How To Open A Locked Door With A Screwdriver? [SOLVED]

how to open a locked door with a screwdriver

Usually, you will use the key to unlock the door in your house, and during an emergency or if you misplaced the key, you would most likely have a bunch of spare keys which you can use. Sometimes there might be situations where you will not have an optional spare key to open the door. In such circumstances, you will have to find alternative ways if the locksmith is near, you can reach out there for help, but in case the place is closed, you don’t have to worry, by learning how to open a locked door with a screwdriver, you will be able to open the door yourself.

Sometimes when watching movies, you might have come across the scene where the hero will pick the lock of a door using the screwdriver to save someone. Although it is a movie, opening the door in such a way is somewhat practical, and you can also use such a hack during an emergency.

There are situations where these types of DIY hacks will be useful for robbers when unlocking a locked door but this article is not educating or encouraging such people. Instead, when you get locked inside a washroom or a room in your house, you will feel irritated trying to open the door, so by understanding how to open a locked door with a screwdriver, you can try to open it.

Especially when using the screwdriver to unlock a locked door, you will have to check whether there is a hole. You can use different methods to unlock the door without using the key, such as a bobby pin, screwdriver, knife, lock picking, bump key, credit card, etc.

Among these methods in this article, you will come across the hack where you will be using the screwdriver. Imagine that you got locked inside the bathroom and struggled to get out. This might be one of the worst experiences, so knowing how to pick the door lock when you don’t have access to the key will be useful in such situations. 

How to Open a Locked Door with a Screwdriver?

If you use a door lock with a hole, you can easily open it with a small screwdriver. The only equipment that you will need is a flathead screwdriver. You can use this method to open your bathroom or bedroom door which is locked. When you check your handbag to get the key and realize that you don’t have it there, it might make you panic.

First, stay calm and recall where you place the key exactly. Sometimes, you might have a place in the car or any other places so try checking the possible locations. Suppose it is lost you still have many options left that you can use to open the door.

If you have a locksmith nearby, you can get their help to open the door. But if that is also impossible, try using a screwdriver to open the lock. Many people google search to figure out the method of using a screwdriver to pick the lock of a door. If you are also the same, by following the procedure, you can easily DIY the hack.

Doorknob with a Tiny Hole

Before stepping into the process, you will have to look at the doorknob of your door and ensure whether it has a tiny hole. You can use the screwdriver mostly for unlocking doors which has a doorknob with a hole, but that does not mean using you cannot use the screwdriver to open locks in other doors.

If you see a hole in the knob, then this method allows you to continue the process. On most occasions, the door placed in the interior of your house will have privacy handles containing a hole.

Opening the Lock

Opening a push button type privacy lock will be very simple. The only simple thing you have to do is to insert the flathead screwdriver into the hole and push it front this will produce a clicking sound indicating that you have opened the door.

In contrast, the process will be quite different if you have a privacy door that uses the turn-style system. In such a situation, you will need to turn the screwdriver until you realize that it falls into the slot, and then you can turn the screwdriver to open the lock.

Removing the door knob

Suppose the method mentioned above is not working. You can use the flathead screwdriver and try removing the doorknob. The uninstalling process will require some time hence you will have to work on this process patiently.

If you aren’t using the privacy handle, you will have to remove the doorknob to unlock the door. First, locate the mounting screws and try removing them. Then you can remove the doorknob, which will provide access by unlocking the door.

Removing the Hinges of the Door

In case you feel hard to unlock even by removing the doorknob, then there is still another method that you can give a try. You know that most doors will have hinges that help install the door properly. So, by removing these hinges, you can move the door and get access to the room or house.

Before understanding the process, you must also know that this method will be difficult compared to the other hacks, so if you can use the previously mentioned hack, better try them first. Suppose none of the methods is working, then try removing the hinges.

For this hack, a hammer and screwdriver are necessary. Between the bottom knuckle and the pin, you will have to place the screwdriver, and then by using the hammer, tap the screwdriver’s handle in the downward direction. You must do this until they are loose, and then you can start removing the pin and the head.

Next, repeat the procedure for the rest of the available hinges. After removing all the hinges, you can move and open the door. Suppose you are trying this method, then it is also necessary to know that it can damage the doors, so leave it as the final option.

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