How To Replace Garage Door With French Door – Complete Guide

Replace Garage Door With French Door

Usually, many houses will have a garage to park the vehicle. Sometimes when you don’t own a car, you try to utilize this space for extending the home, so in such a situation, using the garage door will not be convenient. Hence in this article, you will learn how to replace garage door with French door.

There are various garage doors such as roll up, side hinged, slide to the side, tilt up retractable, and many more. When there is not enough space in the house, people often think of using the garage space, but when you use a door like a roll-up, it will be difficult for daily use.

Therefore, many people search whether they can replace garage door with French door. If you are also planning on replacing the door, then you are in the right place as this article will provide the necessary information.

How to Replace Garage Door Rollers – Here Is A Simple Step By Step Guide

Sometimes you will not know how the process works when replacing the garage door. So, it is better to understand precisely before stepping into the process.

Everyone will want their home to be nice and organized. That is why they spend on designing the exterior and the interior. When you are planning to modify the surface of your house, you might also consider upgrading the garage when changing the door. If you don’t know how to replace garage door with French door, then by following the instruction given in this article, you will be able to do it.

Modifying your garage by installing a French door will provide an appealing look to the house, and the process is not complex. Sometimes you will not have proper space to store things in your place, so it might be challenging to organize the house neatly.

In such a situation, if you are not parking the vehicle in the garage, you can use this space as a storage room. You will need to replace your garage door when you are using it for this purpose. Let’s look at the procedure to do it.

French Doors

Before looking into the replacement process of a French door, you will need a brief idea of what is a French door. This is a pair of doors, and you can open both sides. On most occasions, the glass will be attached to the door, so it will be helpful to get enough sunlight.

By opening the door, you quickly access the exterior of your place. Also, since it has an aesthetic look installing it will help to make the place look nice. A traditional French door frame uses wood, but now manufacturers use different materials like fiberglass, polyvinyl chloride, and aluminum to make the frame. Hence you can choose the material according to your preference and suitability.

How To Replace Garage Door With French Door

Now you might have an understanding of what is a French door. If you plan to replace garage door with French door, you will need tools like a stud, miter, 4d finish nails, foam sheets, and a power drill.

You will feel hard to complete the process on your own, so better to seek the support of a knowledgeable person when necessary. By following the procedure, below, you will be able to install the new French door successfully.

  • Dissembling The Previously Installed Garage Door

The dissembling process of your garage door will depend on the model you have installed. So, by following the dissembling instruction related to your garage door, you must remove it carefully.

In case the process is complicated, you can get the help of a professional so they will dissemble it in quickly.

  • Measuring The Distance

This step might seem a bit complicated for many people as it looks technical, but by following the instruction thoroughly, you will be able to do it.

First, reach to the base of the garage door and measure it using a tape. You must do it for all the garage doors and note the measurement. You will need to get only one base measurement if you have one garage door.

Now from the large garage door measurement, you will need to subtract the reading of the smaller one. Then you will have to divide the answer by two. This measurement will help to customize the new French door frame.

  • Positioning The Studs

It would be best if you correctly fixed the studs between the top and sill plate. To fix the studs, you will need to cut a few inches on the top. This will help you to fix the studs to the ceiling.

Next, by using a spirit level, you can check on the stud alignment. Also, make sure that the height of your French door is equal. If so, you can start screwing the nails.

  • Installation Of Foam Sheets And The Header

Before stepping into the next step, you can recheck the heights level as this prevents future inconvenience.

Now, place the head properly. You must install it at the top of your French door frame. Then by using the screw, you can lock and fix it.

For insulating the garage door, you will need the foam sheet. These sheets will come below the header and sill plate, so by using the nails, you can fix the foam sheets. If the foam sheets do not adequately fix your wall, you can cut it as required.

  • French Door Installation

Now the installation process of the French door will also depend on the type of French door you have chosen. So, it is better to check on the user instruction manual, which will provide an in-detail picture of the installation procedure.

You have to use a strong adhesive base at the base where you will be fixing the door. Lastly, you can fix the hinges and screw properly, and by opening the closing, the door checks whether there is any fault in the installation process.

If everything works perfectly, then the process is complete. You can also paint the frame of your French door to improve the aesthetic look.

We hope you understand the method of replacing the garage door with new French doors.

The method mentioned in this article is one way of installing it. You can also use alternative methods.

If you feel it is hard to do the process, you can get professional help to fix it for you. In that case, you will need to pay for the installation process.

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