How to Install a Marble Threshold? [Step By Step Guide]

how to install a marble threshold

Wanna add some class and elegance to your house? If this is the matter that you often think of when you are planning to go for a renovation in your house, marble thresholds are the best that suits your desire. How to install a marble threshold? You need not worry about this new edition of your premises as we are going to give you a complete guide to the project. 

Marble plays a significant role in modern house design as per its qualities. Similarly, thresholds made from this natural stone are:

  • A top pick in the market as per their affordability.
  • Long-lasting quality with the least maintenance.
  • The beautiful picture they create.

Marble thresholds are often used on doorsteps for decades in house constructions. These are also commonly used in bathrooms as they are not decayed with time due to moisture and water. You could also see the use of marble thresholds in kitchen tops as it is a cleaning-made simple surface. 

How to Install a Marble Threshold?

Marbles are an option that can be nominated as a universal co-operator for any housing style. Marble thresholds are versatile, which means that these can be shaped and crafted anyway according to the user’s intentions. A simple change with a marble threshold that goes together with the interior of your house will make the coolest vibe in your redesign. 

How to install a marble threshold? Of course, this is a simple task with no rocket science, but you have to be armed with the correct knowledge before starting a DIY project installing a marble threshold. Otherwise, you will end up in a situation where you will need to spend more than the labor expenses. We have given a stepwise guide below. Do scroll down and catch up with the right technique!

  • First comes the collection of the required utensils and materials. You will have to purchase a marble threshold, a liquid or a spray suitable for floor buffing, and an appropriate dry-set mortar for granite. Check the reviews or follow the guidance of a skilled if you do not know to select the best of these. You will also need to rent a small tile saw or a tile cutter if needed. This is to get a smoother surface without chips. Usually, this would cost you around 30$, and if you need a medium-sized one, the price will increase up to 70$. Other than these, you will need a polishing wheel, a notched trowel, a putty knife, a level, a measuring tape, and a vacuum.

Note: When selecting a marble threshold, you will have to match the color with the adjoining floor tile. If you are going to place it on the doorstep, you can select the color combination as per the color of the door frame too. You should select a tile with a width between ½ inch and 1/3 inch. 

  • Secondly, you have to clean the surface well. Remove all the dust and debris before starting the installation. The surface should be dry and free of oils or geese to adhere to the compounds well. 
  • When the area is cleaned, you should get the level machine and check whether the ground or the surface has a slope or not. Use the helper to check whether the floor vibrates a lot more or not to create cracks on the thresholds. If you find a fault in the leveling, you should treat the issue before going for the new installation. You can use a leveling compound for the corrections. 
  • Then comes the most important measuring part. You need to get the area’s exact height, length, and breadth to adjust the marble threshold. You will have to add ¼ inch to the values you get to give enough expansion space for the threshold you use. 
  • Now you have come to the challenging task of the process. You will have to measure the marble threshold to the point. Ensure your measurements are correct several times before cutting it, as a slight mistake would impact the improper installation and functioning. Using a pencil, mark the measurements. You can also place the marble in the relevant place and do a quick test to check whether the lengths you marked satisfy the space and the values mentioned above.  
  • Now you can use the tile cutter or the wet saw to cut through the marked lines. As it may create dust, you will need to wear a mask and gloves for safety. If you are using a wet saw, make sure you have poured enough water into the container.

Place the blade right in front of the line and start cutting. The cutting does not need much effort and force. 

  • When the well-fitting piece of marble is in your hands, you have to sand the cut edge. Thereafter, you should use the polishing wheel to smoothen the lines. Take the buffing liquid and treat the scratches and upgrade the smoothness. 
  • Now you have got a fine-cut, polished marble threshold that is ready to be installed. Apply the dry-set mortar and ensure that there are not any cracks on the layer. Use the notched trowel and spread the adhesive evenly on the surface. You can apply the adhesive to the backside of the marble too. 
  • Finally, place the marble threshold on the dry mortar with gentle pressure. 
  • Please do not step on or use the area unless it is completely dried. The drying will take at least 24 hours. But depending on the weather, this may change, and sometimes it will take around 72 hours. It would help if you asked the other members of the house to follow the guidelines until it is well fixed. 

Does Marble Threshold Need to Be Sealed?

If you need a lifetime use, you will have to seal the marble threshold you are using. This step is crucial to avoid entering debris inside. 


Installing a marble threshold is something that does not need to spend on labor. But there are some special tips and steps you need to follow. This article contains all you need to know about the process. 

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