How To Remove Delta Shower Handle – The Complete Guide

How To Remove Delta Shower Handle

A decent cup of coffee and a good shower are essential for starting the day well. You’ve arrived at the perfect site to discover how to remove Delta shower handle when your restroom has a Delta showering faucet.

The Delta Shower.

Over the past fifty years, The Delta Faucet Brand has launched itself as an industry leader in the restroom fixtures industry. Due to its high quality, innovative designs, and lifelong warranties, Delta is among the most well-known manufacturers of bathroom showers, mainly in the marketplace.

Their company’s guiding principle would be to provide bedroom and bathroom fittings with the finest possible water quality and liquid conservation. There are advantages to adopting Delta goods for your house.

Why Would One Disconnect A Shower Handle?

It’s crucial to understand how to remove Delta shower handle. The fact that the shower head gets coated with mildew, deterioration, and staining from the progressive usage of the shower stall is among the grounds to uninstall it. You will occasionally have maintenance problems regardless of the exceptional quality of the Delta equipment.

Whether you are having trouble with low water levels, it is advised that you take off the Delta shower lever. When you find a flaw, you must eliminate it immediately to avoid more issues. It’s not necessary to have a wrong cause for replacing the shower handle; perhaps you don’t like the look and would like to update it regardless of how well it currently functions. All elements within the shower room should match your preferred aesthetic because we want to create a lovely shower room.

This handle will be the first component you see while disassembling the shower faucet. Even the apparent screws are hidden under several knobs. Yet, you must first learn how to remove Delta Shower handle before repairing this component. This piece is handy in the situation. Discover how to remove Delta shower handle.

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What Are The Varieties Of Delta Shower Handles?

  • Handle Screws That Are Concealed Under The Faceplate.

On occasion, the faceplate is hidden by the bolts that secure the handles towards the surface. In such a situation, users won’t immediately notice the handle bolts.

  • Handles That Have Exposed Screws.

Rather than being concealed under the cover, all fasteners in sure Delta showering knobs are exposed on the outside.

  • Handles With Button-Style Plugs.

Plug button models are available on several Delta handlebars.

  • Handles With Setscrews.

Setscrew designs have been developed upon many Delta handles.

  • Caps On The Handles That Are Threaded.

Specific Delta levers have designs for threaded bonnets.

How To Remove Delta Shower Handle?

  • Handle Screws That Are Concealed Under The Faceplate.

In most cases, concealed screws indicate that the shower controls may not have a noticeable thread. The cover or screw on the handle foundation might have to be found and removed to eliminate it.

Step 1: The faceplate needs to be removed first. The grip is still secured when you remove the faceplate from the socket.

Step 2: All fasteners holding the handle towards the faceplate may be located by looking at the rear of a faceplate. The handle emerges after unscrewing them.

  • Handles That Have Exposed Screws.

That design feature, as you can expect, renders removal considerably simpler.

Step 1: Its handling, hood, and sleeves may all be removed from the valve plate by unscrewing the handle nut.

Step 2: By releasing the gripper nut, you may detach the valve stem’s cap, grip, plus sleeves.

Step 3: Then, remove the two screws holding the lever towards the faceplate.

Step 4: Subsequently, unplug the escutcheon as well as the bracket.

Step 5: A wiring of both the adapters may need to be drawn using a Flat head screwdriver in order to remove the Delta shower handle.

Step 6: Disconnect the adapter or valve by unscrewing it. The handles can be released by releasing the adapter from the valves.

  • Handles With Button-Style Plugs.

Step 1: Use a Flat head screwdriver to remove the pushbutton connector from the valve stem’s exterior.

Step 2: Once the adapter plus grip is freed from that same valve, remove the thread that was holding them in place.

Step 3: If necessary, remove by turning the lid in the opposite direction.

Step 4: Offload the valve’s ring by sliding it.

Step 5: Remove the fasteners holding the plate towards the wall.

Step 6: Using a flat-blade screwdriver, pry the connector from the adapter if necessary.

Step 7: Remove the screws to remove the adapter valves.

  • Handles With Setscrews.

Step 1: Both handles plus adapters must be separated from valves by releasing the set nut first.

Step 2: You might also pull the plate from the valves by loosening the set screws.

Step 3: After that, remove the faceplate by removing the two supporting fasteners.

Step 4: Using a flat-blade screwdriver, pry the wire out from the adapter if necessary.

Step 5: As a result, the adapter may be removed from the valves.

  • Caps On The Handles That Are Threaded.

Step 1: Rotate the bonnet counterclockwise by firmly holding the handle. When the valve is opened, the handles and hood should separate.

Step 2: If necessary, take off the pivoting ring. Take its valve’s front cover off.

Step 3: Grasp the retainers after using a Flat head screwdriver to remove the fasteners.

Step 4: Try turning the retainers completely counterclockwise if users can’t find additional fasteners. It ought to remove.

How To Prepare Before Removing The Shower Handle

You must make preparations before beginning the work. Before removing the shower handle, switch off the primary source of the water valve in your house to stop the water flow. If the lever is beneath the sinks you might be doing this there. You can cut off your main meter by going there if you can’t find the supply line valves.

Using a mallet, a screwdriver, a bolt clamp, some lubrication, a faucet remover (if necessary), or any of these items, you may remove a jammed shower head faucet. A Flat head screwdriver will be helpful when working with shower knobs with a cap.


In conclusion, it might be challenging to remove a shower handle. Before you can effectively take the handles off, you will have a lot of expertise. The importance of replacing shower handles cannot be overstated.

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