Is It Bad To Mix Gas from Different Stations? [Explained]

is it bad to mix gas from different stations

Have you ever been concerned that is it bad to mix gas from different stations? Well, now you are at the best place to find the answer to your concern. Many people worry whether the mixing of gas would ruin the durability of the vehicle engine or will it harm the vehicle’s longevity.

Thus this concern leads them to fill gas in a particular station in any case of need. But when you think about this, filling gas from one station is sometimes a headache. Suppose you are going somewhere far and running out of gas, and you can not come to your particular station either.

If you are a person who is obsessed with such a mentality of filling gas from one situation, we bet you are going to face big trouble there. Therefore you need to find an answer to the relative question I mentioned.

Is it Bad to Mix Gas from Different Stations?

The answer is no. You do not need to worry about mixing gas. After all, gas is gas. The only difference is some stations add addictives to the gas while others do not. In such situations, formulations differ, but mixing one or two gases in a day is not harmful. 

What are the Reasons That You Have to Fill in Different Stations?

The most prominent reason for filling gas from different stations would be the stations’ business. When you are in a hurry to go, you will tend to search for stations with the most miniature rush. But there are some pros and cons to this as well.

Consider a station without the crowd; the gas in tanks stays there long. Once you fill gas from such stations, you may get less mileage due to the oxidization. Therefore, it would be best to fill gas from busier stations.

The other reason may be the unattractive customer service of the station. Sometimes when you go to a station, the welcome you get from there is heartbreaking. Therefore some find stations with good service even if the station is crowded or busy.

Will It Be Beneficial to Mix Gas from Different Stations?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Mixing of gas will be beneficial for the vehicle in a way. Even though it is not highly beneficial, it has certain advantages too. Significantly, the gas that ends up at the gas pumps will be formulated differently, depending on the gas station you pick it up.

There are no differences in gas unless they come in different brand names. But the content or the formulation is the same. One of the main benefits of mixing gas is this process helps your vehicle engine tick over correctly. It ensures that engine and fuel lines do not tend to be blocked.

Having gas in several brand names and several different addictives in each gives out a kind of impact on the unique vehicle. Another benefit of filling gas from different stations is that you can score the best price on gas.

Is it OK to Mix Regular and Premium Gas?

Gas comes as both regular and premium. Most of you ask whether you can mix premium with regular in your vehicle. Well, in most cases, you should contact your vehicle owner. If the owner’s manual suggests using premium in your gas vehicle, it would have been better if you use premium, avoiding regular gas. It would not bring any harm to your vehicle at all.

On the other hand, if your owner’s manual suggests you to use regular gas and do not try to use premium in such cases. However, the premium will not bring harm to the vehicle.

Even though using premium on your regular gas vehicle does not harm you, it negatively impacts your economy. While your vehicle runs on regular gas, you will waste money on premium gas. And essentially, you must remember that if you mix premium with regular, the octane level will go down. Therefore should have a sound awareness of the impacts of mixing two gases.

What will Be The Result If You Mix the Wrong Gasoline with Premium?

Since we mentioned earlier that you need not worry about mixing gases, do not get us wrong, thinking you can mix any two gases without any problem. Using the wrong gasoline would lead your vehicle to reduce fuel economy as well as the performance of the engine.

Essentially you need to keep in mind that if the octane type you use is less than 91, we bet you will have engine damage, and your vehicle s warranty, too, might get concealed. Thus you need to be wise when mixing gas. Otherwise, you will have to face many problems with the vehicle’s function.

We want to point out that you can not put diesel into your gas vehicle. It is another vast topic we would like to bring you later on. Therefore, consider you need to be alert when using different brands too. Even though it does not harm you, sometimes you will face indirect consequences. All you need to do is, asking further details from your service station. 

Different Gas Stations vs Better gas?

One of the most frequent questions is whether we get better gas from better stations. For your question, the answer is you can not expect any better gas from different stations. The constitution of gasoline is the same; only the brand name differs due to the companies. It isn’t very reasonable to search for better stations to have better gas.


Accordingly, changing gas stations benefit your vehicle, and perhaps the engine would like it too. Sometimes the different addictives in gas would help your vehicle s engine to adapt. Therefore, to conclude, we suggest mixing gases from different stations is not harmful.

The only occasion you will face such huge trouble is to get regular fuel to a vehicle manufactured for the high amount of octane level. We need to clarify that at the very end, there is no issue in mixing gases, and the minor issues also would be minimum if you do not mix gases often.

So you got the answer to your big question is it wrong to mix gas from different stations? Make sure you are following the relevant facts when mixing gas too.

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