How To Build Shower Curb – Complete Guide for Wooden Floors

How To Build Shower Curb

It’s also critical that you get the dimensions correctly because knowing how to build shower curb demands that your new curb fit tightly against the tub or shower wall.

It all gets down to a perfect curb when showering, avoiding wetting the entire bathroom floor. A decent shower curb keeps the water confined in the shower area, avoiding the bathroom floor from becoming soaked.

Now, Suppose you come into the restroom hours after a shower, and the water is still accumulating. In that case, you’ll need to install a shower curb. The most common problem with adding a shower curb is that the mortar does not adhere to the tile wall. It might be challenging to figure out how to design it and what materials to use. 

Continue reading since there are other ways to construct shower curbs. Still, our focus would be on reliability on the best method.

Why You Need A Shower Curb?

Because many American families have started living under the same roof, it is more crucial than ever to have a bathroom to accommodate all family members. Not everyone wants or needs a tub and shower combo in the house. If all you want is an excellent freestanding shower, there are several great options for doing so in your bathroom.

Most showers require a curb at the bottom to keep extra water in. The aim of a showering curb is self-explanatory: it prevents water from rushing into your bathroom from your shower stall.

They provide accessibility as well as a great deal of design freedom. We can also create a continuous effect in the bathroom by removing the shower boundaries to look and feel larger.

The incredible thing about curbs is the ease of cleanliness. Cleaning shower doors may take a long time, and shower doors are not inexpensive. A curbless walk-in shower eliminates the necessity for a shower door.

Because many showers without curbs are pretty open and without a concealing curtain or door – you should start locking the bathroom door. But one thing is sure, people with mobility challenges and children will use their bathroom independently with the curb walk-in shower.

There are advantages and disadvantages to building curbless showers. But if you want to know how to build a shower curb, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow instructions, so keep reading.

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Construction Constraints of Shower Curb

Building rules in the United States typically demand curb height to be at least 2 inches above the drain. However, if your slope is 0.25 inches per foot and your curb is 3 feet from the drain, you already have 0.75 inches of height; all you need to do now is add 1.25 inches to your curb.

If you live anywhere else in the world, first check with the local inspector before building your shower curb. In other words, there must be a 2-inch drop from where the drain is to where you walk in.

Material and Equipment Needed To Build A Shower Curb

The material you’ll need for your curb gets determined by the sort of floor you’re working on. The resources required are easy to get by material for grouting. In most cases, constructing a shower curb entails using cement mortars to provide a stable base for the cement blocks.

You’ll also need mortar and grout to adhere tiles to your new curb if you choose to use it. It’s critical to utilize the correct cement mortar for this project. You will also require several tools.

  • Flat Trowel
  • Nails Or Screws
  • Tile Spacers And Grout
  • A Hammer
  • Flexible pan liner
  • Finish material

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How To Build Shower Curb – Complete Guide for Wooden Floors

Follow the steps below to get started with How To Build Shower Curb

Wooden curbs get traditionally made from lengths of 2×4 lumber trimmed to the width of the shower entrance.

  • So, 2X4s are stacked and cut to fit the width of your shower entry, then fastened to the floor using non-corrosive screws.

Concrete blocks and concrete mortar give a sturdy basis; if you’re working on a slab of concrete that has previously been prefloated for the slope of a pan.

  • Use a waterproof pan cover to cover the curb spread it onto the flooring and up the walls.
  • Cut the liner in a circular pattern around the drain and add a circle of silicone underneath the liner to the drain flange’s bottom
  • Apply a 1-inch thick coat of mortar on the curb. Adjust the height of the curb to fit the size of your shower door.
  • After the interior mudding finishes, it takes an hour to enable the mortar to harden.

After an hour, please go over the curb with a flat trowel to make sure it fits the height of the shower door.

Bonus Tip:   It’s also possible to use a liquid waterproof coating that may be painted directly into the shower curb’s wooden surface.

Recommended Curbs

One of the most acceptable ways to construct a shower curb is to buy a prefabricated shower curb and customize it to match your existing shower. It not only makes the work more doable, but it also speeds up the process. It also ensures that you have the finest moisture protection available.

How To Build Shower Curb  – Bottom Line

We think now you know how to build shower curb for your bathroom. It’s not as difficult as you would imagine constructing a proper shower curb. You should have no significant problems following this guide, mainly if you use the correct tools. In the United States, the standard height of a shower curb is two inches above the drain’s top.

It does not mean that the curb must be 2 inches high; the slope must also get considered. All you need are the necessary tools for the work and a little patience, and your new custom-made curb will be ready in no time, with no extra effort on your part.


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