How Wide Are Sliding Glass Doors And How To Measure Them?

How Wide Are Sliding Glass Doors

how wide are sliding glass doors? Yes, that is what we are discussing in this article. Sliding glass doors are doors made of high-quality glass, and the frame is usually made out of wood, aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

The primary purpose of the sliding glass door is similar to the traditional doors as they also provide control access. There are some advanced features in sliding glass doors, and this article will explain how wide sliding glass doors are and more details about them. Sliding glass doors also provide a luxurious look to the house, and you will find what differentiates them from a traditional glass door.

Sliding Glass Door Vs Traditional Glass Door

 A traditional glass door is used to give access to the house. The sliding glass door will also fulfil the purpose of access control, and it also provides a divine look to the house. Sliding glass doors give a view of your outdoor premises; hence you can place these doors for the entrance where you get a beautiful view of your garden.

The traditional doors occupy space when opening and closing, but the sliding glass door saves the space as no additional space is required when opening and closing. Hotels often use this sliding glass door. Nowadays, even homes are built with sliding glass doors.

The sliding glass doors are made with high-security measures; the glass is protected from ultraviolet rays. The glass sliding doors are double gazed hence it reduces noise. The manufacturers use Anti-lift blocks and portable security bars to prevent unauthorized access.

There is a standard measurement for the glass sliding doors. Get to know how wide are sliding glass doors by reading further.

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How Wide Are Sliding Glass Doors?

The glass sliding doors come in different sizes, and you can also customize them according to your preference.

The standard measurements of the glass sliding door,

  • Two-panel sliding glass doors are 60, 72, or 96 inches wide, which means 5, 6, or 8 feet
  • Three panel sliding glass doors are 108, or 144 inches wide which means 9, or 12 feet
  • The height is 80, 82, or 96 inches.

As the sliding glass size, quality, and features differ, the cost will differ accordingly. When the glass door size increases, the cost will also increase. If you need a high-quality glass, you may have to pay more.

Also, some glasses are tempered, colored, and patterned, and these types of glass will be more costly than regular glass. If you are running out of budget to afford a high-quality glass door, an 80 x 60-inch two-panel glass door will be a better option as it is affordable.

If you are building your dream house and want a customized glass door, you can also do it by talking to professionals in this field. You can low- E glass that would prevent UV rays. By using Insulated glass units, you can increase the lifespan of the glass door. You can also increase or decrease the size according to the structure of your house.

How Can You Measure a Glass Sliding Door?

First, remove the silicone seal and then remove the trim. You have to do this to avoid errors when taking measurements. Measure the width from stud to stud. You have to measure the width at the top, center and bottom. The smallest value is the correct measurement of the width.

Measure the height from the top head jamb to the bottom. Take the height also at three places, right, center and left. The smallest of the three readings will be the correct height measurement.

To measure the depth of the glass door opening without the trim:

  1. Get the measurement of the jamb.
  2. Measure your frame edge to edge and get the value.
  3. Note all the three measurements you obtained to make it easy for you to purchase the sliding glass door.

What are the Types of Glasses Used for a Sliding Glass Door?

  • Tempered glass- people also call it safety glass. Tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces when damaged instead of large pieces that remain in the door. Breaking large pieces will be dangerous.
  • Insulated glass-this glass is the best suit for countries who experience winter mainly as this would help to keep the place a little warm.
  • Tinted glass-this type of glass is made using a mixture of metal oxides. They control the harsh sunlight entering the house and also block UV rays.
  • Laminated glass- this is manufacture considering the safety. This glass cannot be easily damaged as it is made with two-piece of glass and a layer of polyvinyl in the middle; the layers are well glued.
  • Reflective glass- this glass ensures privacy of the house and is unique with its reflecting nature.

There are also many other types of glasses like textured glass, clear glass, toughened glass, stained glass, double/ triple glazed glass, colored glass, frosted glass, and bevelled glass.

The glass types differ according to their features and their speciality and structure. Tempered glass float glass and laminated glass are the best choices for a door frame made using aluminum.

Often speak to architecture and get recommendations about the suitable glass you must use for the sliding door that you will customize or buy. Professionals will give you the best solution.

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Challenges that You May Face by Using Sliding Glass Doors

As the sliding glass doors are often open thieves may access the room. The locks are simple; hence robbers can easily unlock them, and the sliding doors out of vision may allow the outsiders to enter your house without your knowledge.

By breaking the glass/ lock or pulling the door off from the frame, the thief will gain access to the house. Hence, it is important to take the necessary security measures to provide better safety for the house.

This article on how wide are sliding glass doors might help you learn about sliding glass doors. The article discusses the types of glass used to make glass doors, how to measure glass, and taking measurements and the challenges you will face. With that, we end our report on How Wide are Sliding Glass Doors.


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