Pastrami vs Roast Beef – Nutrition Facts Worth Knowing!

pastrami vs roast beef

Meats are cut and cooked differently and used to prepare various dishes in different styles. If you are a meat gourmet, it should interest you to know how the variety of meats are prepared, to learn the differences, and what makes them stand out. Among the different styles in the meat is prepared, deli meats, known as lunch meat, can be purchased pre-sliced. These meats are cooked and can be served hot or cold. Pastrami vs roast beef are two significant ways among the different deli meats made in their unique styles. That is why it is hard to select between Pastrami and roast beef because they are equally delicious.

Deli meats are used in sandwiches, buns, bread, pizza, pasta or sometimes as a snack. Thus, when choosing what deli meat is best served for your dish, compare Pastrami vs roast beef from the menu. Pastrami and roast beef can be prepared using turkey, lamb, cow, pork and sometimes chicken, but the cuts used in these deli meats are different, which most people need clarification on. Thus, this is one of the reasons to compare the differences between Pastrami vs roast beef, to get an idea of what sets them apart. But you don’t need to worry, as you are in the right place, and the answers are right ahead of you in this article. All you need to do is keep reading till the end.

What is Pastrami?

As previously stated, Pastrami is a deli meat which is precooked and sliced that can be store-bought. Though it can be served cold, the flavours are enriched when hot. Though Pastrami is prepared initially and cut from the navel end of the brisket, you can also use meat like turkey, chicken, lamb, and pork.

The Pastrami Originated In 

Romania, was initially used to preserve meat. Later in the 19th century, Jewish immigrants who came to the United States of America introduced it to the world as deli meat. Pastrami is prepared using the navel part of the brisket, or you can use any meat convenient to find for you.

The meat is treated with salt and is partially dried to cure the meat. It takes nearly 3 to 5 days or weeks to complete the first process. After the meat is cured, add spices and herbs like pepper, paprika, cloves, garlic, mustard, coriander, etc. Which are used to tenderize the meat.

Leave the meat to marinate for a day till the spices and herbs have absorbed the meat. Finally, the meat can be steamed till it is softened. Slice the steamed meat, and now the Pastrami is ready. By frying or baking, you can freeze it and use it in your sandwiches, pasta, pizza, or anything you prefer.

What is Roast Beef?

Roast beef is a famous dish in England served as a main dish for lunch and dinner but is also famous as deli meat to sandwich bun and bread. Preparing roast beef is much easier and less time-consuming than Pastrami.

You can use any cuts to prepare roast beef, including meat like turkey, chicken, pork, and lamb. Roast beef can be best prepared with cuts like shoulder, tenderloin, tri-tip roast, top-round steak, and bottom-round steak from a cow. The meat used to make the roast beef should tenderize first using salt, lime, lemon, or vinegar. Then the meat is baked in the oven for 30 minutes per pound of beef.

The roast beef should have a golden brown shade on the outer and pink meat on the inside. The roast beef can be sliced and left frozen and used when needed. The flavours in the roast beef ooze when served hot.

What is the Key Difference Between Pastrami and Roast Beef?

Though the Pastrami and roast beef are deli meats, a few key differences set them apart. The main differences between the deli meats are the preparation method and the time taken to prepare the meat.

Though the Pastrami and roast beef are taken from lamb, turkey, chicken, cow, or pork, they have different cuts that make the deli meat unique. As previously discussed, Pastrami is prepared initially using the navel part of a brisket, but in comparison, roast beef can be prepared with any cuts available.

Pastrami vs Roast Beef

Though we have previously discussed the key differences between Pastrami and roast beef, you might need to find out which deli meat would suit best to your dish. Hence, we have further elaborated and highlighted the differences between the two deli types of meat by comparing Pastrami vs roast beef.

  1. Origin

The pastrami was first introduced in Romania as a method used to preserve meat; later in the 19th century, Pastrami started to get famous when it was bought into the United States of America by a Jewish immigrant. Now Pastrami is served as deli meat, which can be store-bought. In comparison, Roast beef originated in the 18th century and is now a famous main course dish served as dinner or lunch in England. Roast beef is famous in most countries and is used as deli meat.

  1. Cuts

The navel part is cut from the brisket to prepare the original version of the Pastrami, whereas, on the other end, you can use any cuts from the brisket to prepare the roast beef.

  1. Cooking and Preparation Time

Because Pastrami was initially introduced as a method to preserve meat, it takes longer to cook and for the spices and herbs to absorb into the meat and tenderize it. It can take a few days, and sometimes weeks, to complete preparing the pastrami process, where the meat is cured, dried, marinated with herbs and spices then steamed. Preparing the Pastrami brings out the meat’s perfect flavours and springy-juicy texture. But it only takes a short period to prepare the roast beef, where the meat is tenderized and roasted.


In the article, Pastrami vs roast beef, we have explored different topics like roast beef and Pastrami but contemplated the differences.

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