How Long Does Bathtub Reglazing Last?

how long does bathtub reglazing last

The lifespan of a bathtub will depend on the maintenance and the material used during manufacturing. It is common that after prolonged usage, you might notice wearing in your porcelain bathtub. Suppose you are thinking about a solution to bring back the appealing look of your bathtub, then reglazing is a great idea. 

Often people ask how long does bathtub reglazing last. Hence this blog will significantly focus on providing some information on it. If you are planning to refinish your bathtub and find a suitable company, then it is also important to ask a few questions and clarify the job before confirming. 

Since some companies will not provide an exact estimation about how long the refinishing will exist hence if they aren’t transparent, it is better to choose another company who will be explaining about the service clearly. The process of reglazing the bathtub will be different according to the type of material; Hence it is best to hire a professional to get the job done perfectly.

What is Reglazing Means?

The terms reglazing, refinishing, and resurfacing gives the same meaning. When the bathtub in your house is not in good condition due to wear or got chipped by accident, you can resurface and use it for some time rather than buying a new bathtub. Reglazing is cost-effective and will provide a nice look to the bathtub. In this process, you will be reglazing your bathtub’s exterior with high-quality epoxy. 

Hence when hiring a professional to reglaze your bathtub, you must ensure the type of epoxy they will be using, how long does bathtub reglaze last, and many other factors. You might think that different varieties of bathtubs are available in the market. If you have installed a less expensive bathtub like plastic or fiberglass, it is better to replace the tub once it starts to wear.

On the other hand, if you have installed an expensive bathtub, it is best to reglaze it, as the cost of replacing such a tub will be extremely high. Apart from the bathtub, you can also reglaze your sink, countertops, showers, and tile. If you plan to replace the bathtub with a new one, it is essential to check the cost. Along with the cost of purchasing a new bathtub, you will also have to spend on the labor cost. Hence most people prefer reglazing their bathtub.

How Long Does Bathtub Reglazing Last?

When reglazing the bathtub, they will initially remove the old glaze using hydrofluoric acid. After removing the old glaze, clean the bathtub and remove all the dirt. Then you can start fixing if there are any cracks. Now the surface of your bathtub is ready for reglazing. 

Hence you can use high-quality epoxy and reglaze the surface. After the first coat dries, you can coat another layer to ensure that reglaze lasts long. Before discussing how long does bathtub reglazing last, you must know that you can DIY this task or hire a professional. Still, the result in both cases will have differences depending on the product you will be using. Usually, a professional will use products like urethane, acrylic, or polyurethane for reglazing, while when DIYing, it is best to use epoxy or other paints. Although you will not have any labor costs when you DIY the task, it is important to know that the durability of the reglazing will be less compared to professional refinishing.

The lifespan of Bathtub Reglaze

Some factors will impact how long does bathtub reglazing last. In general, if you reglazed your bathtub by hiring a professional, the average lifespan will be 10 to 15 years. In contrast, if you don’t take care of the bathtub properly and use abrasive cleaners and brush when cleaning it, then this will affect the lifespan. Hence you will notice wearing before the estimated time.

 On the other hand, the lifespan of the reglaze when you DIY will depend on the type of epoxy or paint you use and whether you can complete the task properly. If you DIY the task, you cannot expect the lifespan to be longer. If you want the reglaze to last long, you must ensure that you don’t use any abrasive cleaner like bleach, strong detergent, etc. Also, refrain from using steel brushes, as this will help to strip off the reglaze. You must be cautious when handling heavy bottles since when you drop them by accident, this could damage the reglaze of the bathtub. So, proper care is the only way to extend the lifespan of your bathtub reglazing.

Is it Worth Reglazing the Bathtub? 

You might know that reglaze is not permanent hence after a prolonged period, you will have to stripe it off and refinish the surface again. In contrast, this will be more cost-effective than replacing the bathtub. Suppose you are confused about whether to reglaze the bathtub or replace it with a new one and trying to figure out the best option, then this will depend on the condition of your existing bathtubs. 

If your bathtub works perfectly well and has a few mild cracks and wear, then you go for reglazing. This will help fix the surface’s imperfections and provide a brand-new look.

In contrast, if your bathtub is very old with a heavy leak and mold formation, this is not in a working condition. Therefore replacing it will be the best option. If you are planning to decide depending on the cost, then reglazing will cost much lower than replacing the bathtub. On average, reglazing your bathtub will cost around $478, while replacing the tub will cost $3400. Hence you might understand how much you can save by refinishing the bathtub. Prefer reglazing only on the bathtub if it is in working condition. Else it will not be worth the money.

Pros and Cons of Reglazing a Bathtub

There are some pros and cons of reglazing your bathtub. The reglazing project will not consume much time, and this will help to fix repairs. You can obtain the look of a new bathtub by reglazing it, and the cost is lower. You can easily DIY the task. By reglazing, you can change the color of your bathtub. On the flip side, you also have some cons as this will not work on low-quality bathtubs, you cannot ensure durability when you DIY, also when you are reglazing the bathtub, it is necessary to have some skills. The process will take 24 to 48 hours to complete.

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