Is Sycamore Good for Firewood? [Guide For Firewood]

is sycamore good for firewood

There have been a variety of things to think about while selecting firewood. Timber is among the most significant. Various sorts of wood burn in multiple ways; a few are more suited for particular uses than others. Is Sycamore good for firewood?

Quick response.

Is Sycamore good for firewood? The significant volume of Sycamore makes it a suitable choice for wood, although its tight fibers could be challenging to split, and it produces less heat than other woods.

Here, we’ll talk about the characteristics of utilizing Sycamore used firewood.

What is the Sycamore?

The term “sycamore tree” refers to a variety of tree species, virtually all of which are grown primarily for ornamentation. The tree has a high tolerance for environmental pollution and functions well as a natural barrier.

The woodworking applications of Sycamore are highly valued. Near-grained and closer to white or cream overall hue, the timber ages to a golden brown or yellow color. Along with furniture construction, parquet flooring, woodworking, and the creation of stringed instruments, it is frequently employed in these fields as well. Additionally, it is utilized in kitchenware.

A timber with such a wavier grain that is produced by some sycamore trees is ideal for ornamental inlays. Although it may also be a centralized system, it is frequently utilized as firewood, mainly in outdoor locations.

What Distinguishes Firewood from Sycamore?

Among the most prevalent tree species in North America is the Sycamore. The big, heart-shaped leaves instead soft, grayish bark of these trees make them simple to spot. Due to its intense and lengthy burning, sycamore hardwood is a preferred choice as firewood.

A few factors should be on your radar when searching for sycamore timber.

– The wood’s hue is the primary consideration. The inner bark of sycamore trees often has a white or cream tint, and the wood has a pale brown hue.

– The grainy structure takes second place. Wave- or ripple-like patterns can be seen in the grain of sycamore wood.

– Last but not least, the smell of sycamore firewood needs to be friendly and clear. If anything has a stinky or stale odor, it either isn’t Sycamore, or it has been aged and held for much too long.

Is Sycamore Good for Firewood?

Sycamore trees provide solid, strong wood that is perfect for burning in a fire. Sycamore makes excellent wood. But not every circumstance calls for Sycamore. Whenever the temp is not very chilly, sycamore wood must only be utilized.

Sycamore will produce excellent firewood if the outside temperature is high enough. You’ll need to select an alternative if the temps are too low. Sycamore burns relatively quickly, which is excellent news.

It is not too difficult to light the Sycamore wood quickly if you’re in a rush. An adequate level of heat will be provided by this kind of firewood. Elm, walnut, and sometimes even red maple generate heat in quantities comparable to those that you may anticipate. To achieve the greatest effects, it is typically advisable to combine Sycamore with certain other varieties of wood.

Unknown to many, sycamore firewood is frequently utilized as biofuel that could be burnt in energy plants to provide the steam needed to wind turbines. This is due to the fact that it possesses traits like high overall survival, fast development, moderate timber density, excellent coppice capability, water-holding capacity, and rapid succession type.


1. Sycamore is almost like timber. It is the best option for firewood because of this.

2. Sycamore Is Not Destructible. It may thus be kept for longer amounts of time in storage.

3. Less Smoke is Emitted from Sycamore Firewood.

4. Lighting Sycamore Timber is Simple. Users won’t be required to spend time attempting to start the fire, so that’s a good thing.

5. The cost of sycamore wood is low.


1. The wood from sycamores burns faster because it is less thick than other wood species.

2. In comparison to other types of hardwood, sycamore wood seems to have a lesser BTU value, which implies that it provides less warmth per pound.

3. Because sycamore timber is less common than other materials such as timber, finding sycamore firewood could be challenging.

4. The higher amount of flames that sycamore firewood could emit compared to other wood kinds might be dangerous.

Is Sycamore Good for Firewood? Factors.


Sycamore woods are possible to attain heights of 60 feet, making them excellent examples that can yield a lot of wood. In locations where the weather is not too cold, this might be a wonderful option for firewood.


If the timber has been chopped and has had some time to dry up, Sycamore is undoubtedly a simple wood to begin. Given that it generates a large amount of heat, it is among the greatest types of firewood for starting a fire. Unfortunately, the glory is fleeting.

Some individuals claim that when Sycamore is burnt green, it also emits an awful stench. However, burning any green firewood is not advised, so it is simple to prevent this “secondary effect” of Sycamore. It produces 19.1 million fewer BTUs of warmth per cord than the majority of many other eastern species of trees.

Like the majority of hardwoods, Sycamore will not generate a lot of juice. As a result, creosote build-up is not something you need to be too concerned about. Compared to other firewood varieties, such as pine, it is, therefore, a superior option for smoking indoors.

Aromatic Smoke

A considerable quantity of smoke is produced by this kind of wood. It yields a little bit more so than cherries, hickory, and birch kinds. Additionally, it doesn’t emit a powerful smell when burnt.

Sycamore is only sometimes the nicest wood you’ll discover in terms of flame and fireworks, although it isn’t the lowest. It generates a small fire and substantial amounts of soot. If you weather the sycamore timber as long as you can, users should have a few problems. Heavy smoke generation is a vital sign that the firewood needs to be cured sufficiently.

Can Sycamore be Used for Wood Floors?

The timber sycamore could be used in furnaces and wood-burning stoves. It is a well-liked option since it is less expensive than other woods. Sycamore is only sometimes the best option if you have a fireplace because it’s not a great timber for burning fires.

Final Reflections

Sycamore is excellent firewood since it produces a reasonable amount of heat and has little sap.

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