How To Clean Carpet On Stairs – Step By Step Guide

How To Clean Carpet On Stairs

You might have seen different staircase styles where the maintenance will be difficult in some styles. There are wooden, carpet, concrete, and tiled staircase, so when cleaning, you will have to use different methods according to the type of material. In this article, you will learn how to clean carpet on stairs.

Apart from the material used for the staircase, you might also see designs like L-shaped, U-shaped, winder, spiral, curved, and many other designs of stairs. People design the staircase in different patterns to enhance the house’s aesthetic look. Some of these designs will look good but consume a lot of space.

However, due to several benefits, you will see people adding carpet to their staircase. Suppose you are also using carpet for your staircase and wondering how to clean carpet on stairs, then you are in the right place as this article will help you to get a precise idea.

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Although carpeting a house can have some advantages, you must also consider the type of carpet you are choosing as some of them will be slippery. Sometimes you might not understand the way of cleaning the carpet; hence it is better to learn the method before stepping into the process.

As already mentioned, some of the carpet material will be slippery. In contrast, you might also see some carpets safer for stepping on rather than leaving the stairs bare. You don’t have to clean the carpet frequently. Vacuuming it will be sufficient, but you must clean it well when required.

Suppose you have kids and pets at home, then they might spill food and beverages and stain the carpet. To get rid of stains and dirt, it is essential to know how to clean carpet on the stairs.

Why Should You Carpet The Staircase?

Before stepping into the cleaning procedure, let’s discuss why people intend to carpet their staircase, which will be helpful if you are also planning to carpet.

  • Usually, when you have a staircase in your house, the family members will use it several times a day, so the carpet will help to avoid shoe scratches and protect the staircase. The carpet will act as a safety cover.
  • Carpeting the floor and the staircase will give a cozy and warm feeling which makes you feel comfortable. When installing carpet, this will help reduce noise when climbing up and down.
  • When climbing the steps, you must be safe as there are tendencies to slip, but if you choose a high-quality carpet, the stepping will become safer.
  • Since there are various models and carpet designs, you can match them with the interior design of your house as it will increase the aesthetic look.

Apart from the pros, you may also encounter some cons of installing carpet on the staircase.

  • When you consider durability and perfect installation, purchasing high-quality carpet and the installation process will cost more.
  • You might use a stapler, wires, and glue when installing the carpet, which might damage the wooden staircase underneath.
  • Cleaning the carpet will require a lot of effort.

These are some drawbacks you may encounter after installing carpet for your staircase.

Suppose you don’t know to clean the carpet by yourself, then by reading this article, you will be able to learn the process.

How To Clean Carpet On Stairs

Vacuuming the carpet is necessary to keep it clean and safer for kids and pets at home. Generally, you must at least vacuum the carpet every week and remove all the dust. If your family has more members and the stair gets dirty within a couple of days, vacuuming twice a week will be a good option.

Sometimes you will use the broom to clean the carpet. It is better to use this as an alternative if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Since cleaning the carpet with the broomstick will make the dust float in the air, you will notice dust on the staircase handle after cleaning, so you have to dust the handles later.

After using the carpet for some time, you will notice that it will not be in a clean state; hence you must also shampoo every month or once in two months, depending on the usage. You will be able to purchase the correct type of carpet cleaner or shampoo that will be suitable for your carpet. Shampooing the carpet will be easy if you use the carpet shampooer.

You can also do it manually if you think investing in such equipment is a waste of money. Read the article to learn more about the DIY method by which you can clean the staircase carpet.

Steps For Cleaning The Staircase Carpet

Here is a step-by-step procedure that will clearly explain the cleaning procedure. If you decide to deep clean the carpet, you can follow these steps.

  • Preparing The Carpet

First, remove all the toys, tissue paper, decorative items, or anything on the staircase. Then vacuum the carpet well, using the extension hose, and the brush will be more efficient. Ensure you remove all the dust and debris in the corners.

  • Using Carpet Cleaner

Now you can use the carpet cleaner and scrub to remove any stains. You can use the DIY cleaner if you don’t have a carpet cleaner. Using carpet cleaner rather than diluted vinegar, baking soda, detergent solution, etc., will consume less time while producing a better result.

You can refill the cartridge with the carpet cleaner, and then after turning on the machine, you can move it back and forth in the staircase to clean it well. If you are using the DIY cleaner, you must use a brush. You can dip it in the solution and scrub the carpet. After scrubbing the solution, you will have to clean the carpet with fresh water.

  • Letting The Carpet To Dry

Once you clean the carpet, let it dry completely before using the staircase. The drying process will take around twenty minutes if you use the carpet cleaner machine. If you clean the carpet manually, it will require more time to dry, depending on the water you use during the cleaning process

Hence if you are planning to clean the carpet manually, be considerate of the amount of water you use, and it is better to choose a sunny day so that the carpet will dry sooner.

We hope this article on how to clean carpet on stairs was helpful.

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