Roomba 655 Vs 650: Features And Performances Compared

Roomba 655 Vs 650

During a busy schedule, you will always want to manage your time by finishing the to-do list as soon as possible. Thanks to technology, now there are lots of devices which minimize that burden on your shoulders. When you search about Roomba, you might have come across the 500, 600,700, 800, and 900 series, each of which will have some similarities and differences. If you are planning to purchase a Roomba that belongs to series 600 and compare Roomba 655 vs 650 then you can learn about them through this blog.

Often when there are varieties of options available, you will have the chance to choose the best one, but for that, you must also have some knowledge about all the products, which will help to differentiate easily. All the series of Roomba is the invention of iRobot, one of the most popular companies. Many people intend to purchase Roomba as it is an autonomous device capable of doing its task without human assistance.

Imagine that you visited one of your friend’s houses who had this device, and you noticed that it starts cleaning the dirt on the floor when required. If that is the first time you see such a device, it might attract you, and you will also like to have one for your house since Roomba will be beneficial. It is better to know the options available and which series will be suitable for you before confirming your purchase.

What Is Roomba 655?

Years back, in 2002, the iRobot company launched the first Roomba. After the Roomba 500 series, they started launching the 600 series, and the Roomba 655 was launched in 2012.

In general, when you take the Roomba 655, it is also similar to the 650 and will be cleaning the house when the sensor on the device detects dirt. When you compare Roomba 655 vs 650, you will be able to find some additional features in Roomba 655, which you will come across in the article.

What Is Roomba 650?

If you have an extremely tight schedule and hard to allocate time for cleaning the house, then the best choice that will be suitable to keep your house clean is a Roomba device. When you take the Roomba 650, it has many improvements compared to the previous robot vacuums.

If you are trying to purchase the latest version of the Roomba 650, then due to the modifications and the performance, the cost is more. Hence you might have to pay more than you pay when purchasing Roomba 690.

On the other hand, when you consider Roomba 655 vs 650, which one among them will be the best option? If you don’t have an idea about it, then you don’t have to worry by reading the article you can see the comparison between these products which will help to decide.

Roomba 655 Vs 650

When comparing Roomba 650 and 655, you might think both these devices belong to the 600 series. Hence, they will have some similarities, but there are also some differences which make then them unique. Hence let’s discuss the caparison between these devices.


If you look at the Roomba 650 and 655, they will look almost similar with regard to their physical appearance, but there are also some differences. Roomba 650 will consist of a self-charging home base, flat cleaning tool, rechargeable battery, virtual wall, Aerovac bin, Roomba 650 body, and one extra filter.

In comparison, when you take the Roomba 655, it will also have all the components mentioned for Roomba 650, and additionally, it also has one rubber brush, one side brush, one beater brush and one bristle brush.


One of the essential factors you will look for is the device’s performance. If you are expecting a rubberized extractor for cleaning the floor. Unfortunately, you will not find it in both of these models. Instead, Roomba 655 and 650 will be using the brushes for cleaning.

Both 650 and 655 will be using the three-step cleaning processes: agitate, brush and suction. Since the 655 has the additional brush, you might notice that this device will perform a bit better than Roomba 655, but that does have a significant impact when you compare the cleaning done by both devices. If you have pets in your house, then it is better to use the pet series of Roomba 655.


As mentioned in the blog, you might know that Roomba will use the sensor to detect the location it needs to clean and then navigate toward it. If you consider both Roomba 650 and 655, they will not be perfect in navigating and do not follow a specific route instead, and they go in random directions.

Compared to the latest version of Roomba, these two devices navigating systems will be below par. Also, both devices will not clean the floor perfectly without missing any inches of it, so it is practically possible for you to notice some uncleaned places.

While navigating, if there is any obstacle on the way, Roomba 650 will bump and get stuck there, whereas 655 will bump but not get stuck. If there is a cliff, then the sensor in these two devices will prevent them from falling.

Battery Life

Another essential aspect that many customers ask about is the device’s battery life. So, when you compare the battery life of Roomba 655 and 650, the battery life of 650 will be quite more since after this device is completely charged, it can clean around four to five rooms before returning to the charging base.

Considering the time consumed for charging, 650 will require more time to charge the device, while the 655 will charge quickly. Roomba 655 has an Extended Life battery, which is more durable.


Since both these devices belong to the 600 series, they have more common features. Both devices are capable of self-charging themselves. Once they are done with the cleaning task with the help of the sensor, they can navigate to the home base to recharge themselves.

If you want them to perform the cleaning process according to a prescheduled time, it is possible in both 650 and 655. So overall, both devices will be performing the cleaning process in quite a similar way, but if you select the best one among them, then due to some advanced features present, 655 will be in a higher rank.

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