5 Essential Tips On How To Tell If Glass Is Tempered

How To Tell If Glass Is Tempered

Tempered Glass gets commonly used in automobile windows, refrigerator racks, and bathroom doors humans need to stay durable. Tempered Glass may appear to the inexperienced eye the same as any other form of glass. To distinguish it, many people might make fun of it and shout, “Whack it! It gets tempered if it shatters into little, bite-size pieces.” But, seriously, how to tell if glass is tempered? Investing time in research and reading valuable articles like this one is a great way to ensure you receive your money’s worth.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered Glass has a distinct structure due to the method through which it gets manufactured. Tempered Glass originally comes from the tempering technique used to make it.

This kind of glass gets subjected to intense heat during the tempering process. Tempered Glass has an exceptionally smooth surface as a result of this. This safety glass is significantly more laborious and safer than ordinary glass since it utilizes a slower cooling process.

Tempered glass may get found almost anywhere! Indeed, you might be viewing this on a tempered glass touchscreen. Tempered Glass gets extensively used for building and institution windows due to its excellent durability to heat and fracture.

It is also often used as safety glasses for divers, machine operators, aquariums, and tabletops. As a result, this glass is employed in various appliances and gets sometimes referred to as a “safety glass.”

Why Buy Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass, as previously established, can tolerate high temperatures. As a result, it’s an excellent layer of protection for your handsets and other things.

  • It is neither readily scratched nor easily damaged.
  • It is a durable glass that protects your electronics while also serving another role in the form of sturdy house furnishings.
  • Tempered glass should get protected since it is nearly significantly more robust than regular glass. It simply offers the highest shock absorption.
  • This glass is long-lasting and completely safe. It smashes into thousands of small yet harmless bits if it does break.

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How To Tell If Glass Is Tempered?

Tempered glass may be around everywhere. Even whether you’re riding in a car or on the bus downtown, you usually get surrounded by tempered windscreens and windows.

If you don’t mind-shattering it, detecting tempered glass is simple. So how to tell if glass is tempered? You only need to learn what to look for if you want to know if your glass gets tempered. It’s not as complicated as it appears. Continue reading to learn How To Tell If Glass Is Tempered?

Examine the edges

Of course, checking the edges—assuming you have accessibility to them—is one method to see if the glass gets genuinely tempered. Tempered Glass has smooth edges because it goes through additional manufacturing procedures.

The edges of the untempered glass are stiff and have hard edges. You can run your fingertips down the glass’s edges if you have accessibility to them. If it seems harsh and abrasive, you know it isn’t tempered.

As a result, the easiest method to sense is to run your fingertips over the edges. The delicacy of the sensation indicates that the glass has got tempered.

Keep An Eye For The Bug

We’re not talking about the bug. A bug is a microscopic mark etched or sandblasted onto the corner of a piece of glass in the construction industry. The presence of this stamp, coupled with the manufacturer’s emblem and the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s requirements, indicates if the glass has got tempered.

You’d be able to see the branding if you bought the glassware directly from the manufacturer. However, that’s not always the situation, mainly when the glass includes frames that hide the stamp. Consequently, it would help if you kept an eye out for any more suggestions.

Look For Imperfections

Also, examine for minor flaws, if any exist. It gets most likely toughened glass if you see any distortions or small bends on the glass. These flaws are the product of the severe heating technique.

When glass gets tempered, it becomes repairable when it is extremely hot; as a result, when it gets picked up with tongs, the procedure leaves minor defects. You can see for yourself if you look attentively.

View through polarized sunglasses

Another innovative approach to see if your glass has got tempered is to put on polarized sunglasses and look at the sun through them. You will likely see some spots or lines running across the glass if the glass gets tempered.

The rollers generate these lines and spots on the machine during the heating process. You’ll have to look attentively to see these because they may be pretty subtle at times.

Score a Line

Once we get into scoring a line in the glass, it’s important to note that you should only use this approach if you want to cut the glass away. This approach should not get used on new glass or glass you would not like to disrupt.

The tool produces a clear, white line if the glass receives only annealed. If it gets tempered, the tool has a glittering, uneven line, and particles will sliver and peel off from the scoreline.

Please don’t cut the glassware yourself; it will break and chip.

How To Tell If Glass Is Tempered – Final Thought

With so many applications for tempered glass all around us, it’s reassuring to know that it looks not only good but also has built-in safety features. Most importantly, these pointers will surely come in helpful the next time you go shopping for a sturdy and long-lasting piece of glass.

After all, the safety of your treasured electronics, accessories, and home furnishings is more vital than anything else. Say no to wanderers and vendors who try to deceive you into buying ordinary, fragile glass.


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