How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom – 9 Steps To Follow

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom

In this guide, we’ll explore how long does it take to remodel a bathroom. The bathroom, like the kitchenette, is among the most utilized and accessed areas in your home, so those without an utterly operational restroom for an extended time would be worse than an annoyance.

A bathroom renovation might be a fantastic method to raise the property’s value. Still, it could also be a time-consuming and aggravating procedure. Predicting the time to rebuild a bathroom is a challenging and error-prone undertaking.

Scheduling is especially critical in this case because most households want to have their restrooms fully operational as rapidly as feasible. At the same time, keeping one inoperable while remodeling is a considerable annoyance unless you possess numerous restrooms. 

Quick Summary: A bathroom redesign might take somewhere between 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the scale of the renovation. More considerable renovations can take somewhere from 4-6 weeks, and however, many renovations will probably take a month to accomplish.

Read more about the main elements that influence the time requires to redesign a restroom.

Variables That Influence Remodeling a Bathroom

A variety of variables determines the timeframe of the restroom renovation procedure for a tiny restroom. Many factors might go awry and derail your goals, so assure you thoroughly analyze each of these concerns before starting.

You must decide if you want to rebuild the bathroom or make slight modifications. Based on the scale, the restroom redesign might take several days to several weeks. The items you choose for your restroom makeover can also determine the duration of the job.

If the stuff is widely accessible, the duration of rebuilding your bathrooms will get reduced. However, if you wish to utilize special-order fixtures or overseas items, the timeframe to redesign your restroom will increase.

Finally, if you want to undertake the job personally, it may require months to finish the renovation project. On the other contrary, the appropriate renovation professional will cut the duration down to several weeks.

Additionally, hiring an owner-operator builder would be far more economical and realistic in a lengthy period. Let’s look at how long does it take to remodel a bathroom.

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How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom?

Small restroom renovations could make your restroom more useful, but they could also improve its looks. The entire renovation procedure of a tiny bathroom might take from 24 days to several months to follow – up.

If there are unanticipated situations or setbacks in the supply of materials, the period required for remodeling may get extended. It can double the procedure time and require up to 50 days to finish, which answers your query about how long does it take to remodel a bathroom.

A minor restroom makeover might require several stages that will assist you in determining the project’s timetable. The following are the steps involved:


The demolition of your old restroom is the initial step in the restroom renovation. It entails eliminating outdated fixtures or floorboards from the bathroom to create a place for the development design.

However, you could add more openings or construct a supporting beam at the point. Instead of full masonry, swathed facades or perhaps even wooden joists will be simpler to build around. This step may take two to three days to finish.

Rough Woodwork

After the deconstruction is over, you may begin preliminary carpentry. You can even omit this stage if the fundamental foundation is in pristine shape. The labor necessary for this step might consume up to two days to complete.

That’s the phase of your restroom renovation when you enlist plumbing help. They would begin the rough-in of irrigation locations in the flooring. It will indicate where stuff may get placed in your bathroom. It might require three days, but it might need longer if you want to relocate the commode or bathtub.

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The technicians may begin the rough-in for electricity socket connections following the irrigation. It entails laying powerlines but not connecting them, and it might consume 1-3 days.

Because a tiny restroom only has either one or two sides, the insulating procedure should take only several hours to a day. You may want to have insulating inspections performed within several spots, which could cause the process to get delayed.


Following the completion of the insulating, this phase will comprise attaching the plasterboard. It’s a simple activity that merely takes a day to complete. Completing plasterboard, on the other contrary, may need two additional days due to the addition of adhesive backing, cooling, and polishing.

Bathroom Refinishing

The subsequent stage is to paint the complete restroom and give it a new appearance. It is a reasonably simple procedure that takes around a day to perform.

Tiles for your bathroom

If you want to improve the look of your restroom, you may install mosaics of your choosing. This procedure entails placing the panels and then allowing them to dry. The practice of installing tiles might take up to 2 days.


Once the plan is complete, you may install the restroom cabinets. This process will be quick because there is a limited requirement for cabinetry in a restroom.


The floors for your restroom renovation might also affect the time required for this step. Although a  vinyl floor might only need one day, other foundations such as tile or laminate flooring may require more time to repair. Putting the floors might take up to 2 days in total.


In this phase, you could add or relocate the commode, vanity, faucets, and other fittings in your compact restroom. You might require two days to accomplish all of the fitting operations.

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom – Bottom Line

A simple bathroom renovation can take up to 24 days in total. It requires roughly five weeks if no activity gets performed on weekdays. Establish a timetable beforehand to will assist your job in remaining on pace and schedule. We hope now you have a firm grip on How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom. 


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