How to Install Slide-in Range Gap Filler? Efficient Ways!!

how to install slide-in range gap filler

Gap fillers are essential in the kitchen to maintain the tidiness and the smooth flow of the kitchen countertops. Therefore, we could see the use of slide-in range gap fillers as a top-most game changer. How to install slide-in range gap filler? If you have a gap between your stove and the countertop and it gives you pain every time you see it, this is the most frequently popped-up question in your mind. The art is simple. If you follow the correct techniques, you will end with a seamless finish, fulfilling the gaps efficiently. Do continue the reading!

How Do you Fill the Gap Behind a Slide in Range?

When you install a slide-in range stove, and the space is a little extra, it adds an odd look to the entire vibe of your shining countertop. Perhaps it may be terrible as you sometimes will face getting stuck with cooking materials, foods, and residuals in between these gaps. Therefore, filling this gap and having an instant glow is essential. 

The use of chalk in filling the gaps created by slide-in ranges is a common use. As the versatility allows you an easy filling, it has been a favorite worldwide solution. The quickest drying time and the neatness provided by a chalk filling have given this method more attention from the crowd.

Prior to the application, you must clean the area well with a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap you use. Make sure you wipe out all the water after the initial cleaning and let it dry completely. After resting for enough hours, you can now apply the chalk here. Take some to your finger and start filling the gap. Ensure you distribute the filling evenly without cracks and wipe out the excess during the process. For this, you can use a slightly wet kitchen towel or a lint-free piece of cloth. After the chalk filling dries entirely, you can paint it in a matching color to your pantry. 

Inserting a plastic tube that you can purchase in the nearest hardware shop is also an efficient gap-filling method. These tubes come in a wide range of diameters, and you can adjust the length easily using a pair of scissors. Plastic tubes come in different colors, and you can add a suitable color option to your kitchen. This method provides you with an easy replacement too. 

How to Install Slide-in Range Gap Filler?

There should be a gap of 1.5 inches behind your stove to allow enough circulation of air when you use it. If the gap is too much, you can use alternative ways to cover it. There are plenty of methods. We will discuss each installation separately. 

One of the famous gap fillers is the ready-made gap filler you can purchase from a store. There are options available to purchase even online for a lower price, like $7- $11. According to the material they are made of, the price may vary. There are plastic, stainless steel, and flexible silicone options in the market.

These come in different shapes as elongated tube-like shapes, rectangular shapes, and even triangular shapes. Therefore, you can easily match an option to your gap behind the stove too. If you are going to install it on the back of your stove, first, you must measure the gap and adjust the size of the filler. Then you can screw it to the wall. Choose a type that allows easy cleaning. 

If the gap is in the rear and it is widened for a few inches, have you ever realized that it is a perfect spot for a shelf to keep the most wanted spices, oils, and sauces in your cooking? There are plenty of fire resistance options available to be purchased. Select such a shelf, and you can easily fix it to the gap. If you find a magnetic shelf, there is no installation effort at all, and it gives you relief in cleaning. 

Backsplashes are commonly used when it comes to the protection of the countertop walls from moisture, water vapor, and food residuals. You can take advantage of a backsplash to fill the gaps in your kitchen. These are made up of ceramic or porcelain.

Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about the heat resistance too. These tiles come in the range of 6mm-19mm, and the tile adhesive you use for the installation will add more 1 or 2 millimeters to the width. You should pre-observe the width of the gap and the width of the backsplash piece you are going to install to adjust the measurements. 

Side-in range Installation Problems

Any slide-in range will leave a space between the rear wall and the stove. Therefore, you will need to follow a technique to fill this gap usefully without harming the design of your pantry and the kitchen tops. We have discussed many methods in the above paragraphs of this article. You can refer to those and identify the best fitting for your filling purpose. 

When the slide-in range does not move into the space you left in the pantry, and you need more inches, you can call the company that installed the granite countertop of your kitchen and ask for a renovation. After examining the situation, they will cut the granite surface to the desired position. 

If there is a gap between the sides of the slide-in range and the kitchen tops, you can fill it easily with some chalk. Chalk filling is one of the most satisfying filling jobs you can do, as you have the potential to adjust the filling as much as you need.

There are also premade fillers made with different materials that you can install to the space with an adhesive tap or a liquid. Those are available for a lower price, but the service they provide is enormous. We have discussed the methods of installation previously. Please, refer to the instructions and make your gap-filling experience end in success. 

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