How to Inflate Sleep Number Bed Without Remote?

how to inflate sleep number bed without remote

Sleep number beds are perfect companions on long trips when you are on vacation. When you are in a green mist camping yard far away from your busy home and going to have a full night’s sleep, you find that you have missed the remote in your home. At a time, if you already know how to inflate the sleep number bed without remote, it would be a tremendous relief.

You are used to inflating the air chambers with your remote by pressing the fill button. It is as easy as pie. But as mentioned above, you may have forgotten the remote, broken it, or had any technical issues with the remote. Therefore, it is essential to know what to do if you face similar situations, especially if you are in a place where you can’t get immediate help.

 What are Sleep Number Beds?

These are generally air-filled beds with adjustable options manufactured by the Sleep Number Corporation in Minnesota for a night of quality sleep. These beds are ideal for the ones who suffer from back pain. 

Air is filled by a pump with a remote controller here. Zero and hundred in the sleep numbers are for the softest and firmest, respectively. Most people tend to keep their sleep number less than the mid value. In contrast, the support the bed gives is categorized as the sleep number.

 How to Inflate Sleep Number Bed without Remote 

Please don’t stay up overnight whenever you lost the connection of the remote controller with your sleep number bed or when you missed it. There are a few different ways you can easily try out to inflate the bed. 

 The App Control

The sleep IQ app is available in both the play store and app store. You will be asked to sign in from your google account. The technology used in the pump of the bed and the sensors of it connect with the app, and it allows all kinds of adjusting you perform with the remote.

Go through the following steps to check how it is working

  • Turn on the mobile data and Bluetooth of your smartphone.
  • Then you must download the app and log into it using your google account. At the top right, you will see remote. Next comes the pairing of the bed with the phone. Select your bed from the list of devices that appear when scanning.
  • See whether the MAC address is the same as it is in the pump with the number shown by the app.
  • Finally, after the required values are added, it is a wait time until the air fills to the given sleep number.

Note: If the scan does not show any device, recheck the pump plug and the power supply.

Manual Method

Unless your sleep number belongs to the innovation series, you can use a low-pressure pump to solve the problem; how to inflate sleep number bed without remote. A camping bed pump powered by batteries, a push pump, and an electric pump is some devices you can use here. See how the process is going on via the following steps.

  • As mentioned earlier, take a low-pressure pump and a suitable adaptor to the mattress connector. If you can’t find an appropriate adaptor, use tape and tightly wrap it, as no air can flow out.
  • Disconnect the electric supply to the bed. 
  • Connect the pump and inflate for about twenty minutes.
  • If you are using this method, make sure to fill the air somewhat greater than the needed value because some amount will be left when you detach the pump.
  • Reconnect the electrical supply to the bed.

Repairing the Remote

If the issue you have is a non-functioning remote, you can repair it. First, try the guidelines on the official website. If your self-project does not end in success, you will have to purchase a new remote.  

Before buying a new remote, you must clearly identify that the issue is with the remote, not with any other part. If you know the way, you can check it or else get help from an expert. It will cut the expenses on unnecessary buying.

The sleep number company states that they offer a bed with 15 years limited warranty. If you have a warranty, you can call the company’s customer support agents. They will do a doorstep service on your demand.

Can you Operate Sleep Number Bed without Remote?

If your remote is not working, you can get the help of sleep number-introduced app named sleepIQ. From this, you can adjust the bed to your preferred sleep number as same as in a physical remote. This way is more convenient than the often misplacing remote because you never lose or keep aside your mobile phone! 

As we have discussed in the passages above, the manual method could also be used to inflate an air mattress by sleep number. 

How do I Connect My Sleep Number to My WiFi?

  • First, you must select smart bed from your app. If you haven’t installed the sleepIQ app, you need to do it before starting the process. 
  • Then you will see a gearwheel on the top right. It is for settings. Touch it and enter the settings menu.
  • Go to connectivity and select change WiFi option.
  • Then add your WiFi details.

If the scanning does not show your bed, it may be because of the distance between the router. It would be best if you kept the router close to your bed, not more than 40 feet apart.


In this kind of situation, the mistake could be overcome by having a piece of sound knowledge on the things before you start it. Whether you now have your remote, there is a certain possibility of losing it. Therefore, we recommend that reading and having the knowledge on how to inflate sleep number bed without remote would be a priceless investment you could make.

In this article, we have described the facts you need to know on how to inflate sleep number bed without remote. You have got options and do not need to be worried when you face such situations at a time you want a deep relaxation with your darling mattress. 

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