How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Floors – Key Tips Explained

How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Floors

This detailed guide will show you how to reduce noise from upstairs floors. If you live on the second level, you might have experienced some disturbance by the upstairs residents. They may seem to be pounding on the floor or battling with furnishings.

These sounds might be annoying or might be costing you your serenity. It’s much horrible if you encounter them when you’re asleep at midnight. The good thing is that, other than instructing them to be calmer, you can consider taking action to address the issue. First, you must determine the noise source to decrease disturbance between levels. 

Read on to discover the most effective approaches to minimize or eradicate that bothersome overhead noise.

What Are Upstairs Noises?

The upper level may make various noises, and it is essential to understand what they are to handle them appropriately. If you ignore this part, you might make unneeded judgments, squandering your time by making unnecessary noise.

Noise from the Airborne

Is it possible to absorb discussion, songs, or TV sounds via the floor? Airborne noise includes everything that gets transferred via the air. Because airborne noise has a greater frequency, it is commonly deflected or dissipated by floor coatings.

Noise from Impact

It is the kind of noise that will most certainly irritate your above neighbors. Impact noise refers to any sound produced by anything striking a surface. Footsteps, shifting equipment, and dropped silverware are all instances of contact noise that may get heard via your ceiling.

You could now pinpoint the cause of the sounds you’re aiming to minimize. Let’s have a look at how to reduce noise from upstairs floors.

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How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Floors?

Check out the below suggestions for dealing with the disturbance from your noisy upstairs floors. A few of these solutions are do-it-yourself, which means they may get completed swiftly and inexpensively.

Acoustic foam

It is a low-cost and straightforward way to cope with disturbance from your above neighbor. Acoustic foam is widely accessible in supermarkets, and you may purchase and set it up yourself if you don’t intend to pay additional charges.

One disadvantage of using this method is it’s not aesthetically appealing. Still, it functions effectively so that that disadvantage may get mitigated.

You may also suspend them to appear like clouds or attach them to the roof, making them more suitable. Finally, add a coating of green adhesive for improved soundproofing, boosting the foam’s efficacy.


If you’ve got a drywall roof, improving its thickness might help you get rid of the noises originating from above. Panels composed of different materials, such as hardwood or gypsum, can be used.

you can either add thin drywall straight to the roof or add a bit of greenish adhesive between layers. As mentioned earlier, the material is good at dampening vibrations from the floor, and it enables you to eliminate a wide range of sounds.

You may additionally increase the sound-absorbing efficiency by applying an extra coating of bulk vinyl. It results in three layers of materials that should suppress any noises originating from upstairs.


The disturbance may swing back and magnify if your roof contains gaps that don’t get filled by drywall. Utilizing drywall to fix these issue places may exacerbate the situation.

Therefore sealing is a preferable solution, and it is everlasting. The advantage of using glue is that you may execute it yourself and obtain fantastic results. Before putting it, ensure there is no debris on the surface. Cover all of the gaps in your ceilings and walls with care, leaving no room for noise to flow through.

Drop ceiling

Suppose the issue is serious because of a narrow floor separating your residences. In that case, you might want to consider installing a drop ceiling. Because it is a substantial improvement to your house, you will require authorization from your owner.

A specialist consultant may get needed for this job. A drop ceiling descends underneath your roof, separating the two levels. The region catches all sounds before it reaches the bottom, effectively insulating your house.

It successfully handles all sounds since it traps echoes before getting to your home.

Mats and carpeting

Contact noise may get reduced by placing rubber foundation mats and carpeting. If the disturbance has become too loud, you might suggest to your neighbor that you acquire vibration-proof matting and carpets.

It is also true when the noise gets caused by vibrations from equipment such as a refrigerator or laundry machine. If your neighbor is courteous, they may place these cushions or mats throughout their house.

It is also something to think about if you live over another home because it will significantly minimize noise for your downstream neighbors. Furthermore, the mats absorb most of the noises and disturbances, effectively insulating your house.

Is It Worthwhile To Insulate My Home Ceiling?

To answer again, how to reduce noise from upstairs floors, Insulating your roof is a practical approach to cope with all sorts of noise; therefore, it is worth the expense and effort.

It works by utilizing recovered fiber to increase the bulk and thickness of the ceiling. The material traps all noises and disturbances in your house, removing the issue of noisy upstairs neighbors.

It is advisable to hire a professional since it will cost more. It will save you time and difficulty collecting supplies and ensuring that everything gets done correctly.

How to Reduce Noise from Upstairs Floors – Bottom Line

Living in a home does not have to be misery. Suppose you are experiencing noise issues from upstairs floors. The solutions in this guide will assist you in dealing with it efficiently.

Make sure the flooring is substantial enough to silence all your upstairs noises. Carpeted flats are ideal in this situation since they help to quiet your property to some extent.


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