How To Read A Propane Tank Gauge – Complete Guide

How To Read A Propane Tank Gauge

You might be using the propane tank to heat your home, or in many places, they also use it for supplying power for dryer, stove, water heater, propane grill and many other appliances. You might have noticed a gauge that will come with your propane tank, which helps to detect the propane level in the tank. This article will teach you how to read a propane tank gauge.

Apart from using the gauge, you can also use some alternative methods like pouring warm water over the tank and then letting your hand through the side, or by tipping the scale method, to get the propane level in the tank.

The manufacturers install the gauge to make it easy to determine how much propane is left in the tank. Hence if you are wondering how to read a propane tank gauge, then you are in the right place, as this will explain the method in detail.

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When you are planning for a party at your place, and you were waiting to grill the chicken around an hour before serving as it will not lose flavor and will be warm. Suddenly, you realize that the propane left in the tank will not be sufficient to complete the process.

In such a situation, you will try to find alternatives like using the oven to sort out the issue. To avoid such scenarios, it is better to check on the propane level prior so you can refill the tank if necessary. Hence by knowing how to read a propane tank gauge, you can check the quantity of propane inside the tank.

Especially during the winter season, when you don’t have enough propane, it will be difficult to operate the furnace, so it is often necessary to check the propane tank gauge and ensure the propane level will be enough.

How To Read A Propane Tank Gauge

As mentioned, you will need propane for various purposes like cooking, heating the house, fireplace, drying clothes, etc. So, you will be using propane daily at home, but often many people neglect to notice the level of propane. Most people check on the tank once it finishes.Sometimes you will have a spare tank, so you will not have to worry much.

Whether you have a spare propane tank or not, it is better to know the way to read the gauge as it will be helpful. If you don’t know how the propane tank gauge works, continue reading the article to figure it out.

You might have seen a gauge located next to the fill pipe on top of the tank. Most propane tanks usually use a float gauge. There will be a float which will be on top of liquid propane. As the float is attached to the gauge, it will help detect the percentage of propane in the tank.

You must also know that it is impossible to expect 100% accuracy if you use a float gauge, but it will provide the closest estimation. Hence by using this, you can detect whether you will have to refill the tank.

If you have a propane tank that has a gauge but don’t know how to read a propane tank gauge, then after reading the steps mentioned below, you will be able to do it by yourself. You cannot use this method if there is no gauge in your propane tank. Hence you will have to check on the alternative methods.

  • Opening The Lid Of The Propane Tank

The first step is to open the tank’s lid, and you will find many components. It is better to have an understanding of those components.

  • Identifying The Gauge

You might see the propane gauge, which is circular and has two needles that are red and black. Now when you check on the gauge and get the reading, you will have to do a simple calculation. All you need to do is multiply the gauge reading by the capacity of the propane tank you are using.

This will help to determine the level of propane in the tank. For example, imagine that gauge reading was 50%, and the capacity of the tank you are using is 500 gallons. Then you will have to multiply 50% by 500, which is 0.5 × 500, so you will get the answer as 250, meaning the tanks contain 250 gallons of propane remaining.

  • Close The Lid

Now you can replace the lid carefully.

This is how you determine the reading of the propane tank gauge. Soon after filling the take, you might check on the gauge reading and notice that it does not show 100%. In such a case, you don’t have to panic or worry since there is a reason for not filling the propane tanks fully.

The maximum percentage of propane you can fill in the tank is 80% because propane expands and contracts when a temperature rises and falls. Hence after filling the tanks, if the gauge reading is 80%, your propane tank is completely filled.

More About Refilling Propane

Now you might have an idea of the method to obtain the gauge reading, which will be helpful in checking the remaining quantity of propane. Suppose if the gauge reading is 20% or below, it is high time to refill your tank.

It is also necessary to know that during cold weather in winter, you may notice that the propane level will reduce quicker. Some people also say that the propane diminishes during cold weather. Therefore, when it’s winter, you will have to refill the tank when the gauge is reading 30%.

Having a spare propane tank will be a good option. If you store it properly, you can keep it for years. If you need to control the level of propane consumption in the house, then you can calculate how much propane each appliance will consume, and you will need to reduce their usage of them.

Suppose you use a clothe dryer with a standard BTU rating of 35000, then you will divide BTUs in one gallon of propane with its value. One gallon of propane has 92000 BTUs; hence 92000/35000, you will get 2.63 hours.

If you continuously use the cloth dryer for 2.63 hours, it will consume one gallon of propane. By knowing this method, you can check which appliance in your house is consuming more propane.

We hope now you might have a precise understanding of how you can get the gauge reading of the propane tank.

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