How to Fix Faux Fur That is Matted? [Some Helpful Steps]

how to fix faux fur that is matted

The unique type of formal occasion wardrobe comprises faux fur clothing. People spend a lot of money on fur-made clothing because it has the ideal balance of feel and design. However, these faux furs might occasionally be fragile due to regular use. As a result, it may be somewhat annoying when the hair becomes flat and matted after being exposed to dirt, heat, or wetness. You must learn how to maintain synthetic fabrics in excellent shape since even they can mat and stiffen. This ultimately leads to the question, i.e., how to fix faux fur that is matted? This article will help you in this regard,

What is Faux Fur?

Knowing the quality and content of your deflated faux fur is crucial before you attempt to fix it, taking advantage of the multi-billion dollar fashion business that has just formed.

Faux fur emerged as an improved replacement for actual fur, ensuring that it has the same feel and look as real fur. It is an amalgam of synthetic fibers created from acrylic or modacrylic-based polymers. Synthetic leather serves as the foundation for artificial fur. The goal of creating eco-friendly and sustainable fashion goods has made it feasible for faux fur to achieve an unparalleled level of popularity in recent decades. In addition, faux fur was an easy luxury option for many individuals due to its affordability, durability, and adaptability.

The only and most common drawback of this synthetic fur is that it might become matted at the base, ruining the aesthetic appeal of your clothing. But if you follow a few basic and straightforward techniques, you can restore your matted synthetic fur. We’ll examine those now.

How to Fix Faux Fur That is Matted? – Step by Step

So, How to fix faux fur that is matted? This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to soft faux fur. Getting rid of pilling and dirt from the fur is crucial because they are the major causes of the faux sheepskin’s roughness. Because polyester fleece gradually accumulates dust, filth, body oils, and hair, the fur should get washed occasionally.

Remember that every type of material has unique requirements for maintenance. Despite this, be sure to read the care directions on the tag first. No of the subject, you must adhere to these three easy procedures.

  • Clean Excess Dirt

You must carefully remove all the dirt stains surrounding the damaged region that caused the fur to be unbalanced in the first phase. Get rid of all the debris weighing down the furs by dabbing on the matted area with a soft bristle brush or sponge. It will restore the furs’ bounce and texture.

  • Gentle Dry Wash

Due to its heat sensitivity, most internet experts advise against washing your faux fur in a machine. The synthetic fiber used to make the furs cannot withstand heat and will likely melt or distort when exposed. As a result, your faux fur may lose some of its natural texture and gloss.

But it only applies to cheap furs. Even after several water cleanings, high-quality furs never lose their form or feel blanket-soft.

Put it in a dry washing with cold water after removing any remaining dirt from the matted area. Use a short, soft cycle to wash it. Depending on the item’s size and barring any restrictions from the manufacturer, use a little bleach-free cleanser and a few drops of distilled vinegar.

  • Drying

Avoid using an electric dryer after dry-cleaning a faux fur-made item because it may unintentionally harm the fur’s fluffiness. Instead, you may hang it in a warm location away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning Matted Faux Fur – Two Ways

  • Machine Washing

Only seldom machine wash blankets made with faux fur. Two times a year would be plenty. If not, you risk causing your blanket unnecessary wear and tear. This eventually results in hair loss, causing the blanket to tuft and mat.

Again, always use cool water and a gentle low-temperature cycle while washing in this manner. You may also use washing powder or liquid in addition to hair conditioners. Artificial fur softening, fragrance, or bleaching commercial cleaning products are excessively abrasive.

  • Hand Wash

You must hand wash your faux fur blanket if it contains delicate embellishments like beading and embroidery to prevent any harm. Avoid machine washing since it might damage the blanket, and thorough laundry is not essential.

Instead, periodically hand wash your blanket to give it a thorough cleaning. Avoid using any whitening chemicals, bleach solutions, or fabric softeners.

Faux fur blankets respond well to the combination of white vinegar and detergent, especially when used in chilly water. It may be pretty effective in cleaning any dirt and liquifying the fibers. Use warm water and mild detergents on polyester blankets.

How to Clean a Faux Fur Blanket?

Adding a white faux fur rug or blanket to your winter wonderland home decor is a luxury essential. Any liquid spills on the rug or blanket should get cleaned immediately using a fresh cloth. Cornmeal should get used to scrub the area until all moisture is absorbed.

Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove any extra cornmeal. Hang out to dry for a while. Add some white flour, then rub the fibers well. Let it stay on the faux fur rug or blanket all night. Shake off extra flour before letting the carpeting air dry.

Final Thought

You should use faux fur in your home since it’s warm and good for the environment. To ensure that your blankets survive a long time and maintain their high quality, you must take care of them. You will spare yourself the agony of a harsh blanket if you know how to re-soften the faux fur blanket. You don’t have to worry about itching or friction burns when the sheets are soft! You may anticipate cozy nights.

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