5 Methods On How To Clean A Blackstone Griddle After Cooking

How to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking

We know you are here to read how to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking. Many grillers opt to buy an outdoor gas griddle that mounts over their standalone grill. Others invest in a specialized Blackstone griddle. There are several advantages to maintaining your griddle clean, which enhance overall cleanliness and food standards.

But one thing is sure maintaining a Blackstone griddle is a tricky thing. Most companies list suggested cleaning procedures in supplementary instructions. Still, you don’t know how the griddle will respond to different methods in your hands.

You’ll have to grasp how to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking if you intend to use it for as long as possible. We’ll enlighten you with five simple steps for maintaining your griddle and cover some griddle subjects, including appropriate facility and rust-free.

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Use Tray Inserts To Keep Your Griddle Clean

A tray insert may get put in the base of the griddle to capture the foodstuff and oil that will adhere to the Blackstone. It’s a terrific technique to prepare your food precisely and allows you more than enough space to finish a complete dinner quickly.

Note: Since there are no openings for leaking fat off the top, a Blackstone griddle can become exceedingly filthy if left unattended.

It’s an excellent technique to keep things neat and simple to clean after usage. Maintaining your Blackstone griddle will be considerably more straightforward, with tray inserts added if you attempt to accomplish it independently without any support. Let’s look at how to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking.

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How to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking – 5 Easy Steps

A nice dinner, particularly one with numerous courses, frequently entails dealing with a huge mess afterwards. Fortunately, cleaning a grill in the courtyard or on your balcony is considerably simpler because you will not have to be concerned about ruining any furnishings or flooring.

It is now time to carry out the cleaning procedures as thoroughly as feasible.

Splash the griddle with water

Make a habit of doing it as soon as you finish grilling. When you splash water, it can already be hot, melt off and remove any leftover food and fat. It’s a quick method to remove the dust and grit from the grill that prepares you well for the following stages.

It also doesn’t harm that spraying cold water over a heated griddle produces among the most gratifying sizzling sounds in the culinary world.

Clean the Surface

After you’ve savored the blistering experience of water on the heated griddle, it seems to be time to clean it. Utilizing a moist cloth or kitchen towel, you can sweep over the top and see plenty of foodstuff and oil that gets scraped washed away.

Without the water stage, you’ll need to have a bunch of manual effort even to contemplate moving much of the grime off the surface.

Repeat the washing and cleaning steps

Repeat the procedure until you’re confident that most of the dirt has got removed. Drizzle some more water on the grill. Then, using a new fabric or hand towel, clean it off again.

Please do not reuse your previous one! After you’ve recently done it, it will get coated with dirt. If you re-wipe it with a consumed towel, you’ll merely spread the filth all over again.

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Use Oil to Prevent Rust on Griddle

After washing it off, the subsequent process is to apply oil to the body. It should be an extremely faint and uniform application of oil. If you add too much, you may wind up tainting the entire grill and will have to restart the cleaning procedure. Spreading it out uniformly to encompass the bulk of the total area will do its job.

Note: It’s an excellent technique to prevent rust from developing on the face of the griddle by preventing water from settling on it.

Wrap the Griddle

After you’ve completed the last steps for how to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking, it’s ready to wrap your griddle. Handle it gently (as if it were a baby) and put it aside until the future occasion you utilize it.

So if you executed the preceding procedures precisely, you’d be relieved to know that your Blackstone griddle will be perfectly clean whenever you lift the lid the next time.

Note: If you intend to preserve it, ensure it’s in a cool and dry environment. Even though it has a lid on, it doesn’t necessarily imply it will be safe when the seasons change.

How frequently You Should Clean The Griddle?

The first query of any grilling rookie is nearly always regarding the regularity with which the griddle should get cleaned. Most of the expert advice you may come across promotes thorough cleaning beforehand and after each usage.

Everything hinges on how much time you can devote to it. For example, you may wash off the grill without scraping it before cooking. Still, afterward, it’s critical to remove any trapped sediments, food particles, and other apparent greases.

What causes griddle to adhere?

The quantity of oil used determines the risk of burn-in and adherence to food. Excessive use of oil can create gobbling and sticking, so consume low oil while preparing on a griddle. Some oils having more outstanding combustion or smoking points, such as olive pomace, maize, soya, or nut oils, are preferable to utilize in this case.

Bottom Line

If you want to maintain your Blackstone griddle, we believe these five methods will be helpful. They’re simple to understand. Proper maintenance of the griddle is an essential aspect of the cooking process.

When a griddle gets overlooked, nothing you prepare will taste amazing anymore, and you potentially lose a crucial element of cooking — uniformity. It may take several attempts to grasp Blackstone griddle servicing; as the saying goes, an abundance of caution is better than a cure.

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