How to Store Chocolate Covered Pretzels? With Useful Tips!!

how to store chocolate covered pretzels

The German-origin pretzels have attracted the attention of every customer base. How to store chocolate covered pretzels? If you have bought home plenty or have done a home-bake session with many leftover pretzels, you may end up with this question. Let’s check whether what we can do to preserve your valuable treats.

Pretzels are a great snack and have been a companion in family tea parties ever since it was introduced to the food culture. Basically, pretzels are a combination of flour, butter, and salt. Yeast is used in the preparation to add air bubbles to the dough, which leads to a softer version of this cute little biscuit. Pretzels can be seen in many different shapes, and the classic knot shape is the most famous one. Other than that, you could meet pretzels that are in straight sticks, braided versions, and even customized letter shapes, for instance. 

How to Store Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

We can have these treats in a variety of ways. You probably have tried the pushcart-sold with a mustard paste. Pretzels make an excellent combination when dipped in dishes like tomato sauce, caramel mix, sugar, cheese, hummus, etc. Some like to have it as it is, and some like to add a pretzel to their home-baking cookies. Pretzels are a very friendly food that can be mixed with various recipes. 

Chocolate-dipped pretzels can also be named a dish similar to a tradition in many states. How to store chocolate covered pretzels? This is a consequent question most of you get when you have leftovers from the dinner dessert. As it is a baked biscuit, you have to avoid the contamination of air, moisture, and microorganisms in the food. There are many ways you can do this. Do have a look at the following methods.  

How to Keep Chocolate Covered Pretzels in the Freezer?  

Your chocolate covered pretzels are safe inside the freezer. But you cannot just keep that inside. You have to place the biscuits in a container that can be sealed as no air or moisture enters. But the container should be out of water droplets and moisture too. You can place the pretzels in a Ziploc bag for more results and close it tightly. Then place that cover inside the container that can be air-tightened. 

To increase the time of preservation, you can cover each biscuit with an aluminum foil well before placing those inside the sealed plastic bag. A double wrap done with polythene will also give the same results. You can label the containers with the date on which they were stored as a reminder to use them before their expiration.  

Using this method, you can preserve any number of cookies for nearly 6 months without changing the taste or the texture. Sometimes if the preservation method is well-sealed, the biscuits will stay about 12 months without being soggy. 

How Long Chocolate Covered Pretzels Last in the Fridge?

You also can use the refrigerator part to make your beloved pretzels last longer. As the same, we explained above, take the biscuits and keep those in a plastic or polythene bag that can be air tightened. Afterward, you can keep it inside a glass container and seal it appropriately. This method will increase the life span of the biscuits by approximately two weeks. 

How Long Chocolate Covered Pretzels Last at Room Temperature?

If you have left more, you can use the freezing method. But if you need to store a few for a short period, you can use a glass container that is completely dry to store your pretzels. A plastic bottle also would be matching to the purpose. Any container you use should be able to seal without allowing any moisture or air into it. 

You can keep the bottle at room temperature. It would be better to use a place that is hardly exposed to sunlight. For instance, you can use your pantry to store it. This way, you can keep your pretzels for around two weeks without any abnormal change.

Note: Before using any of these preservative techniques, wait until the baked pretzels are completely cool. If you have packed the hot pretzels, there will be moisture collected inside the plastic wraps, and it will make the biscuits soggy and useless.  

How to Reheat Preserved Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

Reheating is possible, but here you have to make sure the chocolate toppings do not melt by the high heat. 

If you are using 350°F, only bake it for 5 minutes if your pretzel knots were stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator. If you are going to reheat the frozen ones, you will have to increase the time accordingly. Wait near the oven and observe the heating so as not to melt the chocolate covers and create a mess. 

Why do My Chocolate Covered Pretzels Turn White?

If your pretzels with a chocolate glaze have turned white, it has come to the state called chocolate bloom. But these chocolates can be consumed without falling ill. There are two types of blooming, fat blooms and sugar blooms.

Just as the names denote, fat bloom occurs when the fat particles in the chocolate change due to high temperatures and are being subjected to cool in an improper way. Sugar blooms are created by the reaction of sugar with moisture when kept exposed to air.

Blooming could happen to your chocolate pretzels when you accidentally kept those on the kitchen countertops for hours and kept them in the fridge in a melted state. There will be no taste change than the color change. It also will not make any changes to the life span of your pretzels. 

If you are not going to use all the pretzels at once after they completely cooled down, store those immediately. 


You can store as many pretzels as you want with the correct preservation methods. If you are a busy working mum but need to add some sweetness to your evening tea, you can try the methods we have discussed in this article and keep the once-made few dozen safe for future use. 

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