will not stay for too long.

Wasabi is also used for medical purposes. That is how people initially started using this plant. Later, people discovered this would taste good with many dishes and started using it.

In Japan, wasabi is very common, and many people will know what it is, whereas outsiders might not even have heard or seen this plant. Wasabi is indeed mildly hot, making its food spicy, but it will not be as strong as chili pepper. Anyways using a small quantity of wasabi on the dishes will be sufficient. In the next section, let’s consider how you use wasabi in your cooking.

How To Use Wasabi In Your Cooking

If you have never used wasabi while cooking, it is effortless as you can use it in different methods. In the past, people grated wasabi and consumed it directly, but this may sound hot. Hence, it will be best to use wasabi to flavor your food.

In Japan, the popular method of consuming wasabi is making a paste, which will be an excellent combo with sushi. You can also try making the green paste using the wasabi rhizome.

The wasabi powder is also there in many stores, and by using this powder, you can flavor your mayonnaise and butter or use it when marinating the meat. Some recipes you can try include wasabi are mashed potatoes, wasabi peas, grilled salmon fillet with wasabi sauce, wasabi ginger grilled chicken, shrimp cocktail sauce, wasabi egg salad, etc.

You must always be considerate about the amount of wasabi used. If you consume too much, the stingy sensation will be high and reach your brain, making you uncomfortable.

Do Wasabi Go Bad?

When you purchase the wasabi from the store, it will not be a hundred percent similar to the real wasabi as it is costly and demandable in Japan. Often what you get in the store will also contain food coloring and preservatives.

If you purchased a tin of powered wasabi and wondered how long you would be able to use it, it is essential to have an idea of the shelf life. When you purchase this, you will have the best before the date mentioned on the packet.

Usually, storing the wasabi paste after opening it in the refrigerator would be best. You can place it in a cool, dry place if it is unopened. This paste will last for about 3 to 4 months sometimes. If the taste is still there, you can even use it a few weeks past the best before date. If you properly store it, it will not go bad, but it will lose its freshness after some time, and you will not get a pungent taste.

On the other hand, you can store the wasabi powder in the pantry, and the shelf life of it will be around 6 to 12 months. You can also use this powder past the best before date but ensure that the taste of wasabi is still there. If there is any discoloration or change in the taste and smell, your wasabi paste or powder is bad, and you cannot use it anymore.

Health Benefits Of Using Wasabi In The Meal

Although wasabi is mildly hot, there are a lot of health benefits that you can obtain by adding it to your meal. Wasabi will prevent food poisoning. It is a natural antiparasitic and will keep your cholesterol in check.

Wasabi will also prevent cavities, keep you young, is excellent for blood circulation, curbs hypertension, and tackles respiratory disorders. There are more health benefits as it can treat arthritis, cut cancer risk, fight colds and allergies, and is also suitable for digestion.

You must also be aware that excessive consumption will bring side effects like gastritis, slow blood clotting, liver damage, and acid reflux.

We hope this article about how hot is wasabi was helpful.

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