How to Measure Drawer Pulls? The Easiest Out Of Them Is Here

How to Measure Drawer Pulls

Pulls are an excellent accessory to drawers and cabinetry in various rooms in your house. Whether you wish to add one to your cooking cabinetry or acquire a substitute for your drawer’s existing one, you must take dimensions. We’ll go through how to measure drawer pulls correctly for accurate dimensions that may get used for such things.

There are several viewpoints on drawer pull dimensions. When figuring out how to pick the proper size cupboard knobs or drawer handles, this diverse perspective might be perplexing. So, let’s go through several of them as we can.

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Industry pulls must be sturdy and robust to endure regular usage. They are among the more diverse grip designs, ranging from machinery grips to flush doorway draws. Pulls get often fastened to cabinetry drawers with fasteners.

On the backend, there must be a thread post about pulling. And the cabinetry faces are outfitted with screws that slip into supports to form a connection. In most situations, you’ll find that pulls have at minimum two openings. And there’s a two-and-a-half-inch space among them.

The measuring method differs because there are different kinds and varieties of cabinetry drawer handle accessible. It’s why you must have some understanding of the sort of draws we are discussing. Let’s look at how to measure drawer pulls.

How to Measure Drawer Pulls?

Three factors must get considered for how to measure drawer pulls. One would be the length. Secondly, you must calculate the range from center to center. Finally, consider the concept of profundity or projection.


Say you’re beginning from zero and possess no equipment at all. There isn’t anything you could utilize as a prototype for your new drawer handle. In this instance, it’s essential to determine the drawer’s width precisely.

In cabinetry, we aim for elevation, and since it’s a drawer, width is much more significant. Once you’ve determined the width of the drawer, split it by 2. Your new draw must not be more effective than your recently obtained value. Cabinetry drawers can be rather lengthy in some circumstances.

We’re talking about the kinds that are longer than 38 inches. Therefore it’s advisable to limit yourself to two pulls. Allow both to go on each side to get the most out of them.

Measuring Center to Center

You make a substitute because the previous ones are no longer functional. Obtain a measuring tape for usage. Begin at one side and work your progress to another. This length will be relevant when deciding on the pull you must use.

This measurement, however, would serve a varied function based on the sort of pull. If the drawer has predrilled openings, the scenario is unique. It would be best to utilize a ruler or measuring tape to determine the center of one connection slot. Then select the range up to another connection slot. That’s the center-to-center range you’ll need to acquire a new pull.

If you get millimeter readings, convert them to inches. Because it is what pull center to center measures get commonly used for measuring cabinetry. Divide the total amount by 25.4 to get the equivalent in inches. The most common sort of pull has a center-to-center range of 2.5 inches.

There is a potential that your replacement handles will not fit into the old connection slots. Even though there’s little to be concerned about, you could use wood filler to fill in the gaps. Alternatively, use epoxy. Then gently plug in those old gaps.

Then sandpaper the place down. After that, you may add a layer of painting or varnish to the drawer. You are now ready to drill fresh openings for the pulls. For the best results, use the appropriate diameter drill bit.

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Depth Finding

Projection doesn’t just require purchasing Cabinetry Pulls and is also vital while purchasing drawer handles. And the examination must be precise and adequate to produce reliable findings. We imply the spacing you’ll employ to grip the pull by projecting.

You’ll get a stronger hold on the pulling if they have many extensions. And if it’s too little, your palms won’t be able to fit among the draw grips. It’s why projecting mapping is so vital in ensuring pleasant holding. Open cabinets also establish the ideal projection or profundity.

Does it collide with other items in the vicinity? Therefore you should go for a somewhat shorter pull. There’s no possibility of accidentally striking something that a boom may destroy with that approach.


Cabinetry knobs and pulls can get customized to varying degrees. That’s what allows them to be so versatile in their uses. Several elements may get changed based on your cabinetry component provider. Magnitude, composition, color, and finishing are examples of these.

The advantage of all this is that it could be adjusted to address specific requirements. Consequently, cabinetry handles can get modified to match every person’s style, from contemporary to traditional.

Purchasing modern, high-quality kitchen cabinetry grips, in addition to equipment, would add visual appeal. Enhanced the aesthetic appeal, but it has also improved the overall aspect of the kitchenette.

Some grip designs would complement various inside styles, while several could be more distinctive. The idea is to coordinate the cabinet knobs with the remainder of the inside design scheme. If not, even if it appears to be minor specifics, this might throw off the overall look of the space.

How to Measure Drawer Pulls – Bottom Line

And now you understand how to assess drawer pulls and the available size range for finding the right one. Don’t overlook the reality that while purchasing a new handle or merely acquiring one for a freshly purchased drawer, the entire process relies heavily on dimensions. Hardware for your cabinetry and drawers is simple to replace and repair, so invest sufficient time obtaining the correct values. We hope you now you know how to measure drawer pulls. 


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