Maytag Bravos Washer Stuck On Sensing – Troubleshooting Guide

Maytag Bravos Washer Stuck On Sensing

The Maytag washing machines get recognized for their reliability, durability, and technical specifications that ensure thorough cleaning and straightforward operation. Like all other appliances, Maytag washers occasionally have technical glitches. Various lights on Maytag washers alert you of any issues. But since these lights may represent several issues, what does it mean when a Maytag Bravos washer stuck on sensing? For more information on Maytag Bravo washers, continue reading.

What Is The Sensing Cycle On a Washer?

Your washer’s auto-sensing feature was created to save water and fully automate the washing process. It makes sure that your clothing gets washed with the proper volume of water. So, if you usually try to conserve water, having this feature is a terrific idea!

How does Sensing Option Function On Maytag Washer?

Before we got to the Maytag Bravos washer stuck on sensing, let’s understand how it functions

When you press the “START” toggle on the washer, it first checks the lid lock.

Once you hear a snap and observe the basket slightly rotating, you’ll see that the lid briefly unlocks before permanently locking once again. The washing machine will then determine the amount of laundry using a few brief, slow spins. These so-called “sensing spins” exist.

The washer needs two to three minutes to add more water to a load. The machine then rapidly moves the load before pausing to let the clothing absorb water. More water gets periodically supplied when the machine detects the proper amount of water.

The sensing feature will assist the machine in stabilizing the quantity of water needed for usage if it determines that the water level is shallow or not filled. Said, your washer utilizes the sensing feature to estimate how big the load is or how much water would be required to clean the garments thoroughly.

It’s natural and necessary for the garments to move about as needed for the wash load not always to be completely saturated in water. Just be careful not to overwater the load since it might make your clothing float and prevent it from being as clean as it should be.

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Troubleshooting the Maytag Bravos Washer

Let’s take some common issues related to Maytag Bravos Washer into the equation and find solutions. 

  • Maytag Bravos washer light stays on

The keypad is usually to blame if the sensor’s light on a Maytag washer won’t switch to the appropriate cycles. If a component on the washer has recently got replaced. In that case, the keypad may occasionally become stuck. The sensor indication may become stuck if you don’t recall recycling the numbers.

You may resolve this problem by clearing every error code in the washer’s diagnostic mode. Behind the washer’s front panel is often where you’ll find a handbook with instructions on how to do this. You could wish to switch the control panel if recycling the codes doesn’t entirely fix the issue.

  • Maytag Washer Lid Lock Sensing Light

Usually, any issues the washer could be having are causing the lid lock light on the Maytag to keep flashing. It might get caused by a lid lock that got shorted out or a shift actuator that frequently fails. Knowing the various potential causes of this issue is helpful because it is not always the case that perhaps the lid lock is malfunctioning.

Following the instructions in your washer’s handbook might help you perform a diagnostic test to address this issue. If the error code indicates that its lid lock is the real issue, you may fix it by unscrewing the old lid lock and screwing on the new one. Replace the old shift with a replacement one if the technical error indicates that there is a shifter issue.

  • Maytag Washer Sensing Fill Light Flashing

Several different things may cause a flashing fill light. It’s possible that the electrical sensors controlling the water entrance valve aren’t working correctly. The tub may only partially or not fill up if the water level control malfunctions. You might need to check to see whether the cause is as straightforward as the house’s low water pressure.

Using a multimeter, you may inspect the coils on the water intake valve that take up the electric signals put out by the washer to repair a broken valve. It might not be the issue if the coils still have a conduit for electrical current to reach the washer. It will be necessary to replace the water entry valve if the coils aren’t detecting electrical currents.

Check the switch with a voltmeter to ensure it sends electrical currents, and the button can get changed if it gets broken. The fill light may time out and flash due to an incomplete cycle if there is the low water pressure in the house, which can cause the tun to fill too slowly. Unscrew the water system lines and hold them over a pail to check their water pressure to diagnose this issue. If the water pressure is too low, speak with a plumber to examine the root of the problem as you do not influence it.

  • Maytag Bravos Washer Stuck On Sensing

When the Maytag Bravos washer stuck on sensing, your Maytag control panel could not function properly if the sensor indicators were not functioning. Control panels might experience short circuits over time. Failure to fix technical issues after installing the new component might cause this.

Conduct a screening test for error messages to examine this issue. Following the trial, if all error codes flash, the control center sign may not be functioning. To resolve this issue, you will need to change the control panel; it gets advised that you seek the assistance of an appliance professional for this job.

Final Thought

Although Maytag washers get made to last, they can have specific typical issues like other washer types. All sensor lights indicate a different problem with the device. Still, happily, these issues may be quickly remedied using do-it-yourself techniques. Many of these error messages suggest a broken shift actuator, a simple repair.

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