How to Manually Recline An Electric Recliner? Is It Even Possible?

How to Manually Recline An Electric Recliner

The electrical recliner is a type of chair or a single-seated sofa that is operated with power to seat comfortably. It is furniture that has become popular in most modern homes. The electrical recliner needs the power to be operated by one or more motors and batteries to work and is connected to the power using a cord plugged into the switch. The recliner is manufactured as manual and electrical recliners in the industry. But since the electrical recliners cannot be operated without electricity, you might have thought about how to manually recline an electric recliner when there is a power outage.

The electrical recliner comes in many options, which vary with each manufacturer and model year. The electrical recliner is a luxury piece of furniture with more options than the manual recliner and is comparatively more expensive than the manual recliner.

The recliner has buttons for each feature to be easily operated, which is why the recliner is known to be modern furniture in most modern homes.

This article discusses electrical recliners, including how to manually recline an electric recliner; keep reading to learn more about recliners.

Uses of An Electrical Recliner

As previously stated, the electrical recliner is a luxury piece of furniture seen in modern homes. The recliner’s main concept is to give the body a comfortable rest, which can be seen as a chair that helps to relax.

The recliner has many features, and there are reasons why investing in an electrical recliner is worth it. Below is a brief insight on the uses of the electrical recliner in a home.

  1. An electrical recliner is a good option for the elder who has less mobility. The recliner can be operated by pressing buttons that can help to stretch the leg and have a nap with ease.
  2. The recliners are also customizable furniture that can be adjusted to your needs with a push of a button rather than traditional furniture with only a limited feature.
  3. The electrical recliner also helps relieve back pain or a sore back by supporting your lower back using the power lumbar support.
  4. You can get in and out of the power recliner with ease using the power lift option that helps to put some extra effort into getting in or out of the power recliner.
  5. Modern electrical recliners are manufactured with advanced options that help relieve the stress in your muscles. Using the massaging option in the electrical recliners helps relieve the stiff joints and muscles in your body that will help you relax.
  6. During the cold or winter season, the electrical recliners will help eliminate the sore and stiff muscles using the heated seat option.
  7. The electrical recliner has a feature that can be programmed to save your favorite positions in the recliner, which can be effortlessly accessed when using the electrical recliner.

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Why Recline An Electrical Recliner?

Keeping the electrical recliner in the same position for too long is not a good idea. The electrical recliners are designed to move and are customizable furniture reclined using power.

It is vital to move the recliner to avoid the recliner getting stuck in different positions. If the recliner doesn’t, there are possibilities that dust and other particles can collect in the interior of the electrical recliner, preventing the chair from moving when reclining.

Reclining and resetting the electrical recliner is also important to prevent burning the wires and motors in your electrical recliner when used in the same position for too long.

How to Manually Recline an Electric Recliner?

As the name suggests, the electrical recliner is operated using power, and no option can adjust the electrical recliner or that it could be moved manually. Trying to move the electrical recliner manually can harm the parts of the electrical recliner.

But the batteries in the electrical recliner can be used as a backup when there is a power outage to recline the electrical recliner to a normal position. Still, they cannot manually recline an electrical recliner without power.

What to do When the Power Recliner Stops Working?

There are instances when your power recliner can get stuck in the same position or stops responding to the signals when the buttons are pressed. The power recliner does not stop working for any specific reason, and there can be many reasons why the power recliner stops working.

Before you fix the power recliner, it is vital to figure out the problem in the problem. Keep reading to find out what you must do when the power recliner stops working.

  1. Check if the electrical recliner is power accessed. Ensure the plug and the wires of the power recliner is in good shape and fault free.
  2. Check the power switch in the power recliner, and ensure the recliner is unplugged before you proceed. The power switch is usually located in the back of the power recliner and the main panel, where the power is supplied through the cord to the recliner.
  3. Examine if the wires and other cords are loose. There are chances the power has loose wire connections; thus, reconnect them if necessary. You might need screwdrivers to tighten some parts of the electrical recliners too.
  4. Check if the wires and cords are connected to the battery pack of the electrical recliner properly, and reconnect them properly.


The electrical recliner is a modern piece of furniture used to relax. It is excellent for relieving stress and healing sore muscles and stiff joints. It is also customizable furniture with a headrest and a feature to stretch your legs. The electrical recliner has become furniture most favorable to the elders with low mobility, and they can easily rest and access the electrical recliner with a few buttons.

The article speaks on how to manually recline an electrical recliner that also contemplates the uses and what to do when the power recliner stops working. However, according to the article, the electrical recliner cannot be manually reclined, as it is operated using a motor that needs the power to work.

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