How To Cut Metal Roofing – Comprehensive Guide

how to cut metal roofing

We will educate you on how to cut metal roofing the same as an expert. Metal roofing sheets may improve your rooftop’s penetrability, durability, and lifespan with stunning hues and longevity that may continue for several years.

The ideal method to get all of the advantages of a roofing system is to get it done by a reputable and skilled expert. You can attempt self-installation if you need to conserve money on setup.

Fixing roofing systems on your own is a complex procedure. If you’re confident in your abilities, the first task you’ll do is cut the metal sheets to the proper size. Cutting a roofing system may seem difficult if you’ve never handled that before. 

Read more about the various equipment for cutting roofing systems and how to use them effectively.

Accessories Needed to Cut Metal Roofing

The first stage is to assemble all of the appropriate equipment for the project. PPE – every time comes first, therefore safety sunglasses, mittens, proper boots, and clothing. Find a workspace with adequate room for you to snip the panels safely. Measuring gadgets, including a combined square and a tape measurer

As we will see, you may use several types of equipment such as grinders, saws, sears, and tin snips. Metal panels of excellent quality – plan ahead of time the number of panels you’ll require. Let’s get into how to cut metal roofing.

How to cut metal roofing – Step-by-step Instructions

After gathering all of the required tools, you must complete the necessary arrangements for effective and safe labor. The following are essential plans:

  • Locate and put on your protective equipment (PPE), which must be appropriate for the cutting instrument you are using. If you intend to utilize a circular cutter, you need sleeves and slacks to preserve your skin.
  • Use flexible clamps to secure the panels to your worktop so they don’t move while you’re sawing them.
  • Collect all the paneling you’ll need depending on the size of your roof.
  • Measure and draw the cutting margins on the various panels using the measurement instruments.

Whereas the setup step may take a while, ensure that everything gets done correctly to prevent errors. And anyway, accuracy is crucial for sawing roofing system panels.

As previously stated, there are a variety of instruments available for cutting roofing system panels. The procedures you must do will differ based on the device you use. Each tool gets described in-depth further down.

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Tin Snips

Tin snips are ideal for producing precise, short, or tiny cuts. They function similarly to scissors. If your slice starts at the strip’s border, there isn’t anything to it; ensure to trace the cut marks you created appropriately.

But, if you require to start your cutting in the center of the sheet, you must create a drill string first. Drill a tiny hole at the beginning location of your incision with a power drill and a 12-inch drill bit. Insert your snips into the small hole and start cutting.

Cutting Metal sheets Using Angle Grinder

This equipment is frequently too vital for the thinner sheets of roofing system panels. Line your incision as instructed above. Next, acquire a piece of timber to place below the metal sheet immediately to the side of the cutting. You wouldn’t intend to cut the sheet right off the base.

The sawing blade will indeed cut into the pavement or whatever else is beneath the panels, eventually dulling it. You would like to slice the material in the opposite way of the sparks. Put grips on the grinder to maintain stability. Move it on the designated line while maintaining one step on the sheet to prevent it from sliding.

Note: While utilizing this blade, keep in mind that the contact might cause sparking, which can make the job more dangerous, reduce the accuracy of your cutting, and impair the painted finish on the frames.

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Cutting Metal sheets Using a Circular Saw

You can complete the work using a saw cutter if you own it. To start cutting using a circular cutter, precisely align the cutting tool with your cut mark. Always have one grip on the grip and one on the cutting guard.

Gradually slide the blade down the cut pattern, ensuring your hands are as stable as feasible. A circular saw is better to make straight cuts on multiple roofing system panels.

Cutting Metal sheets Using Electric Sears 

If you’ve opted to use electric shears for cutting your metal sheets, you’ll choose between:

  • Single cutter sears are ordinary cutters with an electrically driven blade to cut into laborious materials. They can make accurate cuts, but they have the potential to bend the metal.
  • Double cutter sears are highly accurate since they generate minimum distorting. They are, though, more suited for bespoke cuts than linear cuts.

One of the primary benefits of using electric shears is that they enable you to snip through multiple sheets quickly.

Quick Tip: If the shears got jammed, there is no need to exert further force; somewhat disengage the gear.

Clear the Space

After you’ve finished sawing into the panels and performed all the steps for how to cut metal roofing, you’ll have a deep cleaning to perform, irrespective of the cutting instrument you selected.

It is critical to remove the metallic dust accumulated on the panels. In essence, if kept alone, it will rust and undermine the roof. To prevent hurting others, ensure you discard the debris properly.

How to Cut Metal Roofing – Bottom Line

Depending on the equipment you have, we’ve shown you numerous alternative techniques for cutting roofing system panels. Cutting down roofing system panels is required to produce a particular layout for roofing, and it might directly affect the quality and security of the roof.

While sawing down roofing system panels, it is critical to evaluate your degree of experience. This profession requires various dangerous crossings, such as cutting and sawing instruments.


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