How To Wash Uggs In Washing Machine – Step By Step Guide

How To Wash Uggs In Washing Machine

Almost everyone understands how to wash their regular clothing, bedding, and various other items. Due to modern technology, people are increasingly questioning how to clean shoes, particularly ugg boots. You might be thinking about how to wash uggs in washing machine?

Let’s look at this problem and see if it can get cleaned and how to maintain it.

What Makes Uggs So Unique?

When UGG, an Australian firm, became famous for its boots, it became a global cultural phenomenon. In the United States, the explosion was massive. They became the focus of online memes and fashion debates throughout the United States.

Women wearing UGGs with dresses had become a trend, as did the incorporation of UGGs into the “basic” lexicon. UGG boots, leggings, an oversized sweater, and pumpkin spice lattes have become associated with the arrival of all things fall.

Who could blame someone who adores a good pair of UGGs? They’re soft, warm, and simple to put on and take off.

Their slippers came soon after and have become extremely popular, particularly as holiday presents. Their construction makes them comfy, warm, and long-lasting if adequately cared for. 

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Materials Used For UGG Footwear

Before we go into the main topic, which is washing Uggs, let’s break down their materials.

  • Suede uppers get used to making UGG footwear.
  • Collar, inner, and insole are all made of sheepskin.
  • EVA outsole — a rubber-like substance manufactured from an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer.
  • 100% recycled polyester fibers get used in the textile binding.

Each of these natural and manmade materials requires its own set of supplies and upkeep. On your slippers, you don’t want to use just any cleaning.

Completely submerging them in water and wetting them is a no-no. These resources don’t have to be frightening. Cleaning them is simple, and the necessary supplies are readily available. We’ll discuss the finest items to keep your slippers clean, soft, and new-looking.

How To Wash Uggs In Washing Machine – Step By Step Guide

So here are the ways How To Wash Uggs In Washing Machine

  • Clean The Inside Of Your Ugg Boots

Use the vacuum cleaner to remove debris or sand from the boot’s interior. Sink deeper into the toe region to ensure that all remains of dirt get removed.

  • Clean The Outsole Of Ugg Boots

To clean the soles of your boots, take them to the sink and fill them with water. Rinse any mud accumulated here on the sole or any surfaces. It’s worth noting that many pairs of boots should not get washed in the same water. The boots’ color fades rapidly, and it may taint other boots.

Wash The Upper Part Of The Ugg Boots

Fill the washbasin halfway with hot water and a pinch of detergent. Wipe the top with a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining mud or grime. To make it easier to handle, put your hand in the boot, and carefully wipe with care.

Wet the cloth in water and remove dirt and seams lightly. Because Ugg boots are manufactured of sheepskin and have a suede-like texture, don’t scrape them. Having a toothbrush is great since it effectively cleans all the seams. It’s not a massive problem if you don’t have one.

  • Rinse

Rinse the boot with water to remove all of the detergents. Remember to clean the interior as well.

  • Put Ugg Boots In The Washing Machine

You’ve completed all the handwashing at this point, and the boots may appear spotless. Now it’s time to take the cleaning a step further to ensure that your boots are spotless. Stuff a piece of fabric in the toe region to keep it in shape.

Place your boots in a mesh washing bag, seal them, and wash them in a front-loading machine. Never place Ugg boots in a top-loading washer because the agitator in the center will shred them.

Use around four teaspoons of detergent and no bleach, fabric softeners, or other cleaning or conditioning chemicals besides the detergent you used to clean the boots. Before washing, ensure the cycle gets set to the mildest setting available. Start the machine, then take the boots and set them aside to dry after an hour or so.

  • Protection Spray

It is an alternative measure for protecting the suede or sheepskin. Ugg’s water and dirt repellent can get used, and it is not required to utilize the Ugg brand. Products from a variety of manufacturers are available at the local shoe store. Now spray the whole boot with the protectant, covering everything evenly.

Do You Uggs Boots Fade Out When You Wash Them?

When you wash your UGGs in the washing machine, the fact is that they will fade to some extent. Behind the scenes, though, there’s a lot of stuff going on.

Your boots get covered with stains and flaws if you’ve gotten this far. Worse, some folks have odor emanating from their footwear. Cleaning them using careful procedures is difficult. In only a few minutes, putting them in the washing cleans them.

Furthermore, I’d rather have a pair of uniformly lighter-colored boots than a pair of stain- and spot-filled ones anytime. You’re on your own for the remainder.

Things To Remember When Washing Uggs Footwear

Cleaning UGGs is already a contentious topic. However, if you examine it closely, the debate results from a few errors. If you follow these guidelines for How To Wash Uggs In Washing Machine, your UGG boots will never be damaged while being washed.

  • For UGGs, never use regular detrergent.  It is perhaps the most common error.
  • Never go for high speed because you’ll cause more harm than good.
  • The washing isn’t the end of it. Consider how much your boots have been through inside the washer. Allowing them to dry completely is the very least you might do.

Final Thought

Knowing how to clean UGG boots in the washing machine might be a lifesaver if you want to save cash on the dry cleaner, and it’s also highly time-saving. And if you’re doing it correctly, your boots will be relatively unscathed.

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