How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer

Here’s our comprehensive guide on How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer yourself without calling a professional.

Is your dryer squeaking loudly? Do you notice that it makes the noise after it runs constantly? Are you fed up with hearing your dryer making noises? A dryer that squeaks isn’t only irritating; it can disrupt the peace and enjoyment of your home.

The sound of a dryer’s squeaking noise can make anyone mad, as nobody is a fan of the sound of a dryer squeaking. When we wash our clothes, the wet ones need to dry somehow.

The constant roar of a dryer can cause difficulty. Although the dryer has very few moving parts, they still isolate a noisy component in a deductive procedure. So, identifying the source of a noisy dryer is typically more challenging and time-consuming than repairs. 

Why Does My Dryer Squeak: Possible Causes

Before going to How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer, let discuss some of the possible reasons why it’s not working.

A dryer is a vital household appliance, and when it’s not functioning, and the laundry gets piled up, it can be a nightmare. That’s why the broken dryer is the most frustrating thing to happen at home, and you likely want to learn about the possible reasons.

The dryer’s sound is usually a sign that the component has become worn and requires repair. Common problems that can cause dryer squeaking are an old drum bearing and roller wheels, a failed drive belt or idler pulley, the wear and tear on the felt motor bearings dying, or something connected to the drum’s motion.

First, try to determine the exact location of the squeak in the following order: back, top or front, and ensure the squeaking isn’t coming directly from the floor. This way, one can quickly identify the part that is failing.

The good thing is that the dryer components are relatively inexpensive, they are not difficult to replace, and there’s no need to purchase a brand new appliance altogether. Let’s look at the possible causes of squeaking thoroughly.

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Dryer Belt

If the squeaking sound originates at the bottom of your dryer, a worn dryer belt could be the cause. When you turn on the dryer, the motor turns the pulley, which turns the belt and the tub. The rubber belt in the dryer runs through the outside of the drum’s cylinder and its motor pulley.

Because dryers operate at extreme temperatures, it’s common for the straps of dryers to get worn out and crack in time. When the belt for your dryer is beginning to wear or is simply becoming loose due to age and wear, a flexible fit with the drum can cause it to slip and cause a loud squeal as worn-out areas of the belt come into contact with the drum.

Idler Pulley

A dryer that makes a squeaky sound from the bottom could signify an issue in the idler pulley. The idler pulley can get described as a plastic or metal wheel mounted with a spring that provides tension to the drive belt.

The idler pulley joins both the drive motor and the belt, making it a movable wheel with bearings that permit it to rotate with limited friction, but it could break or become loose with time and can cause the sound of squeaking.

You can determine the condition of the idler pulley by taking the wheel off the belt. Then, spin it using your hands; if it is spinning freely, it’s good, and if not, it’s time to replace your idler pulley.

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Dryer Motor

The dryer’s motor has sealed roller bearings or ball bearings that permit it to work with low friction. A malfunctioning motor is typically recognized by grinding or squeaking sounds, but not unpleasant burn smells.

If the squeaking sounds arise from the rear side of the dryer, it may be an issue in the motor, or likely, the bearings in a driveshaft that aren’t functioning as they should.

Keep in mind that Dryer Motors are expensive & the issue with squeaking must be addressed immediately & professionally in this case since grinding bearings could break the motor apart, making it unrepairable. You might have to invest in a new appliance.

How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer – Quick Guide

Most of the solutions can do at home using the appropriate tools and attitude. You’ll also need a few guides for specific models. Begin with a list of your materials to avoid the hassle of obtaining a particular part or piece of equipment in just a few minutes once you’ve identified the issue. The majority of repairs require just a few tools:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Set of Screwdrivers
  • Paint Scraper Knife
  • Sandpaper (100 grit)
  • Electric Drill & Pliers
  • Rivet Gun & Mallet
  • Replacement Parts

Be sure to unplug the unit first and never attempt repairs to appliances without cutting off the power source, or you are putting yourself at risk for electrical shock trauma. We recommend wearing gloves made of rubber to perform this task. So how to fix a squeaky dryer? Let’s start

  • Begin by removing the dryer from the wall to access the lid. Open the door to the dryer. Begin by looking for the drive belt. Replace it if it’s frayed or glassy because of slipping or has delicate areas from uneven wear. Please insert the new belt, loop it into the original one, & reconnect your wire-harness.
  • Then, look at the idler pulley inside a bracket that is small at the bottom of your dryer. Separate the pulley from the housing, then spin the idler wheel. If it squeaks, sticks or wobbles, you can replace it by placing the new idler pulley into the same bracket. Finally, put back the belt over the pulley wheel.
  • Finally, the ominous scenario is the dryer motor’s evaluation. When the bearings supporting the driveshaft fail, the next step is to replace the whole motor. But if you think it’s a little more challenging to tackle, you might consider engaging a professional who can quickly and easily replace it for you.

How To Fix A Squeaky Dryer? – Final Words

Is your dryer squeaking? Don’t let it make you mad. Instead, find the source of the noise. With only a few moving parts, specifying the reason for the sound is relatively simple. If you’re not sure what’s going on, seek advice from a specialist to determine whether you should fix your dryer’s squeaky noise or replace it. Depending on how severe the problem is, it might be more cost-effective to purchase a new dryer for your home in a few instances!


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