How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap – Complete Guide For You

How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap

Grilled meat is often delicious, and the taste will differ according to the method used to grill the meat. Suppose you are using Traeger, then the meat’s taste will differ from the meat grilled using Weber, although both these types are premium pellet grills. This article will teach you how to clean Traeger grease trap.

Traeger will use different technology than other grills that use natural gas, propane, or charcoal for grilling the meat. The real wood-fuel fire technology in the Traeger will help obtain delicious meat.

Suppose you are using this Traeger, then you might have sensed the taste of the meat. Not only can you grill the meat, but it is also possible to BBQ, roast, smoke, and braise. When having outdoor parties at your home Traeger grill will be the best option as you don’t have to worry much about the outdoor weather as the system will work in both cold and hot weather conditions.

If you have the experience of using this grill and wondering how to clean the Traeger grease trap, then you are in the right place as this article will help you get a precise idea.

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When you use the traditional grilling setup, you will have to stay near the grill and check on the meat from time to time, but if you are planning to use the Traeger grill, you don’t have to keep babysitting; hence you can also have fun and enjoy the party while grilling the meat.

Traeger grill will also contain a grease management system, where there will be a bucket to collect all the removed grease. If there is any grease in the grill, trap, or chimney, it is better to know how to clean the Traeger grease trap. It is often not recommended to use the grill with old grease; hence understanding the process of cleaning the grease trap will be helpful. 

Pro And Cons Of A Traeger Grill

When grilling meat, most people will love the wood fire flavor. Hence this Traeger pallet grill will help to obtain that taste, although it does not use the wood fire. This flavor is one of the main advantages which attracts people to purchase this grill.

An electric temperature controlling device is placed in this grill, which you can use to fix the process at the exact temperature required. Hence controlling temperatures will also be easy in this system.

You might have seen people using this grill at home since the process is not complicated, and you can easily assemble and store it.

On the other hand, there are also some cons related to this grill which you must know before purchasing.

The main drawback is affordability. Since this grill is expensive, some people will be unable to invest in it. Minimum $300 to higher amounts, you might see Traeger grill in the market. The price will increase depending on the size and the technology.

Although you can easily assemble this grill regarding portability, you must also check the power outlet. Since this grill works on electricity, you will have to plug it into a power source.

Also, the cooking process using the Traeger grill will consume time compared to other grills, but you will obtain a much better taste.

Suppose you used the Traeger grill for the first time and want to know how you can clean the grease trap, then continue reading the article to know in detail.

How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap

  • Cleaning The Drip Bucket

As already mentioned in the article, you might know that the grease removed will accumulate in the drip bucket during the cooking process. Hence you will have to clean this bucket after grilling the meat. Suppose you start cooking without cleaning the grease, the appliance might flare up, and the meat’s flavor will have an intense smoke taste.

When grilling the meat, you must place this bucket in the Traeger grill’s undercarriage. After completing the cooking process, wait until the grill cools down, and you must start cleaning from the bucket. Remove all the grease from the bucket and thoroughly wash and dry the bucket.

  • Cleaning The Grill

After waiting for some time, you will be able to clean the drip bucket, but when cleaning the grill, you must ensure that they cool down at least for a day. Cleaning a heated grill will be dangerous, and at the same time, it is not good for the appliance’s durability. After 24 hours, it will be safe to clean the grill.

When cleaning, it is better to use a microfiber, paper, or non-abrasive cloth. Using the cloth, you must clean all the fat and dirt on the grill. If you use an abrasive cloth, it might cause friction, resulting in the peeling of the paint layer and leading to corrosion. So, you must be very cautious when selecting the cloth you will use to clean the grill.

Routine maintenance is important and will make the cleaning process easy. Hence, each time the device is used for cooking, you must clean it well. Suppose you don’t clean it after every use, then removing the grease on the grill might seem difficult; hence in such cases, you have to clean it when the grill is slightly hot. You must also know that cleaning a hot grill might lead to corrosion; hence maintain the appliance adequately.

  • Cleaning The Chimney

Now you can remove the chimney cap and use paper or a microfiber cloth to clean the surface well to help remove the grease and dirt. Then you can clean the chimney using warm water, soap, and the microfiber cloth. Once the grease is removed completely, you can rinse it again with warm water and let it dry.

  • Cleaning The Grease Trap

Leaving the rest of the components and cleaning only the grease trap will make the process incomplete. Therefore, step-by-step, you need to clean all the components and finally start cleaning the grease trap so the process will be perfect. Some people do not clean the grease trap often as they clean the grill, but it is best if you can also clean this after using the device.

You need to remove the grease trap and dispose of all the grease and fat. Then using the non-abrasive tool, clean the grease trap. You may also use soap during the cleaning procedure. Once the process is completed, let it dry, and later you can assemble all the components back to their places.

We hope this article on how to clean the Traeger grease trap was helpful.

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